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lincoln77 has 9 years experience as a RN and specializes in Corrections/psych.

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  1. lincoln77

    Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

    Turns out that the story about ERs being overrun with ivermectin overdoses was a fabrication: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/09/09/bogus-oklahoma-ivermectin-story-was-just-too-good-check/
  2. lincoln77

    Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

    Merck's word is not worth much. A for-profit corporation with a conflict of interest, a 1.2 billion dollar contract for a new anti-viral therapy. (Ivermectin is out of patent, would make little money) They also have a shady history with Vioxx. ...
  3. So I work in a prison, was giving meds in the infirmary. One inmate was on IV cefepime. The order simply says, give 1 gram every 12 hours. Fluid type or volume was not included, and it did not say the time it should be given in. I asked for clarif...
  4. I work at an inpatient psych unit in a prison. we have a patient on involuntary status. The doctor changed the inmate's medication, and said to not tell the patient. The doctor tells me its legal, that we don't need to tell the inmate because they ar...
  5. lincoln77

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    I saw a travel job for New York city critical care, offering 6000 a week.
  6. lincoln77

    I would like to be an addiction nurse

    Whispera made me laugh, and gotta agree. I work in a psych hospital, mostly on the addiction floor, which is considered "dual diagnosis", meaning they have an addiction and a mental disorder. Rarely do people get that worked up/aggressive here, but ...
  7. lincoln77

    If you went to WGU and then on to NP school, where?

    I emailed University of Florida admissions, nursing admissions for MSN, and they said they would accept a BSN from Western Governors.
  8. lincoln77

    Soon to be BSN graduate...and frustrated

    I also have a degree in psychology because it was my interest. I really doubted my wanting to be a nurse all through nursing school, and then I had my psych rotation and loved it, and everyone else couldn't wait until it was over. I got hired a mon...
  9. deep hatred. I try to always love...but this is like going through a lower rung of hell.
  10. I called NY board of nursing and they have a message that says "please allow 10 WEEKS" before inquiring about your endorsement!!! They also needed my info from my California license. California says "please allow at lease 6 WEEKS". Do the math......
  11. You need study partners. I didn't have any my last semester of school and failed because of it. I repeated, took the initiative to study with people...that were focused. I also studied some while waiting. I passed the next year. Not every study g...
  12. lincoln77

    5 months snd still haven't takin boards

    I didn't do so well with my classes; had to repeat a semester. I took nclex and did the maximum questions possible. I really thought I failed. But I passed! Everyone else I talked to thought they failed too but they passed.
  13. lincoln77

    test in 6 days, metal detectors in the test center?

    I just took NClex and there was no metal detector. Although they say the prohibit carrying a firearm...I guess in case you get upset and flip out, right? They did scan my palm every time I left to go to the bathroom.
  14. lincoln77

    Kaplan Trainer 5 - Question 68 (Digoxin)

    crazy that this says 25 mg of digoxin...its supposed to be 0.25 mg right? I just got a nclex review question that made the same mistake. I was like...does that say mcg? no, is says 25 mg.
  15. lincoln77

    Is the psych NP becomining DNP?

    Does anyone know if the psych NP is going to be replaced with DNP? I'm in Florida and they're saying DNP will replace MSN/NP in 2014...at least I believe in other specialities. thanks for any input!:)
  16. lincoln77

    Psych nurse practitioner

    In my program, in clinical, especially in the early clinicals we are expected to do all patient care and not to take help from the CNA/PCAs, which includes cleaning patients who are incontinent. And as far as I understand, an RN in the workplace nee...