**help!!!! Please Help!!! I Just Took My Nclex!!**


hello all!

i just took my nclex and well, sad to say, i don't think i passed. my computer shut off around 150-160 and i know i got the last 4 questions wrong. i looked them up. is that a bag sign?? did the computer give up on me? was i borderline the whole time and those 4 questions did me in??? pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaassssee help me. i am like dying over here! my entire test composed of teaching! i had a couple of prioritization questions but not a lot. what does that mean??? thanks so much for you help!




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:madface::uhoh21::madface:...well i took my boards yesterday and well my computer stopped a 190+ or so...i was dying well i still am.... i went in very prepared i think ..and the nclex just crushed my spirits i got alot of priority no math slight teaching lots of meds (i didnt know -i guessed) and well felt defieded ...i hope/pray i passed ....................i feel ur pain and understand what ur going thru i think i guessed in alot of them and well im hoping it was right guessing (nurse knowledge) LOL

i cant sleep cant eat (well a lil LOL) and dying for a drinking (not too good huh) but im hoping and praying that i passed!

ill do the same for u.

*well be RN's ull see! think happy thoughts!!!!!!:uhoh3:


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I took mine yesterday as well. I got btn 150-155 questions....I don't remember. I am going crazy....checking and rechecking the site to see if my results are available. I am so nervous. So much is riding on that test.


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I just took my nclex today about 2 hours ago. Hey guess what?!

I think I failed too!

I got 86 questions. A mix of meds i have never heard of, weird exhibit questions, tons of teaching about obsure things, 2 or 3 select all that apply and 2 math. Not a lot of priority questions.

Yep, pretty sure I failed.


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I will say a prayer for you all. Keep hoping and praying......That is what I did. Madelon ......


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My friend and I took the NCLEX on 7/7. I felt the like I did poorly after I was cut off after 75 questions. My friend did also. She swore she failed and also looked up answers when she got home. I chose to ignore the results until I could find out for sure.

Guess what? We both passed.

I would guess that you will be fine if you did well in school.



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I took my test today as well and I can't believe I have to wait to hear that I passed or failed. I was done at 75. I had a bunch of med questions that I had no idea what to choose. I mean, there is no way I could memorize that many meds. Before the test I thought it was kind of impossible so I just didn't study meds. I just did a buch of test questions before the exam. I hope that was enough. I don't want to ever do that many questions ever! ever! That is my biggest fear of not passing: having to study all the book s**t!


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For all of you that got more than 75 and think you'd failed,dont give up cos you never know.It might mean that the computer has determined your competency and shut off so by that you 'll pass.just be optimistic.Y'll will make it.



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I think they passed, come on! let's be optimistic. I got 75 aND I feel as horrible.

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Hang in there.....I have never heard of anyone feeling good about this exam! Remember it is MUCH more likely than not that you passed. I'll say a prayer for you both. Let us know when you find out.



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I must say I am in the exact same boat as you. I took the test yesterday. 140+ questions and I know for sure I at least got the last one wrong (I, too, looked it up). I now feel for sure that I failed and am having a hard time dealing (i.e. crying, hyperventilating, etc.). So, futureRN2BSN have you found out whether or not you passed?...I could really use some hope.


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Have faith , just got my results felt the same way and i passed.

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