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How do you know if correctional nursing is for you?

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by angel.maria angel.maria (New) New Student

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I will be a new grad RN (ADN) come December of this year. I have always had an interest in fields of nursing that cater to less fortunate individuals, or those who experienced traumas/ emotional turmoils in life. I [believe] I would like to work in corrections.

Before going into nursing I had an interest in working in law enforcement however found more passion by working in the medical field (and scrubs 😝). For 6 years I worked as a medical assistant in a Primary Care office in a wealthy area and although I learned a lot, I found it to be redundant and boring.

For the last year I have been working in an acute in-patient psychiatric hospital as a phlebotomist, and it has completely opened up my interests to working more on that side of healthcare. I have always been interested in working as a corrections nurse and have spoken to several nurses who love it.

Working in psych has exposed me to dealing with acute mentally ill patients and many patients detoxing from drugs and alcohol. It has also helped me to become stronger emotionally, as we have to deal with many different scenarios (I.e patients in restraints/holds/ vulgar language). Will my current job experience be helpful? Would I need more education than an associates? Any advice would be great as I would love to start thinking about where to take my nursing career soon. Thanks!

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Trampledunderfoot has 2 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Corrections, Dementia/Alzheimer's.

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I think you would like it.  I took a job in corrections because it was available and the pay was nice.  Totally surprised that I loved it!  I was a new grad with CNA and CMT experience in an Alzheimer's unit, which I loved, so I had some psych back ground.  Being a new nurse, it was rough for a while, but I'm totally glad I stuck it out.  Learned a lot.

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