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HESI How accurate is it really?


I've heard the HESI is supposed to give you an idea how you are doing in Nursing. About 1/3-1/2 of our class got below an 800, which is not good. Any comments?

I was wondering about that myself...you're talking about the HESI's during NS or the pre-HESI?

I just took my first semester NS HESI and did WAY better than I thought I had done and WAY better than most in my class (97.6%). In fact, I thought there was something wrong with the computer, because as I was taking it I didn't think I had passed.

Additionally, a gal that I usually study with and frankly, we usually do similarly well on things, got a 74%...

...so I also wonder about that. My success and her disappointment almost felt like a fluke. It'll be interesting to see what others have to say about the HESI.

I've heard the HESI is supposed to give you an idea how you are doing in Nursing. About 1/3-1/2 of our class got below an 800, which is not good. Any comments?

It is almost always the case.Majority of the students fail this test for the first time and on their second attempt they do much better.

I don't see how an accurate estimate of how students are doing can be done with so few,questions. I feel it's just another money-making scheme that colleges have fallen into. One of the top students in our class got a low grade. Some of the lower-end students got over 800. I seriously doubt this is a true reflection of how they are doing.


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My class just took its 3rd mid-curricular HESI, and only 9/20 passed (got above a 75% score). The 2 previous HESIs we took had similar results. These tests seem especially susceptible to test anxiety. I've been confident or apathetic every time I've taken one, and I've passed every time. My classmates who freak out, though, always seem to fail. Just my observation

I don't know but we have to pass it to graduate.:(

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How accurate is it? 0% of those who never pass the HESI at my school pass the NCLEX. You could say it has a high negative predictive value. :p

I would think the exit exam is an excellent predictor of how well you will do on your state board exam.

Why I think that?

Well it is recommended that you study from the Hesi exam book which is basically the same book you can use to study for your NCLEX,it actually does say review for NCLEX-RN,so yes I think that based on the results it shows how really prepared you are although I would disregard the first attempt because the test format is brand new to students.I would only worry if you fail the second,third,fourth time and so on.

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HESI says zero about how you will do as a nurse. However, you need to pass it to graduate, so just figure out what you have to do to pass and get on with life. Don't fret about it's purpose, fairness, relevance to anything to do with nursing school, NCLEX or being a nurse. It will frustrate you to try and figure out. Just do what you gotta do to pass it and don't waste any time pondering it's significance.


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