How far do you plan to take your ed?

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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I was wondering, how far is everyone planning on taking their education?

I'm doing an ADN prog, then planning on moving so I can complete my BSN, then go onto am MSN for ANP.

With so many options out there for nurses I'm curious to see what everyone has planned.

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Up to my master's, I want to teach A and P my final 10 years as a nurse.


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As of right now, I will be happy with the ADN. The hospital I work in can then pay for my BSN. I am single with no children, so I would just like to get all settled down after that. Maybe later in life I will get the MSN, but I don't want to go to school forever. I want to be a nurse, doesn't matter what initials they are, as long as they are RN.


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I'm seriously considering getting a masters. Once I reach that, I will see how it goes...


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I am going into the BSN program Aug 25. From there I want to get my MSN. Some of the schools I have looked at, though, require that you have EXPERIENCE in the field before they will accept you in the program.


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Like Jen, I plan on getting my diploma now and consider the BSN in the future.


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Get my ADN, then get BSN as soon as I graduate. In the future I'll probally go back to school for NP or PA.


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I plan on starting on earning my A.S. degree in nursing from my CC...I start in Sept. 2004. I hope to complete and pass the state boards. If I do, I will work part-time and transfer to a university that has a transfer agreement with my CC to earn my B.S.N. I then plan on earning my M.S.N. to become a maternal/fetal nurse practitioner. This sounds like a lot and yet seems so far away. G'd willing I will be able to accomplish all of my goals.


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Originally posted by iliel

With so many options out there for nurses I'm curious to see what everyone has planned.

Working on pre-reqs, hope to enter a BSN program - junior year fall 2004. Plan on pursuing a masters at the very least... time will tell, though. :)


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after completing my bsn and gaining some work experience, i definitely want to obtain my masters and hopefully a phd someday.

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Applying to a combined BSN/MSN program for second-degree students as we speak. I doubt I'll get a PhD, but never say never, I guess!


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After graduating from my ADN program, my plan is to immediately continue on for my BSN online--while working. Work for a year or two following the BSN and then work on my MSN.

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