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Just in time for Halloween, have you ever sensed something unusually unexplainable happen at your facility that seemed to be outside of typical reasoning? Miracles, premonitions, ghost stories, or spiritual experiences, if you will? :wideyed:

Our hospital floor was a pediatric floor many years ago. Although I have never experienced anything here, many patients see children or hear them.

I used to work in an old TB hospital as a corrections nurse for youth. I never experienced anything there either, but many of the staff had. The head corrections officer was afraid to go into the basement! There seemed to be a "heavy" type feeling down there. They used to burn the bodies in incinerators down there. The building is now torn down.

Thank you for starting this thread. I'm looking forward to hearing from -hopefully many- others!

At 3 am the other night, my coworker was telling me about how haunted our unit is. During the middle of the night when some co-workers have been resting on the couch in the break room, they have heard strange noises, shoes have moved, and they have heard babies cry. The abortion clinic is on the same floor...

Never experienced it myself but still freaky nonetheless.

The nursing school I went to had an old iron lung in the basement storage. One of the professors claimed to hear it cycling at night....

On a lighter and more personal note, I have seen several miraculous healings. My mom had Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). It basically meant that whenever she tried to get up to do anything he blood pressure would bottom out and her heart rate would go through the roof. The doctors said that she would never get any worse, but she would not get any better either. She could barely get around the house--she would sometimes have to crawl to get to the bathroom or be carried--and working was out of the question. At age 35, she had to use a cane or wheel chair to get around outside the house and took medications to keep her blood pressure high enough to function. Everyone in our church had been praying for her healing for months. We went to a women's conference in St Louis, and the first night I had to carry her bag (because every mom has a bag that they keep EVERYTHING in) and it was all she could do to stand during the worship service. The second night, things changed. Part way through the worship service, without anyone from the conference laying hands on her, not only could she stand, but she managed to raise her hands. Then wave them. Then move her feet. Then jump up and down. When it was time to return to our seats, she picked up her bag with one hand and took the stairs up to the seats in the balcony just because she could. Never took another midodrin and 15 years later still doesn't have any further problems. It really freaked her neurologist out... :-)

Travel Channel has a show called Haunted Hospitals (2018-?) It is similar to A Haunting (2005-?).

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Seeing is believing for me. I've had a few weird encounters, but until I see one with my own eyes, then I'll be a skeptic for life. I love hearing about stories though and I do enjoying watching ghost hunter type vlogs and stuff

There were specific rooms at an old hospital that I used to work for that the the tele tech stated she would never allow our staff to place her if she were a patient. I asked why, and was told, “because way too many patients have left those rooms in bags”. She would see when they coded on the monitor screens.

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I have pictures from where I used to work. I'm a believer?

we had this one private room on our unit. Sometimes the room next door to it, the patients would complain, "whoever is in the room next door keeps slamming their drawers/ closets can you ask them to stop?" Me: knowing nobody is currently in room next door, "Sure, I'll ask them to stop" YIKES!!

I would love to,visit a haunted hospital. The hosp where I got my OB for LPN is now empty. I,would love to tour it.

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On 1/25/2020 at 7:52 AM, LPN Retired said:

I would love to,visit a haunted hospital. The hosp where I got my OB for LPN is now empty. I,would love to tour it.

Empty Hospital's give me the creeps - I have always been able to tap into certain energies but the last time I was inside an empty wing of a hospital al the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood up.


Hmmm. That is creepy.

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