can't help my emotional feelings

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sometimes my hormones got off the board too much. I can't resist the thought of having a baby and nurse him/her. Man, I'm in nursing school right now. I can't. I only have a few months left to finish with school and find a job and have a baby!

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How old are you? Is your biological clock ticking?

I simply do not understand peoples' irresistible desires to have children right then and there, unless the woman is in her middle to late thirties and wants to hurry up and have kids before she is no longer able to do so.

Don't get me wrong. The desire to reproduce is a good thing because it preserves the human race, keeps it going, and ensures that we will continue to have generations to succeed us.

I think you are right. I'll control my hormones. When it goes crazy, I'll let it run its course (only at home).Then, I'll come back with school work.

I'm still young. I have time. I've just finished high school 3 yrs ago. I'm in my last year for nursing school now. So much hard work for a young adult like me. My high school was all about studying hard so my hormones got suppressed so much that now it's ticking like crazy. After nursing school, I'll do it. No doubt.

I'm confused!?! In one of your threads from a month ago you wrote "And, I don't like having babies."

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Specializes in Pediatric Hem/Onc. graduated 3 years ago? So you're 21-ish, assuming you did the 4 year plan. Relax. You shouldn't even be able to hear your biological clock ticking yet.

Did you just finish your ob rotation, by any chance? I'm 33 and would rather have a puppy than a baby....but doing that rotation even made my clock wake up. For like 3 weeks. Newborns do that to you. It'll pass. Even if it doesn't, think about it - this isn't the best time to add a baby into the equation, don't ya think? At least graduate, find a job, and get things arranged so that you're stable enough to raise a child. I'm not being antibaby, I'm just practical like that.

I'm ready to call shenanigans on this thread, but I'm feeling generous and will give the benefit of the doubt :D

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I'm confused!?! In one of your threads from a month ago you wrote "And, I don't like having babies."

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I laughed so hard by this post.

Babies, though? Seriously? I absolutely love children (I don't have any yet), but my priority right now is to finish school, afterward its going to be to pass the NCLEX, then get a job. Focus, OP, just focus.

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umm...yeah, nevermind.

Huh. This board has been mildly interesting lately. :D

I've grown up. when I had my OB-GYN, I liked it but I was scared to death.

Now, I'm in Peds. I love it so much. Can't help the thought. hahahhahha =)

I dread the idea of bearing the child and giving birth.

But I love love love nursing babies =) That's why I go to nursing school, I guess, ahhahahahahha

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I'm just wondering if I'm running out of my eggs. I had my first menarche at the age of 9. I'm now like in my early 20s. From this article, it says that probably because I'm running out of my eggs. I think I'm running to menopause. My period is pretty irregular by now (I'm not using any drugs or med except Multivitamin Bears). I have only 3 or 4 periods last year (normally, it's 10-12). It's 3-4 months by now. May be because I'm hypothyroidism. I need to see my PCP for this. Gee. I don't like giving birth. But I'm afraid I'll be too old some day later and I'll regret. Gee. I don't wanna regret!!!

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