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  1. ajhutch

    New to Austin and trying to find a school!

    Thank you for your reply! I will look into it, I applied to ACC and had my transcripts sent over, I also applied to St. Philips in New Braunfels. I will look into San Antonio baptist and see what they are about. I will go where ever I get accepted! THank you again for your help!
  2. Hello! I am new to Austin and I am from Nebraska. I was previously in a LPN program there and am trying to find a LVN school here to finish and transition to the RN program here. I am finding NOTHING in Austin for an evening program they are all day 8-4, and I can not do that 4-5 days a week. I have decided to go talk to schools in San Antonio, I have looked into Galen, Career point college and St. Philips. I have been on the TX BON website and looked around and feel stuck. Is there a town close to South Austin I am missing closer then San Antonio I can look into for LVN or RN? I can do some days if required for class I work from home but I am trying to find evenings to fit better. thank you for your help!
  3. ajhutch

    College of Saint Mary

    I actually decided to stay at SCC, when the weather got bad a few weeks ago here and the interstate was closed my husband urged me to stay in Lincoln and I decided it was best, I am in the program here and its going well. It is also much less $$!! If you need the TEAS book I bought it its not been opened and is in the bag still. I will sell it for $30, I paid $45. It is $50 at CSM I believe. I got mine on EBAY. Let me know :)
  4. I am a medical assistant and aesthetician with 4yrs medspa management exp starting a LPN program next month 12 months long and will be relocating to Houston upon graduation. Question is how hard is it to transfer once I graduate to be licensed, I want to have it for NE and TX? What can an LPN in a medspa or medical aesthetic center do for duties there? I have been doing research and going to medspa websites and reading the bio's on staff to get an idea but am not coming up with alot of info. Any input will be helpful!!!! :) In the future I will branch to getting my BSN for sure but for now it is baby steps for me.
  5. ajhutch

    College of Saint Mary

    She said they have no cut off date for the dead line just when ever they fill up all the slots, since it is costly I am sure they always have some spots left open bc not everyone can afford $40-50k for an associate degree in nursing, my thing is I want to get it over with at this point so I am sucking up the cost and will just pay loans forever and ever... She said try to have it all in by May she preferred.. Take the TEAS in Jan or Feb, I have only did the application, I am mailing to the reference forms to a doctor friend of mine and nurse practitioner friend of mine I worked with both at a medspa I worked in as a medical aesthetician for years. My husband is telling me to do the LPN at SCC in Mar graduate with that in Jan 2011 and then go for 1 year to CSM for a year for the ADN program to save on costs but I am thinking do it all at CSM and knock i out all in one school.. Cost wise it would be about $20-25k cheaper this route but it would take longer as they only except LPN transfers in the fall. I am sure if my grades are good and I get a good score on the TEAS I will be in, I have been a CNA for 9 years since I was 18yrs old so I have 5yrs hospital exp and 4 yrs doctors office exp behind me, I am totally ready for this next step!!
  6. ajhutch

    College of Saint Mary

    I went in and talked to Shana Lach yesterday in enrollment and she gave me a ton of info and a t-shirt and went over my transcript with me and I will have all my classes transfer in!! Sweet!! I am def. going to start in August.. I am enrolled in Anatomy, intro to sociology, and physiology at SCC starting Jan, and I will be taking Micro, Ethics, and intro to psyc starting spring.. Out of all the schools I have looked into for nursing this one seems the best fit for me.. I just need to pass the TEAS test in Jan or Feb to be sure I have a seat held for me!! Hope to see you there too!!
  7. ajhutch

    College of Saint Mary

    I am also interested in this program! I just applied for admission online last night. I am wanting to enter the Fall 2010 RN (ADN) program and then transition to the BSN program.. I am a student at SCC currently doing the LPN program, well on the wait list to start Mar. 2010.. I want to find a RN program though and go that route instead of LPN-RN-BSN.. That just seems like forever. Let me know when you get info on this if it is outside this website I have heard nothing but good things about the nursing program there, and best part about it is NO wait list!!