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How hard is it to get first job as LVN?


How easy or hard is it to get your first job as an LVN in Northern California?



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i live in palm springs california and finding a job wasnt really that hard. the first job i was offered was for a quality assurance nurse position. it seemed really nice at first cause i would have my own little office and i would get really good at documenting, but i turned it down so i can get my feet wet. anyways, i ended up taking a job for an ltc, but for some reason they keep me in the cardiac care unit 90% of the time. i guess my don understood that i was a new grad and i needed all the experience i can get with patients that were more acute than residents. so i guess finding a job isnt hard.

I was a student nurse on the Telemetry unit while i was in nursing school. It happened to be a hospital where i had clinicals and the director asked me if i was interested in doing internship while in school. Glad i did!;)

So far I have been lucky...My hiring rate is 50%, meaning if I go to two interviews, one would hire me..


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It wasn't hard for me because I have a previous bachelors degree and have been a CNA for 14 years. I have been offered PRN at my current LTC job and Full time with benefits at another facility. Waiting on NCLEX test date before the hospitals will talk to me. Hospital pay is 13.88 and LTC is 19.50. Will probably lean toward LTC.

Not hard at all for me. I was offered a position from a University Clinic right after I finished my clinicals there. I've already been thru all the inteviews and hiring stuff... just waiting for my BOARDS RESULTS!!!:angryfire

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I have a relatively easy time finding LVN jobs.

Then again, the original poster specifically posed a question about the Northern Californian job market for LVNs. I am in North Central Texas, so my response about my personal experiences with LVN jobs might not be of great value to him/her.

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