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  1. fascinoma

    LVN......applying for CNA jobs

    Phlebotomy isn't a hard program, I did it before I was even thinking of getting into nursing. I did a two week fast track program (so I could be done with it by the time that school started back up in the fall), then did a one week externship at a hospital. It just takes a while (up to a year!) to actually get licensed in California, and may be hard to get that first job in. Try to work with a school that actually has job placement of some kind. In the Bay Area, many phlebotomists make around $18 an hour. I knew a medical assistant (she was *my* usual phlebotomist, when I went for my blood draws) that got into phlebotomy because she already was licensed and had the training, but she didn't want to do medical assisting. I am going to be taking LVN as a stepping stone to RN, and I'm keeping my weekend home care job while I do this so that I will not have an issue with being jobless until the LVN job comes along. I plan to retake phlebotomy and renew my EMT license/get my ambulance certification. At least even if I can't get work *as an Lvn* I will still be working. Another possibility is working for insurance companies as a paramedical examiner but I don't know if this is a scam or not. Maybe it's easier thinking about this because I think of the LVN as "pre-RN coursework".
  2. fascinoma

    LVN/LPN School info for everyone (tuition etc)

    Do any of these other than Western offer student aid? Unitek doesn't accept federal financial aid - you have to pay out of pocket or through private loans. I'm worried that in the end, I'll end up paying the same amount if I went to Western. I've looked into the adult education centers - very reasonable, around 10k - but they also depend upon private loans. -- Fasci who is considering Western just because it's a mile away - major savings of time/money for that reason alone
  3. fascinoma

    LVN......applying for CNA jobs

    I talked to my home care client's visiting nurse about this issue - she is an LVN - I am doing LVN as a stepping stone to RN since I'm not likely to get my RN finished in under four years any other way. I'm in California, but I'm doing it because even the worst LVN job still pays better than MA jobs tend to. She said the best thing to do was to get as many other certifications as possible - such as phlebotomy. The only thing is, when I talk to working LVNs, the ones I met have been in the field for years and don't seem to be aware of what it's like for new LVNs. Can you work as an MA if you're an LVN, without having to go through an MA program? I'm open to this, since I want to stay in school doing pre-RN stuff after I get through my LVN program, the hours of the average doctor's office would give me plenty of time to take classes.
  4. fascinoma

    Getting a part-time job as a new LVN

    bump bump
  5. fascinoma

    Getting a part-time job as a new LVN

    Hi folks - I'm thinking of getting my LVN. Due to some unique circumstances - I have too many college units in the CC system (in general ed coursework and in my prior major) and am going to lose my student aid in another semester because of it. However, I have very few pre-RN requirements, so I'd have to pay out of pocket for the next year and a half to go pre-RN. Not to mention that I'd have to rely on the CC lottery system because my grades are not competitive (undiagnosed ADHD for most of my school career). It seems that getting my LVN may be the best way to go for me, and I could work my way through school as an RN after having my LVN. I know that there aren't the ideal jobs available, but presently I work as a caregiver and if you told me I wouldn't be doing the same job, or at least making the same wage, a year from now... I would be all over that :) The question I have - is if there are part-time LVN jobs in California. I live in Sacramento presently which has a horrid economy, and am having to move back to the Bay Area because I've already tapped out the entire home health clientele base here... my roommate has the same situation as an LVN and is also having to move. Also, can you get benefits as an LVN? I have time to think about it first, since I am going to get my CNA before I do anything. I know that there are other allied health jobs I could do (medical assistant, lab tech), but they might involve putting time into training without it counting toward my RN, as an LVN would.
  6. fascinoma

    Unitek or WCC?

    Trying to decide on which school... Unitek at present only has one loan available and I may not be able to qualify for it. I'm having trouble finding a cosigner and the cosigner I found might not qualify! How frustrating! WCC is longer but at least takes *some* financial aid. Any input, folks?
  7. fascinoma

    Do new grads find jobs as LVN?

    Doesn't bother me so much... can work in SNF/HH until I get my RN... that's fine with me. Actually I really love doing home health. I'd rather do it as an LVN than what I'm presently doing. I'm a licensed EMT-B and work as a home health aide at the moment, don't see much point to going for CNA unless my program requires it, since my present jobs are ideal for a student (they give me lots of downtime *on the job* which means paid study time). I'm looking into finishing up my EVOC though so I can work as an EMT-B if I can get hired just for weekend shifts.
  8. fascinoma

    New grad LVNs in Bay Area

    How hard is it to get a job as a new grad LVN in the Bay Area? I'm in Sacramento, but want to move back to the BA to do school b/c my family is there + if I stay in Sac and do it, I won't see my mother for an entire year!!
  9. Did anyone go to Unitek or WCC? Did your loans cover everything + help with living expenses, or did you have to pay out of pocket too? Because of the student loan crunch I'm worried I should start sooner and not later, because the loans might not be there if I wait. Also, I have to leave my morning job to go to school - that will mean my income is cut in half and I'll need an extra $800/month or so to help with living expenses. Can loans cover that?
  10. Hi! I'm a caregiver - wondering who has done this while in LVN school, how compatible was the program with your work. I want to go to an 11 month private program, and in a few months am looking for a live-in evening position.
  11. I'm looking into an 11 month program - I am hoping to work as a live-in evening caregiver while doing this, working about 20 hours a week. Unitek's program gets out at 4pm plus have no idea what the clinicals are like...
  12. Do new grads find jobs as LVN? How long can I expect it to be between being licensed and working? Are there things I can do, to boost my chances?
  13. fascinoma

    Working while in LVN school

    I'm thinking of staying a caregiver/HHA while doing it, and possibly looking for a live-in evening position. Anyone do it this way? I was thinking of doing CNA in a facility for the experience, but as a live-in caregiver/HHA my rent is covered and I actually get "downtime" for studying in some positions I've worked.
  14. I'm looking into going to a private one year LVN program and am wondering if anyone did this but did not work, just got student loans?
  15. fascinoma

    Working while in LVN school

    I'm actually really scared because I have ADHD and have struggled even to go to school part time while working part time. But, I don't have a choice in this case. Am just hoping I can have enough of a support system in place.
  16. fascinoma

    A "dating female students in your class" post

    I normally would never recommend to a guy that he get in the friend zone. But this is that exception. Try being her friend and getting to know her well. If there's a really deep connection potential there then it can grow over time. If not, you'll find out as you get to know them non-sexually. "Dating someone" vs "not dating someone" isn't an either/or.