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Red Shirt 6 has 3 years experience as a CNA.

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  1. Red Shirt 6

    Need Help

    If you have good history with renting than then your landlord or apartment manager might be a useful reference. On your resume include and license, certifications, and training that will save your desired employer money.
  2. Red Shirt 6

    New RN looking to expand resume, please help me!

    Are you looking for free low-cost things or accredited college type programs?
  3. Red Shirt 6

    Nursing Lay-offs: 6 Steps to Finding a Job You'll Love

    I have been laid off a few times along with doing what the author has written I do a deep clean of my apartment, and email Check and update (if needed) social media, contact information, certifications, supporting documents Review all...
  4. Red Shirt 6

    Additional certification and training

    I read the post as general career and as I may want a new employer, and or specialty after another 14 months. Not certifications specific to ambulatory. To OP sorry if I misread what you were looking for.
  5. Red Shirt 6

    Additional certification and training

    These maybe of interest to you. ACLS PALS Active Shooter Training SANE-A
  6. Red Shirt 6

    New Nurse Graduate

    The medical field is filled with bad jobs, people that want to leave/not work and employers that will take advantage of you. The solution to this is to gain experience and know how to avoid the bad workplace next time. So, if you end up with an...
  7. Red Shirt 6

    PRN CNA scehdules

    My understanding is that as a PRN you give the facility the days and hours you can work and want to work with being scheduled as they need. Certain days and hours are usually hard to fill. If you want to be asked first, I believe you have to set that...
  8. Red Shirt 6

    Landing a Job as PCT or Nursing Assistant

    If you have a fingerprint card, I will suggest you include it on your resume. You should also get a food handlers permit
  9. Red Shirt 6


    If you are going to get a BSN your associates will not matter that much however you may have to take a few more classes in obtaining your bachelor's degree. With getting healthcare or nursing experience taking a Certified Nursing Assistant, Med...
  10. Red Shirt 6

    My tech will not speak to me

    Are you the scapegoat? Are your coworkers saying that to avoid talking to you as much as possible? If that is what is happening be careful about who you use as a reference and get out of there quick.
  11. Red Shirt 6

    New Grad RN Can’t Find Job

    I would suggest doing a rewrite resume and make sure to include the things that would save potential employers money in training, background checks. Maybe consider taking an extra PRN or substitute RN job so you have paid experience and skills as a R...
  12. Red Shirt 6

    Media: Where are the Nurses?

    The truth is if we really want to see more Nurse's in the media then we have to do something we do not want to do. Spend money. We will have to guarantee that there will be a return on Nurse themed projects. Which means helping writers and books get ...
  13. Red Shirt 6

    Media: Where are the Nurses?

    For some interesting reading about in nurse media representation and why things are the way they are, I suggest reading Playing Doctor: Television, Storytelling and Medical Power by Joseph Turow and Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal Puts Us All...
  14. These are some of my ideas, thoughts, and opinions about some things that can be done to address the nursing shortage in the United States of America and the US Territories. Due to the phrase nursing shortage having different meanings to different pe...
  15. Red Shirt 6

    Pre CNA school admission test

    The preadmission test is the equivalent of a college placement test to see if you can read, write, and preform math at a certain level.