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Getting a part-time job as a new LVN


Hi folks -

I'm thinking of getting my LVN.

Due to some unique circumstances - I have too many college units in the CC system (in general ed coursework and in my prior major) and am going to lose my student aid in another semester because of it. However, I have very few pre-RN requirements, so I'd have to pay out of pocket for the next year and a half to go pre-RN. Not to mention that I'd have to rely on the CC lottery system because my grades are not competitive (undiagnosed ADHD for most of my school career).

It seems that getting my LVN may be the best way to go for me, and I could work my way through school as an RN after having my LVN.

I know that there aren't the ideal jobs available, but presently I work as a caregiver and if you told me I wouldn't be doing the same job, or at least making the same wage, a year from now... I would be all over that :)

The question I have - is if there are part-time LVN jobs in California. I live in Sacramento presently which has a horrid economy, and am having to move back to the Bay Area because I've already tapped out the entire home health clientele base here... my roommate has the same situation as an LVN and is also having to move. Also, can you get benefits as an LVN?

I have time to think about it first, since I am going to get my CNA before I do anything.

I know that there are other allied health jobs I could do (medical assistant, lab tech), but they might involve putting time into training without it counting toward my RN, as an LVN would.

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You say you're moving back to the Bay Area. The SF Bay Area has an economy that is almost as terrible as the one in Sacramento. For every 1 nursing job posted in the Bay Area, you have about 200 people applying, so the region is overly flooded with new grads.

There are part-time, per diem, and PRN jobs for LVNs in California, but the facilities are currently not open to hiring new grad LVNs. With the present state of the economy, the demand is for LVNs with 3 to 5 years of experience at the minimum.