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  1. How would you have handled this situation?

    Back to the question, I don’t think mom was being manipulative. I think she was really just concerned about having a permanent nurse. Maybe she is just tired of the agency saying they have a permanent nurse for her, but then they never send one.
  2. How would you have handled this situation?

    Remember that other thread you asked about the BSN? This is an example of why it is good to have just in case.
  3. Night shift is 11pm-7am Im not sure what would happen if the previous shifts missed them
  4. While I have my BSN( obtained Aug 2021) been an RN for 14 years, and an Lpn four years prior to become an RN, I struggle to get hired into a med surg position. I’m not sure what’s going on with the hospitals in my area. But the only companies I do re...
  5. A good idea. Whose to say that homecare won’t move to an all Lpn model?
  6. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    60ml x 24 hours is the hourly rate. That part was clear to me,but I guess orders are written differently depending on the setting
  7. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    I don’t see how anyone could think 60ml is the volume, because 1000ml is listed as the volume. The order I wrote is the exact same one I saw in the chart.
  8. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    It’s so interesting how we all interpret the order differently,although I had to squint at the posters saying the rate isn’t specified.
  9. I think nursing employment is moving toward outside of the acute care hospital model again. I read somewhere that hospitals are not the main employer of nurses anymore. The hospital based nursing employment is actually newer than you think....
  10. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    60ml is the hourly rate
  11. Does the federal Covid mandates apply to homecare nurses?

    So, does NJ Governor Murphy’s mandate for healthcare workers apply to nurses in non congregate settings?
  12. I wondered this myself but eventually got the BSN. I have about 27 years more to work before retirement. I started out in private duty but did work occasionally in a LTC facility until 2009, so it was all I knew. I now work in a rehab facility, an...
  13. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    I wasn’t the nurse who started the order. The IV fluid had already been running 9 hours prior to me arriving on shift. I didn’t write the order nor start the fluid. By the time I started my shift 9 hours had past already.
  14. Does the federal Covid mandates apply to homecare nurses?

    Thanks so much. Since Governor Murphy announced last week that healthcare workers must be boosted I assume this still applies to homecare nurses. He only mentioned congregate settings though.
  15. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    Because the doctors do not like us to call them at night unless an emergency. I got written up for calling a doctor about a fall that didn’t result in injury. I asked supervisor and she stated the 1000 meant the volume in the bag. That didn...