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  1. Glad2BAnurse

    I got in!!!!!

    I am currently in a LVN-RN transiton program in Baytown and it is the worst! What kind of test do you have to take for tomball north harris. What points are yall talking about? Any advice is appreciated. I am very discouraged right now.
  2. Glad2BAnurse

    Does anyone how Lee College rank to get in the ADN program

    Im in Lee College. Im in my second semester. I made a B for the 1st semester. Besides the drive, i like it. I did not have a wait list. I applied for the LVn-RN transition program and got right in.
  3. Glad2BAnurse

    Jumping back in tomorrow, nervous!

    Lori, I too started the lvn-rn transition last week and my nerves were wrecked! They still are. Hang in there! It will be so worth it!
  4. Glad2BAnurse

    surviving school?

    Hey RStar, I am in my 1st semester of transition as well, and I am scared too. I cant seem to get the hang of these care plans that i have not done in over 4 years...hang in there, talk to your instructor and get help. they are there to help us. use the resources....take care, good luck and god bless....
  5. Glad2BAnurse

    I got great news

    Emma, Im glad they found out what was wrong with you. I know how frustrating it can be, and with the job thing too. Congrats and best of luck 2 u.
  6. Glad2BAnurse

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    Ellie, Sorry you are having such a rough time with school. I hope there is someone there that can help you. Sharon, thanks for the support, i really appreciate it!
  7. After waiting several months. I have been accepted ! What a relief! Hang in there!
  8. Glad2BAnurse

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    Hey Yall, I saw my psychiatrist and she adjusted my meds and wants to give me klonipin prn for anxiety. I found out this week that i got accepted to the transition program. I am excited yet scared to death they wont take me if they see my med list and i also have to pass a pharm test. im just having so much anxiety and i hate this! any advice?
  9. Glad2BAnurse

    Nursing School Drug Test?

    thanks for the advice
  10. Glad2BAnurse

    Nursing School Drug Test?

    Im confused and worried. I was accepted in to ther LVN-RN transition program that starts this month. I take antidepressants and im seeing a psychiatrist today for anxiety. DO you think I will not be able to continue with school? DO they hold that against you. I am really worried. Should I call the school and let them know? I guess i am freaking out and i am ashamed to have to take meds for depression/anxiety. Someone please advise?n Thanks
  11. ok so i am so sick of waiting. I was told 3 weeks ago i would know, and now they have moved the date to this friday that they would mail the letters out. This is very frustrating! My whole family keeps being put on hold as to know if i have been accepted or not. I am anxiously waiting. Best of luck to all
  12. Glad2BAnurse

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    Thanks for the encouragement Sheri! I really appreciate it!
  13. Glad2BAnurse

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    Thanks Sheri & Jennifer. I had a horrible night at work last night! I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown with the 6 patients I had. I was so angry b/c i could not get caught up and I felt such anxiety!:angryfireConstantly on the call lights, had to restart 4 of the 6 IV's. It was non stop & I finally got to sit down about 2:30 this morning-from 7pm last night. I feel mentally exhausted. Sorry to vent! Thanks for listening!
  14. Glad2BAnurse

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    Hey yall, I too suffer from depression-i have had it since i was young. I have been having panic attacks lately and have been put on Blood Pressure meds. I made an appt with a pshychiatrist for next week. I am embarrassed by this b.c i am a nurse and when i start the transition program they will do drug test and will know what meds i am taking. I am currently on 20 of Lexapro and 150 of Wellbutrin. Seems to help(or i can notice if i go a day or 2 without it- i feel mean and sad) I seriously hate this depression/anxiety issue. I would just like to feel happy like "normal" people do i guess. (sorry so long) Appreciate any replies!
  15. Best of luck to all of you. I applied for Lvn-rn bridge program. Should know by next week. Im tired of waiting
  16. Glad2BAnurse

    I passed!!!Big thanks to suzanne :)