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  1. by   gentle
    Hi everyone,

    Back again. Geez, it's been a long time since I posted.

    I've gained weight but I can live with it for now.

    No longer homeschooling ds2. He is officially in 1st grade and doing well. Ds1 is in 3rd grade and seems to be happy.

    I can now start on the other tasks that need to be accomplilshed: landscaping, cleaning out the garage, more frequent baking, sewing, and catching up on reading, and walking more frequently and consistently.

    I'll try to check in more frequently as this does help me stay focused with my lifestyle choices. I've missed you all very much. Hope everyone is well.

  2. by   Tweety
    Sounds good Gentle. Nice to hear from you.
  3. by   Bluehair
    Hi all!

    Sounds like it's been a 'bad' week or two for everyone! I, too, was off the wagon while on a little road trip last week. Splurged on lots of mexican food, and some seriously decadent deserts too! Up 3 lbs from the trip (a 5 day trip - good thing it didn't go any longer, lol!).

    Back to some reduced carb cooking and exercise...
  4. by   lvnandmomx3
    I am thinking that it will take the kids going back to school to get me back on the wagon. My little one will be going to private k a few blcock away from the house, I plan on walking him to school 2 days a week and then take the long way home. A new store just opend up the street from me and while they are not a health store they concentrate on fresh food ( not sure I can post the name of the store). I spent about $45 yesterday and got all sorts of good snack foods as well as veggies and fruit.Good news is that it is about 1/2 mile from the house so I can walk there and back.
  5. by   Tweety
    Not a good week for me, but not completely bad. I'd like to string more than just a few days of being good together before I'm bad, but when I'm bad, I'm oh so bad. LOL

    Hope to make to the gym today, but have to take the dogs to the vet. Ugh.
  6. by   Liddle Noodnik
    hi all, glad people are staying in touch and all are still trying - i'm still avoiding the sugar and flour and have lost a few more pounds (could not stand to wait another weeks to weigh in - good thing i lost or i'd probably be eating so bad right now...) craving those horrible things once in a while, i have to pray through it or promise myself that if i still want it "tomorrow" i can have it ... yesterday was a little tough because we had a going away party at work for someone who is leaving... nice cake - won't - describe - here - gah! lol! and got the ole chorus of "oh, just one won't hurt you!" and "it's a special occasion!" i just gave them the - "yep, just like one drink won't hurt - forget it!" not sure if they "got it" - but they shut up (lol)... the important thing is if i "get it"!!!

    but don't put me on a pedestal - i have some "cheat" carbs that are not sugar and flour which i do occasionally indulge in - just, without the impetus of the sugar-white flour i don't have that urge to eat massive quantities of them!
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  7. by   Tweety
    You're doing great Zoe!

    Went to the gym today, mowed the lawn, cleaning house now (taking a break while the floor dries) so I'm definitely burning the calories today.
  8. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Tweety
    You're doing great Zoe!

    Went to the gym today, mowed the lawn, cleaning house now (taking a break while the floor dries) so I'm definitely burning the calories today.
    YEAH TWEETY that is fantastic!!!
  9. by   gentle
    Thanks Tweety. :wink2: Good to be back.

    Hi all,
    No exercise today. I will hopefully begin tomorrow. Trying to cut calories but still eating about everything in sight. Will teach digestive system focusing on most frequent diagnoses we see in the hospital and the appropriate interventions.

    Over eating due to stress. Strange how I go both ways. Good stress over eat. Bad stress no eat. Oh well, it is what it is and I will get it together. Especially since I have all you guys. I always do much better when held accountable.

    I've missed each of you. My love to you and your families.
  10. by   Tweety
    Gentle, I certainly can relate to the overeating. I do that often, which is why I've slowly gained weight over the years to the point I'm overweight now. sigh.........

    Anyway, did good eating yesterday. Today I woke up and did 5 minutes of yoga. Am very stiff. Will go to the gym this evening after work, if all goes according to the plan.
  11. by   pamelaRN/RRT
    Hi! I have been lurking for awhile and decided to post today because it seems that you guys are very encouraging. I have been dieting all my life, or so it seems, and would really like to get to a point where it is just a lifestyle and not always such a struggle. I am in my second semester of NS and so do not want to gain anymore weight! I want to lose it and keep it off. So here I go again. I contacted a neighbor of mine so I can have a walking buddy and someone to be accountable to and am thinking about doing WW again. It is nice to have a walking partner, but she is shorter than I am and i feel like I am not really getting a workout. I guess I will just have to find some time to do it on my own so I can sweat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  12. by   Tweety
    Hi Pam!!! Thanks for not lurking anymore! Best of luck to you. It's tough making a habit and lifestyle out of being healthy.

    Wonder why that is? Because while it takes some work the rewards are many. I feel so much better when I live right, but yet I sabotage?

    I did good today when a coworker brought me some bananna pudding from the doctor's lounge. I thanked her. Put it aside and gave it away. That's pretty disciplined for me. LOL
  13. by   pamelaRN/RRT
    Thank you!:wink2: