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  1. Been so sick... working urgent care

    I used to get sick with initial job changes. I've been a nurse for some time now. I can probably fight off the black plague without antibiotic at this point.
  2. Is it Me??????

    Several months ago, I was working with the MD during clinic. She wrote 2 pages of orders and only signed the first one. She wrote "next" on the bottom of the first page. No signature on the first page at all. I kindly asked her to sign the first ...
  3. Do nurses get out on time working corrections?

    I get out on time 90% of the time.
  4. Medication Error

    I am almost certain all boards of nursing forbid pre pouring medications. Especially when you are not the one giving the medication.
  5. Sick Call

    I work in an 800 inmate facility. I perform doctor clinic one day a week and sick call 4 days a week. We are divided into 4 units and a sick call nurse assigned to each. The medications are given by the med techs. No other task should be included...
  6. Unprofessional Staff

    Thanks for your input. It was the mothers son who drove the cna's car.
  7. Bitter dried up nurses that need to RETIRE

    I agree that there are some people who should not even go to work in the morning. They are just tired and breed negativity. Based on some of the responses, your point is proven. People are so bitter, they can no longer see right from wrong.
  8. Done with work!

    Good for you Momma!!!! May you have a blessed speedy delivery and healthy baby!!!!!
  9. Unprofessional Staff

    Hi all. A friend of mine has a daughter with health problems. Her baby was on tpn 24 hrs a day and had an RN every day. She spoke very highly of the majority of the nurses. Now her baby is off of tpn and doesn't qualify for an RN and now has a C...
  10. What is better? 2nd or 3rd shift as a nurse in prison??

    @Sadie, I am tired just from reading your post. You should look for another job. That sounds worse than working in an acute care hospital. Whoa!!!
  11. Why is corrections nursing so litigious?

    Some of the inmates just want a quick pay day so they can have money in their canteen or commissary. Many were misfits before incarceration and will remain so until the day they hit the dirt. Sad but true.
  12. Should I stay or go?

    Maybe before you resign, you can make suggestions for improvement and see what happens from there. Give them a chance to right the wrongs if they are willing.
  13. Is this professional?

    I don't know about the rest of you but the med/surg floor I worked on, we were busting it from the time we got to work. A nurse could come to work with a pair of panties on her head and the majority of us wouldn't notice. What we would notice is if...
  14. LPN vs RN

    I am an RN and I work with an excellent LPN. She is my partner in crime. She is excellent. I wouldn't want it any other way. She is the best!!!!!!
  15. ER Admission Holds

    This is the exact reason why I left ER nursing. If I wanted to work the floor, that is where I would seek out employment. One hospital I worked would hire agency people or pool people to take care of the ER holds. Other times, they get sourced ou...