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    Shoes...what do you wear?

    I rotate between Dansko's, Merrils and those ugly crocs. I have a white pair of Dansko's from clinicals that I sometimes wear, but I perfer my black or Brown ones. It DID take a log time to break them in, but now they seem to be very good for my back. Unfortunatley the are so high that they make most of my scrub pants too short. When I want to wear my short scrubs, I wear my Merrils, which are nice, but rather boring looking. Crocs? I swore I would never wear those stupid plastic shoes that are mostly worn by 6 year-old girls here in CA. But DANGed if they aren't the most comfortable shoes I own. Get them in black and they dont look as stupid. I do find that I trip a lot when I wear them,however!!

    LPN Jobs for New Older Nurse?

    tHIS IS VERY VERY TRUE. I am an older-new-grad, and now on the 3rd month at my first job. Others nurses are actually telling to that I better stop doing so much, or they'll expect too much of us! Nurses will actually send a Dr down the hall to look for "his nurse" instead of just doing a procedure for him! If I see something that needs to be done, I just do it. And yes, it has to do with our generation and our worth ethics. I'm twice the age of most of our staff and I move a lot quicker than them and make the job much more physical than they do. They will wait 5 minutes to catch an elevator to the lab 4 flights down, while I will take the stairs down and back to save time. Or!!! They'll send old pt's in wheelchairs or walkers down to the lab to drop of a specimen, when we can do it for them!!

    unna boots

    with a doctor's written order.

    med error..

    I never do ANYTHING on an arm with a fistula.

    med error..

    but is that to be written in the Order? I thought it was our biz to know WHICH site.. Maybe it's just my Doc's thank dont specify.

    in desperate need of a response......

    I'm no help,but I do feel your pain. The first two weeks on the job, DHS was at our facility. My nurse mgr actually told me that they seek out new hires! So I was very nervous for 2 weeks, and memorized just about everything. Right down to the operation of the fire extinguisher! And no, I never even saw anyone from DHS. But I agree with the above poster. If you dont know the answer, let them know that you know WHERE you can get the answer.

    med error..

    .....AND FURTHER MORE.... the Dr's order should simply say "drug", 0.5 ml, one time only, IM. As long as it's IM,it's the nurse's and/or pt's choice as to which area.(butt or delt).

    Office Nursing

    I have just started my first job (6 weeks now) and I'm at a University Clinic. It's probably too early for me to say, but I think that in-patient nursing is "my thing". I was lucky to be offered a job in a General and Internal clinic. All adults pts, and lots of acute. I get to use the full-scope of my practice and have lots of autonomy. How did I get the job? I did my clinicals downstairs from this clinic and they just put my name out there. I didn't even apply. I was contacted through my school. The biggest bonus of in-patient? No nights, no weekends. Being a mom, that was all that would work for me.

    Nursing Graduation announcement ...

    We ordered them through our school so that we had the school and Program logo on them. We also got our Pins and tassels through them..
  10. Two of our instructors in school were ex-military Corpsmen (American) they not only had their teaching gigs but had GREAT civilian jobs at the VA. I have yet to see any job posting specify what you you to do to get to SIT for liscensure..
  11. SAHMU4IA

    Any Lpn's that would never become a RN?

    This is key. You reaffirm my decision..
  12. I hope someone can tell me otherwise, but I could not find any American Flag smiley's. Must be an oversight
  13. SAHMU4IA

    Help with question- priority

    3 things: ABC's The Nursing Process Maslow's. You cant fail if you apply these.
  14. john, in ca, being a medic in the military is one of the criteria for being able to sit for the boards. so check out your state. i certainly hope this is the case for you. and above all thank you for your service!!!!!:kiss my son is a sailor and i miss him dearly....
  15. SAHMU4IA

    85 Questions

    it doesnt matter how long it took you UNLESS you ran out of time. As you can see here, the vast majority of people pass with 85 questions. You'll find tons of posts about "85 questions"! good luck.
  16. SAHMU4IA

    Who's still on the NCLEX-PN results waitlist?

    my classmate just got notified yesterday. It took him exactly 4 weeks to hear from them! And he passed, haven taken ALL the questions.....doh.