Inability to make a this what depression and anxiety do?

  1. I've posted on here before that I struggle with anxiety and depression..currently I use herbal type remedies but unlike many others it seems, I've had little, if any success and think I've reached a point where medication may be the only option I have left unless I want to spend my life like I have the past few years..which I don't..the problem is my anxiety and depression is effecting my confidence and ability to make sound decisions about everyday things..for instance...I recently started a part time position in an office..the people are nice, the job however, is boring..very routine, very predictable, usually the same patients.

    My thoughts at the time of accepting this position was it would give me stability, income, no nights/weekends/holidays/call/no 12+ hr shifts, it's close to home and this position would allow me to settle down and take a good look at where I want to go personally and professionally. I will also be starting on the last 3 classes for my Masters in 3 wks. I could use more hours but we can make it on this plus my spouses income as we don't live beyond our means. I have tried to be proactive - have made an appt with my primary care doctor to get a check up and also a psychiatrist for my mental health - both of which are next week.

    The problem is today I was offered another job I had applied for and interviewed for around the same pays $1.00 (yes a dollar) more,t would be more hours a week but not in an office, lots of driving and call would be involved with possibly night/weekend visits, I also have a few days out of town training which I would drive back and forth for (150 miles round trip) at my expense (paid for the orientation). These people are aware I do not want FT at this point but I think based on some things that were said, pressure will be applied once I get through orientation to go FT.

    My spouse thinks I should stay where I'm at, finish my degree (which will be in Dec) then look for something else. By that time, my spouse says, I will be better/stronger physically/emotionally and mentally.

    My problem is I am so overwhelmed by the slightest things that this seemingly easy decision has placed me in a tailspin. I feel stupid and have no confidence in myself to decide. It's like part of my brain is paralyzed. I know this can be part of what depression and anxiety do. I'm not sure this post even makes sense...but any feedback would be appreciated.

    I'm really at a loss. I use to be so sure of myself - no anymore.
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  3. by   Blue Roses
    I also have issues with anxiety and depression. I moved from a full time, 12 hour shifts job to a part time, 8 hour shift job. This seemed to help me. It also helps that my new job is on a rehab unit in a smaller hospital, so I don't get bored. Do you have a hobby? Maybe you could join a club or take up a craft or activity that you've always loved. Or just dive head-first into being awesome in your classes, because that Masters will take you FAR.
  4. by   applewhitern
    Sometimes when you can't make a decision, you should just not make a decision at all. Stay where you are and finish that master's degree. Why subject yourself to even more anxiety by starting a new job? Why even think about being "on call" when you are in school?
  5. by   Mulan
    I vote with stay where you are.
  6. by   bizzylizzy3
    My first instinct is to say stay where you are. It even seems you want that from what you've written. It isn't that you don't know what to do. You've laid it out right here. The other job that pays more is not ideal because of the reasons you have already stated. Step out in faith (in yourself) and trust your instincts. It takes courage to make a decision. Say confidently to yourself "This other job is not right for me, I will turn it down." Do just that. You will be fine, and probably be a lot less stressed out while you complete your Master's, best of luck to you.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    I agree with what the other members have said thus far---stick with your current course of action and finish your Master's. The other job you've been offered is exactly what someone in your state of mind DOESN'T need. It's more money, yes, but at what cost to your mental health?

    I'm just coming off a 2 1/2-week leave of absence for severe anxiety attacks that were deemed secondary to my bipolar II disorder, but very closely related to my work stress. I came within a whisker of being hospitalized, and indeed would have been if I hadn't agreed to take the time off. Trust me, you don't want to go through something like this! Depression and anxiety are a terrible combination, and decisions made when in the middle of it are often quickly regretted. I strongly encourage you not to take this job offer right someone above me already said, when you finish your degree you'll have a world of opportunities to choose from.

    Best wishes and good thoughts being sent your way. Take care, and do keep us posted.
  8. by   TerpGal02
    Yep, inability to make decisions is most definitely a symptom of depression. My advice is dont make any major decisions until you are feeling better mentally. Stay the course at your current job and finish your masters. Making big decisions in a crisis is usually not a good thing. Take it from me. Been there, done that, got the t shirt.
  9. by   nursel56
    I think you should stay where you are, too.
  10. by   LeaRNed
    I agree with your spouse. If you are suffering anxiety - starting a new job will likely make it worse. Also since there are more hours and additional drive time, which are major stress inducers, it seems like it would be a bad idea. Take care of yourself first.Think about the job change later.
  11. by   Marshall1
    Thank you for responding...I am going to stay where I'm at and focus on the classes as well as getting myself in better shape - I genuinely appreciate all the responses and encouragement. I really does help.
  12. by   Esme12
    I agree stay where you are at....get your masters. See your PCP and get yourself checked out.. Take care of you.

    ((HUGS)) good luck!
  13. by   goalienrse
    That's good I think that your staying where you are.

    I too suffer from depression, and a little anxiety, and would love to work in a boring office right now than my busy and sometimes cut throat ltc facility while I focus on beating this.

    Good luck to you.
  14. by   Wrench Party
    I'd stay where you are, based purely on the practical cons stated: the time spent driving and the lack of significant pay increase would deter me from taking the new job.

    And boring isn't always a negative thing. You'll be mentally occupied with school- can you use any possible downtime to study and catch up on work at your job?