How far do you drive to work?

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How long does it take? Is it on the highway??

I currently am supposed to start a position on L&D/NICU on Monday and its about 60 miles away from my house. It is 3 12hr shifts day shift 7a-7p. I could do 2 12hrs shifts if I want as well they said...

I am a CNA going to work as a OB tech/unit clerk. I am currently a medical assistant working at a desk checking in patients only at the VA hospital 20 hrs a week.

L&D/NICU is my passion it is why I want to be a nurse in the first place. I thought long and hard and wrote on another thread on if I should even take the position and someone said follow your passion it will make you happier in the long run... So I thought ya the doors opened why not take it!!

Now all I hear from people is eww I would HATE to drive that far everyday!!

I live in Nebraska and it can be bad but I have lived here my entire life and if it's bad one day it will be decent the next they usually clean up the roads right away and I think the hospital would understand if we got some horrible storm if I could not be there. I have a good attendance with work and school always!!

Oh and school yes my school is there too, so its 1-2 days a week I will be driving as well. IF I decide to goto this school still I wont if I get in the program in the city I am in I am on a wait list.

Both the VA hospital and the new job said they will work with me around school the VA does not want me to leave at all!!

Just wondering if this sounds do-able or am I dreaming up something that is unrealistic, and getting my hopes up for no reason.

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I drive about 8 miles to get to work; highway or streets it takes me about 15/20 mins, I love it!!

Less than three miles...

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I drive approx 10mins to work

25 minutes in good weather. But that is half what it took when I worked for Kodak, so I'm very happy.

My last job took 45 min and was a killer after working a 12 hour noc. Then I moved, and took a job at a hospital less than one-half mile from my apt. I love it.

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I drive 68 miles one way and work 7a-7p (takes me about 1 hr 20 min). I use to work 3-12's but recently went down to 2-12's a week. I am also married and have 4 young kids at home so all this driving is really starting to wear me down!

Ok, I'm really close to work now (less than 2 miles) but my suggestion to you since it sounds like your either going to Lincoln or Omaha to work, is too see if someone would "rent a room" for a night, otherwise like others have siad between the drag of doing the driving the fact that gas prices could again go through the roof, plus wear and tear on the car, may not make it real practical, plus if your planning to be a student you'll need study time. Good Luck whatever you decide.

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About 40 miles, but it is all 65 mph, so it is not bad. For me it is worth it, because I would rather work in a larger city hospital than the small community hospital in my town.

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I take a bus, and it takes 40 minutes. For me, that isn't bad. If I drove, it would take about 15 minutes, and occasionally, if I am running a bit late, I can take a taxi for 10 bucks. I do believe that travel is an important consideration these days. In fact, a few employees may be laid off if they don't go to a pool downtown to give three choices to locations offered and I feel sorry for them! Traveling a long way after all of these years can be a serious deterrent here in New York. Taking the iron horse (the trains) is tedious.

But, if you can get the experience that you want, that would be great! And, you must be an awesome employee if your current job wants to jump hoops to keep you!

I live about 1.5 miles from work so when I drive it takes about 5 minutes or so depending on the lights. I can walk it in 20 and do so on a regular basis. I also have some coworkers who drive by my place on their way so I'll hitch a ride with them when we work together.

All things being equal, I wouldn't be willing to commute more than a 20 minute drive (mileage varies and it's the time aspect I care about anyway). I would go further for more money (either pay or benefits) if it were more than enough to compensate for the additional transportation costs. However, I would lose money and travel further for a better working environment.

I live 4 miles from work. I would absolutely drive 50 plus miles each way if I LOVED the job, but I love to drive anyway

I drive about 30 miles. It takes about 40 minutes. But 30 miles each way at 3 days per week is a total of 180 miles per week. That's equivalent to driving 18 miles each way for a 5 day per week job... which is what I was driving to nursing school.

If you're driving 60 miles each way, 3 days per week, then the number of miles you drive is the same as someone working 5 days per week driving 36 miles each way... which, as it turns out, is what my husband does.

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