Is it Me??????


Several months ago, I was working with the MD during clinic. She wrote 2 pages of orders and only signed the first one. She wrote "next" on the bottom of the first page. No signature on the first page at all. I kindly asked her to sign the first page. Pharmacy sent a request for signature. The Doctor called pharmacist and pharmacist agreed to accept order. I informed the doctor that it didn't matter if the pharmacy accepted it because I would not sign it off. It is not valid. What if page 2 gets lost. Then what. What if there is a bad outcome from page one. I get hauled into court and then said doctor can say, I was not finished. She shouldn't implement it without my signing it. Yes people, MDs will throw you under the bus to save their own butt. Then the doctor attempts to compromise and asked if initials would suffice. I said I would need a legal signature the way all other orders are signed. The doctor says she writes it like that because a patient had a bad outcome because a nurse did not take off a second page of orders in the past. I ask myself, what does that has to do with me? Just like you are trying to protect your license, I am protecting mine. Sign the dang order for pete's sake!!!!:uhoh3:. Am I missing something or do orders still require date, time and MD JOHN HANCOCK?