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  1. Red Shirt 6

    Courses to take that could help in the future?

    Take the basic classes that apply to every major like English, Math that way if you find yourself wanting to specialize or do not like healthcare the classes will apply to any major. I will also suggest certificate courses like CMA, CNA, Phlebotomy, it your college offers any.
  2. In the state I am in to get a HHA certification there are no clinical requirements and the certification test has few skills to master. I do not know why CNA would only be awarded 2 points.
  3. Red Shirt 6

    Different Avenues of Getting Into a Nursing School

    Along with the LVN Bridge you can become a Paramedic do a bridge program to RN.
  4. Red Shirt 6

    What was your last non healthcare related job?

    Custodian for a public school district.
  5. Red Shirt 6

    Need Advice! Please Help!

    What is your current major? To get finical aid having a complete degree makes it easier. That is because after so many credit hours with out graduating they see you as being a professional student and you will not be able to receive any grant money. You should also take a CNA program first it will help you in a lot of different ways.
  6. Red Shirt 6

    Toon Caption Contest | Student Nurse Day

    I was boasting about how much better I am then that old "Witch" in ICU then this happened.
  7. Kahoot!.com has been used in some of my courses.
  8. Red Shirt 6

    New Grad/Newly licensed & Corona Virus

    There are volunteer organizations for Nurses. If you applied for jobs before getting your RN license you will need to reapply.
  9. Red Shirt 6

    Have Not Worked Since Graduating Nursing School

    I had some difficulty getting hired after graduating. The County I am in is one of those places people are leaving so I did some low price and free certifications to explain why there was a delay. I also started ;looking for places that will train staff I got interviews and a job that way.
  10. Red Shirt 6

    Nursing - Not Sure...

    If you can take the summer do so, during the summer do job shadowing and ride alongs in anything that interests you (in and out of the Nursing field). While doing burn-out cure's. Mean while revisit why you want/wanted to become a Nurse.
  11. I have read a few of the Cheery Aimes books and I remember there was always a mystery involved so she was a nurse detective. To answer your question I think we need to take some of the mystery of Nursing College. AS far as I know there are few depictions (especially compared to the number of med school fiction) of what it is like and most are set before the 1970's.
  12. Red Shirt 6

    Finish the Toon!

    Our CEO has implemented a trail policy of having the staff look as sick as the patients to be you more at ease and to put things on a more personal level. So patient 4578-35 what do you think of the policy?
  13. Red Shirt 6

    Pursuing Nursing - Need Direction

    Start shadowing the areas of Nurse careers that interest you. Then figure out the education level that is best for that specialty.
  14. Red Shirt 6

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    There are four US shows that have a PA or NP as a regular or lead. The two that are currently airing is the Resident (2018-?) that has an NP, and Virgin River (2019-?) a NP and Midwife the two from the past are Royal Pains (2009-2016) and St. Elsewhere (1982-1988) both had PA's. With Nurses as the main charters and doctors more on the side lines for the US I know of six, as for doctors (US only) I can name 20 easy.
  15. Red Shirt 6

    Where can i work?

    Your copy of the contract you signed will have the conditions and obligations. The HRSA website and your college have contact information for the people that can answer your questions.
  16. Red Shirt 6

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    Aquakenn if you have already tried this then sorry for wasting your time. If not then this might work for you. First click on account by the bell. Then click on account settings in the drop down menu. On this page click on account options in the grey box.This drop down menu has a profile settings click on that. Once there you can fix you can remove the RN and fix or add other details.

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