Here's a New One....LOL


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i work in a neuro. clinic and i was sorting encounters the other day. we put the reason for the pt's visit on the encounter and here is a new one, and i thought i heard them all

pediatric pt, with asperburger's syndrome

yes asperburger's

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Oh my. At least you got a chuckle? ~Ivanna


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Aspen....snow and skiing ...leads to swiss alps ....leads to swiss cheese on a burger with mushrooms....yum ;)

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whoever wrote that diagnosis needs a dictionary or spell-checker!

That is too funny. I was working at an urgent care and the registration staff wrote for the reason for encounter " risk pain" I fell out laughing. She meant "wrist pain"

That's too funny!! There's a neighborhood kid that lives down the street from me and he basically took cans of Mountain Dew and threw it in the middle of the street and they were spraying everywhere!!! When I told him to pick up his trash he took off running! So I went to his house (apparently he lives with his grandparents) and proceeded to tell his granddad what happened..... his grandfather then asked me, "ok.... so what? are you asking me to pick up his trash????" and although I was taken aback I replied, "no, I can clean it since it is right in front of my house, I would just like for him to know that he can't make messes like that and not expect to clean it".... his grandfather replied, "well the doctor said he was an assss burger and that he'll never listen to directions properly". I just smiled and went to clean up the mess.... lol, I didn't feel the need to tell him the correct term was "asperger's".....:lol2:

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I once read the word as it had been received from an electronic trasciption program as a$$burgers. I think they need to actually hire a medical professional for their programming dept - or at least teach the program the Taber's medical dictionary.


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What?! You don't asper your burgers?

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Aren't you asper-ing your burgers when you flip them? Is that with or without catch-up? Now I shall go take a nap and try to get this outta my head... :D


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This reminds me of when I was a new graduate working on a pediatric unit. The mother and admission clerk brought the child up to the unit and handed me the admission sheet, I took it and looked at it, with a puzzled look on my face, but put the the bracelet on the child then led the mother and child to the room. I went back to the nurses station and got my history forms to complete the admission paperwork and went back to the room. I looked at the mother and asked her "Why did Dr _________ send you son to the hospital?" She said. . .because he has lumps in his neck. All of sudden I understood. The admission form said "left nose disease" for the adm diagnosis. The clerk misunderstood "lymph node disease". That has stuck for 45 years.


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the person who wrote that must have been hungry! haha


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Whilst it's not really a mistake like 'asperburgers', my all time favorite admission was also from a pediatric ward and simply read;

"Patient jumped from first storey window. Patient thinks he is Batman."