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  1. azor

    FNP March 2014

    Anyone know anything about facebook forum for MSN students? I am in my third class., nurse informatics classm
  2. azor

    Chamberlain FNP Program

    I did my undergraduate with Chamberlain and in my 3rd class on MSN-FNP. So far, so good. I transferred from University of south Alabama. I love Chamberlain cos the instructors are supportive than in USA.
  3. I was accepted for the Emergency NP track. I am lookibg forward to starting. Goodluck to you
  4. csweetooth, I decided to do BSN-DNP and will be starting the program in Fall, 2013. I hope I will like it and I am very enthusiastic about it. You will have to apply first to NURSINGCAS then do the supplemental application to the school with additional payment. I wasn't called for an interview. NURSINGCAS will review your transcript with the additional paperwork,, then send it to the school where they will make their decision about accepting you or not. After their deliberation, they will send you an acceptance letter with packet which you will fill out and send back to the school. Thanks for the goodluck wish and I wish you same.
  5. Please ladies and Gents, I got accepted to FNP and Emergency Dual role Acute care program. Which program will you prefer? What is the pros and cons of each? Any advice will be very much appreciated. I want to be able to have unlimited opportunities but I think I need some advice. I don't know if it will make any difference, the school for FNP is a private school/ expensive, the AENP school is a state school and less expensive. I ultimately want the best out of my career. thanks a lot.
  6. azor

    Women's Health vs Family NP

    I like FNP but the school that accepted me for FNP is a private university and costly. The school I will be going to accepted me for the Emergency Adult/FNP acute care. I was kinda concern that I will have to take NP or FNP exam separately. Do I really need FNP/NP? Are there so many options as to where I can practice? Am I limited to just the ER? Thanks a lot
  7. Thanks NYCRN16, are you talking out of fact or what you think it is? i think you have a good point. There are some people with FNP that work in adult ICU, how do they satisfy the pediatric aspect of their requirement?
  8. I know u ladies are well into ur program, congrats to u all. I am accepted into the AENP but due to my inexperienc in ER, I will be doing extra 120 clinical hours. My question is, can I change to FNP since I have 7yrs med-surg experience or do I stick it out. I am also thing of doing FNP instead of AENP. When one finishes, are we supposed to take both FNP exam and NP exam or one can cover both. I am sorry if I sound distorted but just need more light on these. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Got my acceptance letter from university of South Alabama and have couple of questions for those of you that are familiar with the prgram. I have 8 years of Med- Surg experience. Before applying to the program, I emailed the co-ordinator about my interest in the Advance emergency (Dual role ANp/FNP) acute care. She said that it wouldnt be a problem since I have med-surg experience. Just got my acceptance letter last week and got to find out that I will need extra 120 clinical hours due to my 'limited experience". I have emailed the co-ordinator but I don't know if transfering to ER will help. Please, I was equally accepted at maryville university for BSN-FNP. i am supposed to start my classes on may 6th and I am yet to call them. I am confused but I know that USA sounds better with respect to the tuition and the degree that I will be coming out with. How doable is the progrqam at USA when one has 3 kids and work full-time? Help, somebody!!
  10. azor

    Online BSN-DNP Programs

    Just got accepted to USA, Advance emergency acute caredual role. I am excited but at the same time, nervous after reading couple of reviews here. I got accepted at maryville university Missouri to start May 6th 2013 but it is BSN-MSn(FNP). I really like USA cos it is DNP and the tuition is reasonable but at the same time, i heard about them weeding out students. The application and acceptance protocol is outrageous and that makes me think about the actual program. Ok, I have a question, I think I applied for th 11 semester for the fall but I really will like the 12 semester which is the full 4 year part-time program. I work ful time and I have lil children. I am excited but at the same time, nervous. Again, I have 8 years med-surg and when I emailed the DNP co-ordinator, ahe told me that it wouldnt be a problem for me not to be accepted into the emergency {NP/FNP} acute care. Now on my acceptance letter, it daid that I have to do extra 120 clinical hours, so my question is, will they role off the 120 clinical hours if I transfer to emergency room? I already emailed them on friday of last week but have not heard from them. Help, somebody!!
  11. Good day bkennedy, I have a question regards to the emergency track that you are in. I just got accepted last week for fall, 2013 session. I think i chose the 11 semester track but i really want the 12 semester track. How do I change that? Again, the application, acceptance protocol is the most tedious of all the schools, Is that how the school is? Thanks a lot. I've been searching to see if I can get somebody in the program that I am interested in. Thanks for the positive comment about the program, at least....
  12. azor

    USA DNP fall 2013

    I received my acceptance letter on thursday and I am super excited but geez, their acceptance requirement is a lot! The applications now a whole lot of task for acceptance, i wonder how the program will be!! God help me. I applied for the dual role, Advance emergency NP( BSn- DNP).
  13. Its good u made the deciion to go with 7p-7a. I love that shift and it works good for me and my family. You can sleep whie they are in school and you can even wake up early to be with your kids and help with hmework before you go back to school.
  14. azor

    University of South Alabama Fall 2012 DNP

    So happy to have found this thread. I have a question about USA. Such a pity that i missed the deadine for the spring semester which was Aug 1. My question is this, How possible is it for one to get admission with USA for BSN to DNp track? I have 3.4 GPA with my ADN, then 3.91 with my BSN. I am really nervous about the GRE and at the same time, I really would like to get my Doctorate degree straight like USA offers. I need help y'ol...Thanks
  15. azor

    Chamberlain College of Nursing

    Heartbt2009,i am starting my classes on 3rd jan 2011.how is the classes so far for you? How ar u likin it?Are the classes ok and how is the instructors? How ar u doin with the tuition payment?
  16. azor

    RN to BSN

    I'm doing my pre-req in a 2 year college but it looks like i have to do my ASN-BSN 10 years.I have a family with full time work.I need a quicker route to BSN.Pls Help.I did Math 97,99.Eng 1101,1102 already.If it is online program,i wont do them.I did my Diploma in Nursing in Nigeria but coming here, in georgia.i wasnt given any credit.i have to do nursing all over again even thou i'm working as an RN.Pls help me guys with your valued ideas.

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