How far do you drive to work?

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How long does it take? Is it on the highway??

I currently am supposed to start a position on L&D/NICU on Monday and its about 60 miles away from my house. It is 3 12hr shifts day shift 7a-7p. I could do 2 12hrs shifts if I want as well they said...

I am a CNA going to work as a OB tech/unit clerk. I am currently a medical assistant working at a desk checking in patients only at the VA hospital 20 hrs a week.

L&D/NICU is my passion it is why I want to be a nurse in the first place. I thought long and hard and wrote on another thread on if I should even take the position and someone said follow your passion it will make you happier in the long run... So I thought ya the doors opened why not take it!!

Now all I hear from people is eww I would HATE to drive that far everyday!!

I live in Nebraska and it can be bad but I have lived here my entire life and if it's bad one day it will be decent the next they usually clean up the roads right away and I think the hospital would understand if we got some horrible storm if I could not be there. I have a good attendance with work and school always!!

Oh and school yes my school is there too, so its 1-2 days a week I will be driving as well. IF I decide to goto this school still I wont if I get in the program in the city I am in I am on a wait list.

Both the VA hospital and the new job said they will work with me around school the VA does not want me to leave at all!!

Just wondering if this sounds do-able or am I dreaming up something that is unrealistic, and getting my hopes up for no reason.

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1.3 miles and I LOVE it!


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That is a LONG day, I wouldn't do more than 2 in a row, I did 3-12's on a row for over a year. You can't do anything else but sleep. 2 wasn't too bad. We also had an old nursing dorm we could stay in. See if there is a cheap place to stay close to the hospital. Good luck

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My drive is only about 7 miles, but we have a faculty member who drives 75 miles to our college 3 (sometimes 4) days a week..

Next year will be her 10th year doing this. She says it's because she loves teaching AND loves working with her co-faculty so much. To her, the work environment is worth the commute.


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I drive 65 miles one way to work, and have for almost 3 years now. I work 3 12's in a row, so it is do-able. The three days I work seem to be just work, drive, sleep...repeat. But, having 4 days off in a row is worth it to me. The hospital I work at now offers a "staff hotel" for employees that commute more than a certain number of miles. The rooms are very nice and free! So thats somthing you might check into to see if your hospital offers something like that.


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I used to work 55 miles away from home, it took 1.5 hours. My suggestion is that you figure in your gas (about .50 more than what gas prices are now) I have a 08 accord, and I spent hundreds of dollars a week in gas and even with a substaintial pay increase, I was loosing more money. GAS REALLY NEEDS TO BE ON TOP OF YOUR LIST. figure how much a week your going to spend vs your current job, then see how much pay difference there is. Im not saying money is everything, but no sense working if you cant afford to. (what happened to me, when gas hit 5.00 a gallon here, i had to quit because it cost me more money to work than I was getting paid)


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I work 50min from home I have a Prius and the drive takes about 50miles per gallon since it is a smooth flat drive and not too many lights. I am looking for a job closer to home. I have been there almost a year and work 3nites a week. The thing is the hospital is in a area where the cost of living is alot less which means my rate is not as good as the hosp around home. But now I have 1yr med surg experience I am looking for another job.

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45 miles... Takes about an hour door to door... It's worth it. I'm getting great experience!


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I only drive about a mile to work. I'm very lucky! It's so close that in the winter I don't even bother turning on the heat in the car because it never heats up in time!


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7 miles for last 4 years.

35 for the previous 12 years.

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i drive about a mile.. and i love it !! i could walk to work if i wasn't so dead after a 12 hour shift !!

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48 miles one way, twice a week. Mostly highway. It's doable twice a week.

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