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I am currently a nursing student and am working as a medical assistant at he VA hospital part time and I recently applied for a job in labor and delivery to work as an OB tech while going through school this is the area that is motivating me to become a nurse, I have 3 children and all were preemies and in the NICU I was high risk and had the works to keep me pregnant that is why I have chosen this field.

Anywho, the L&D position was offered to me and I am excited BUT it is 45min away on the highway, the VA hospital is 20min in the city..

My question is is it worth it to accept the L&D position and gain more experience in the area I want to be in someday or is it better to stay with a gov't job and do that until I am done with school then move on to L&D, IF I can even my foot in the door on that floor?

What would you do if this was you? Is it worth it? I just need help, I am a mess over this decision.....


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If a door is opening for you to do what you really want to do, why wouldn't you pursue that the the fullest? It is not too early to start to do what you love. Chase your dream, and catch it if you can.


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If you can tolerate the drive, then it's definitely worth it. Getting a job in L&D/PP/NICU fresh out of school will be difficult if you don't have any experience there. Many times if you work as a tech while doing nursing school, those floors will offer you a nursing position as soon as you pass NCLEX. So it would increase your chances of going straight into mom-n-baby units fresh out of school if you worked as a tech there prior.


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Is the pay OK? is this a hospital you will be considering after graduation? Will you get more hands on time in the new job? If yes- take the new position! One thing you may want to checkout is what is the hospitals policy about hiring nurses who worked as non-licenced staff on a floor. I have worked for one hospital where if you worked as a NA on a floor they would not hire you to a position as a RN on that floor to avoid conflicts of intrest in supervising people who used to be your peers. Not an issue if this isn't somewhere you would consider working with your nursing licence but it's worth exploring before you quit a job. One more thing- you will be the new hire. Dosen't school require a degree of flexibility in your schedule. Are you going to be able to work around the job and your class schedule for SURE. In todays job market you don't want to quit a job you have and need if you aren't 100% sure you can keep the new one.


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From experience, I believe one should follow their passions :redbeathe - i find people are more motivated, enjoy work more, and are best to work around when they love what they do! I just graduated from a BSN program in CA. I recently passed up a 25k scholarship for a 2 yr contract for a med/surg position to pursue my passion to work in L&D / NICU. The right doors opened for me to accept a NICU position, which pays far less (and no sign on bonus). I quickly dropped my $25,000 stipend and accepted a position in the NICU; I figure I will come home to my husband with more satisfaction than if i was nursing in an area I didn't care much for. I'd encourage anyone to do what they love, and the rest will follow... however never at the expense of family. Identify what your priorities are, line 'em up, and go from there! Best wishes! ;) - CA NewGrad


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I'd go with the L&D position. It may be a longer drive but you sound really excited about it. Life is too short to pass up great opportunities that you are passionate about. Plus, you might always wonder "what if" if you don't at least try the position out.


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The pay is not bad, fully benefitted though i do not need them all bc my hubby carries health,dental,vision ect... but some of the benefits are nice like tuition reimbursement ect.. and I do not have any currently working as a VA hospital employee I am part time.... The labor and delivery position is 3 12hr shifts a week they are willing to work around my program I attend 1-3 days a week per term I currently am only going 1 day per week and they said I can work whatever I like.

I can also drop to 2 12hr shifts if 3 isnt working she said. They are very nice scheduling wise. But on the other hand so is the VA they want to work with me and my schedule they LOVE me there and are crushed I may leave.

Thanks for the advice I just needed a nudge my hubby and family are no help he knows this is my dream floor but hes not excited about the commute in the winter. So he's giving me second thoughts. That is why i have turned to you all because you are the pro's!! :)


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Well I slept on it and made the decision I am taking it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your replies!!!!

This is the area that drives me and your right i will do a better job working in an area I actually LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will make me a much happier person all around. I just hope I get along with the other people and we can work as a team :)

Wish me luck!!I start on the 15th.

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