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  1. nurse_mo1986

    Need encouragement. just discouraged today

    thanks all. Lunah, u have long been a source of inspiration to all excelsior students i think:) and I appreciate all u guys encouraging me. I know that someday I'll be able to place that RN behind my name. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Hey all- I just feel like I need a word of encouragement today. I feel like I've been working towards my RN forever, and i'm not there yet. I'm bogged down in the pages of micro, and then still have most of my nursing tests to do. (pre-reqs done). I feel like i'm taking too long to get this done, and I just want my RN so bad. How do you guys keep ur chin up on the down days when u just felt like you'd never be done?
  3. nurse_mo1986

    Would you have reported this med error?

    and yet, I remember reporting a nurse one time for suspicion of diverting b/c I noticed this particular nurse chasing down the dr's in the unit telling them that their pt "needs demerol." It raised a red flag in my mind after witnessing this one time to many on a busy night shift. I reported it to my manager. Turns out after an investigation that this nurse had been diverting demerol and self injecting for God know's how long. I'm glad that I listened to my gut instinct. Having said that, I don't report things to management such as a pepcid not being given. However, I would leave the nurse a note asking about it. Ppl, we're nurses. Cant we use nursing judgement and try to help each other? just my 2 cents...nurse_mo1986
  4. nurse_mo1986

    Passed Transitions tonight!

    Way to go tasha!!! lol. I was gonna do repro next, but I decided to do the unthinkable and get micro over with. This one just might kill me. It's just soo much info. But i keep telling myself that if i could do A&P then I can do ANY class they have:) Let me know how repro goes for ya. Ryan
  5. nurse_mo1986

    Transitions is so boooooring

    heya tasha: actually I didn't use the practice exam for this one. I always have but this test seemed so cut n dry that I didn't think I'd need to. All I used was a TCN study guide from ebay. It seemed to cover the material pretty good. If I'd studies harder I'd have gotten that A lol. I will def tell you to know ur theorists very well:)
  6. nurse_mo1986

    What have you done without a Dr. order???

    it also depends on where you work. I work in a smaller ruraal ICU in a smaller hospital and know all of our docs one on one. That means I know when they do vs. Don't wanna be called. Certain docs don't even wanna be called about a resp distress unless I've already done portCXR, and drawn ABG's. Then we have other docs who wanna be called stat and then will direct care. I will say that in this setting we are expected to have a certain degree of autonomy. With certain docs I'd think nothing of giving tylenol at two am for a headace IF THERE ARE NO CONTRAINDICATIONS. A lot of times it just means thinkin for oneself. And as far as the oxygen thing...i believe in treatin the pt as needed. If a pt has a sat of 60% and I think a code is looming, I'll do whatever it takes while waiting on the doc to return page/arrive in unit. just my opinion, nurse_mo1986
  7. nurse_mo1986

    Transitions is so boooooring

    So i just thought i'd come back to the thread and let u peeps know I took transitions this morn and passed. got a "B" on the test. It was actually a lil more diff than i anticipated...but thankfully i'm done. Now on to the next test!!!
  8. nurse_mo1986

    Transitions is so boooooring

    Yeah, I'm taking Transitions this friday and i'm seriously afraid I might fail it just because it's soooo boring that i'm having a terrible time studying it LOL. But i'm hoping I pass. I'd hate to waste 250 on it, ya know?
  9. nurse_mo1986

    Passed A&P tonight!

    lol...yeah I stressed out over the A/P exam myself, got horribly low scores on the practice exams both times (like mid 40's) but when i finally steeled my nerves and took it, I passed with a "B" w/out problems. I was def proud to have passed that exam b/c it's def a hard one. I think the only other one i'll stress out over that much is MICRO:(
  10. why not see if you cant get some type of protocols in place that allows for PRN IVP as needed? In my unit, a lot of our pts are titrated on gtt's but we also have PRN meds allowed for use in addition too titrated gtt. As you mentioned, sometimes pt's are resting comfortably on that gtt, but when you assess or reposition said pt, they become agitated momentarily. In theses cases, I utilize the PRN drugs, realizing that with just a lil boost in happy juice, most pt's will go back to their happy places:) But again, thats just my facility's protocols. Good luck however it works out for ya. just be careful and always always always CYA. Nurse_mo1986
  11. nurse_mo1986

    Passed A&P tonight!

    I'm studyin transitions myself at the min. I test on it Friday 9/3...we'll see how it goes. It seems so cut and dry that it's boring at best lol. I'm trying not to take too much time on this one and move on. When are you gonna take your transitions test? Nurse_mo1986
  12. 1. do you love, like or hate your job? a mixture of both. most days like, other days it requires work to remember why i'm workin here lol 2. what field of nursing are you in? lpn, work in a outpt surgery center doing post op recovery, also prn in icu-stepdown unit w/100 beds. 3. are you ft, pt, pd? ft at the surg center, prn at the hospital 4. do you look forward to going to work or dread it? depends on my mood. most days i don't mind it too bad. 5. what gives you the most job satisfaction? seeing pt's leave my practice pain free and knowing that we've helped them improve their lives. 6. on a scale of 0-10 (0 being least stressful, 10 being most stressful) how stressed does your job make you? it varies, i'd say it ranges b/t a 4-7 most of the time. 7. what causes you the most job stress? nothing worse than office politics. just leave me out of the female drama and let me do my work in peace lol. !!!!!!! 8. what do you think could make your job better, so you get the most joy and satisfaction out of your work day? if everyone was concerned with their own job, we would all be much more efficently run here:)
  13. nurse_mo1986

    LunahRN- Good luck tomorrow!

    Hey tasha, What day are you taking your transitions exam? I just recently took the A/P exam and am now scheduled to take transitions next fri(sept. 3rd). I'm kinda nervous on this one b/c it seems TOO straightforward to me, and i'm afraid i'll be too confident and fail it LOL. -Nurse_mo1986
  14. nurse_mo1986

    First CPR

    Sadly, you will find that in nursing you run into these types of situations frequently. I work in an ICU, and more times than I care to think about we've had to go thru the motions of a futile code just because the family members insist that we save momma. Even knowing that momma can't be saved, we still must go thru the actions and it's very very sad. Just find comfort in the fact that you did the best you could, knowing what the outcome would be anyways. Nurse_mo1986
  15. nurse_mo1986

    How to deal with negative comments about Excelsior

    I'm in the midst of my excelsior education myself. However, I haven't had many ppl say negative things about the program. However, that may simply be because at my facility, there are several RN's who have gone this route and ppl have seen that they are just as good as any other RN in the building. The one's that have said something negative, I simply brush off my back and smile to myself knowing that one day soon I'll be Nurse_mo1986RN :)
  16. nurse_mo1986

    list- best states for pay?

    LOL. Well, It would certainly seem that i've struck a nerve with my comment at the start of this forum about becoming a nurse for the right reasons. So, shall I explain myself more in depth?? I personally have nothing against a good paycheck. Yes, I do make a good salary as a nurse. But yes, I also VOLUNTEER as a nurse with a local community organization several hours a wk FOR FREE. Does that make me a better person than anyone else here, NO. But it means that I do try to keep my perspectives in order. I did not become a nurse b/c of the paycheck. I did not become a nurse because I have some saintlike quality about me. I became a nurse because I care about ppl in general. I hate to see suffering among humankind. To me, there is much sorrow in life. There are many ppl much less fortunate than I, and if I can help them just a little bit in life, then my life is better for it. To the OP, I apologize for sounding if I was attacking you personally. That was my bad. I've just seen way too many young nurses come straight from nursing school into my unit not giving a D@#@ about the sick pts in my unit, and only caring about what they're gonna do with this wk's paycheck, and "how do these scrubs make my butt look?" lol...these nurses drive me crazy...and quite personally i wish they'd never joined nursing. Again, I'm sorry if I lashed out at the OP. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting to earn a good salary. Nurses do HARD work, and do deserve much more than the majority make. However, please do keep the pay in perspective and become the type of nurse that you'd want taking care of your family members. Nurse_mo1986