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  1. Lady_Leijing

    Public transit to get to/from work?

    I've got a question for my fellow travelers working in bigger cities. I'm looking for my next assignment, and my recruiter found one in Miami that I'm interested in. The catch: it's a 12 hour drive to get there. My recruiter suggested I could fly out and then use public transportation to get around the city. My recruiter talked like it was no big deal, but he's from New York and has grown up using public transit. I grew up in Kentucky, where the bus was infrequent if it was running at all. My knowledge of city buses and subways is limited to what I've seen on TV. How safe and feasible is using public transportation for a petite woman working nights?
  2. Lady_Leijing

    Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    I had a pretty intense dream during the day today. (I'm night shift if you didn't guess). I dreamed that I was getting report on the little one I've been taking care of for the last couple weeks, and the day nurse says "well no wonder she didn't tolerate you putting her on her right side last night. She has a broken clavicle." So I'm freaking out, trying to figure out when it happened and if I missed it on assessment or if I caused it. Then I hear water pouring. Not just dripping or leaking, pouring. I run into the unit and water is gushing out of the vapotherm machine and making a puddle under the isolette. I look around, and I'm the only one in the unit, so I start scrambling to fix it. Needless to say, I woke up in a panic. I get to work and the actual report is "Oh, hey. She did fine today. We managed to wean her oxygen a little but otherwise nothing has changed." I still double checked her clavicles and the vapotherm.
  3. Lady_Leijing

    Charting Bloopers

    Centricity Perinatal and I don't get along. I somehow ended up with 3 different lines for charting urine output on one patient.
  4. Lady_Leijing

    Public Service Announcement

    A little thread necromancy, but I have a real life update on how to cook dinner with an electric kettle. I rented what I thought was an extended stay room, but it turns out that this hotel just has extended stay RATES plus a mini fridge and a microwave. As of this week, I have cooked green beans, canned soup, ramen, and a foil packed heat-&-eat curry. Greasing the hot plate in the bottom or stirring regularly helps keep things from sticking to the bottom. I checked the local shops for a hot plate, but no luck yet. I feel like I'm back in a dorm room without the roommate!
  5. Lady_Leijing

    NG tube question

    I'm going to second what some of the other nurses have said: go with the hospital policy. I've worked at hospitals that required a position check and a residual check before every feeding if the kid has an NG tube. I've worked at some that didn't check residuals unless they suspected something was going on.
  6. Lady_Leijing

    Public Service Announcement

    So far I've only made tea, coffee, and instant oatmeal/grits, but a while back I saw a list of things that could be cooked in a coffee maker that would be easy to switch over to an electric kettle. Mostly soups, pasta, and vegetables. You basically have a mini hotplate in the bottom of it that boils the water; with a little creativity, just about anything you can boil could be made in it.
  7. Lady_Leijing


    *hugs* That really sucks. I escaped a really toxic workplace about a year ago--though mine didn't report me to the BON. It hurts, especially when you're blindsided by a list of "problems" that no one bothered mention to you. In addition to support from family and friends, I found a good counselor can really be helpful in addressing depression or anxiety. Don't give up! You're not alone in this!
  8. Lady_Leijing

    Public Service Announcement

    I've got a rubbermaid tote that I have an assortment of pans, utensils, dishes, etc that I accumulated on my first travel assignment. (I was living out of an extended stay hotel because it was cheaper than an apartment). One of my favorite pieces of my collection is my electric kettle; you can make a lot of things with an electric kettle!
  9. Lady_Leijing

    Assignment not as described

    Ah, this things that happen when we presume... I actually started travelling because of a job shortage in my home town. 5 nursing schools and 2 hospitals does not leave much room for changing jobs. I've continued travelling for the experience and the pay. While I know I won't lose my skills in the 13 weeks I'm here, being in a newborn nursery again is making me feel like I'm back at the job I left a year ago. One of the other travelers here has only worked NICU 3x in her whole assignment, and she's leaving in a couple weeks. I was even told on my first orientation night by my preceptor that I will probably be spending most of my time in nursery. She was in a bad mood that night, so I hoped she was exaggerating; she was not. Easier is relative. Most ICU or step-down nurses would not say floating to a med-surg unit is "easier". I've gone from having 3 babies that are totally in my care and constantly monitored to 4-6 babies that are in rooms spread out across the unit and are primarily being cared for by their parents. I spend a LOT of time reteaching and trouble-shooting breastfeeding. Anything I do that needs equipment requires me to push it down the hallway to the patient's room. I have to do all the clerical paperwork and put in the pediatricians orders in addition to my charting. I'll probably stick it out. As I said, I'm not sure I really want to cut a contract short; I can't imagine that looks good, even if it's not my fault. It's suppose to get really busy in the next month, and they are paying me extra to staff me as NICU, even though I'm working in nursery. I just never thought that "occasionally" floating to newborn nursery would turn into almost always working in newborn nursery.
  10. Lady_Leijing

    Assignment not as described

    So I'm on my 3rd travel assignment and I've encountered a hitch. Without going into too much detail, I took a job that was supposed to be a level 2 NICU position that "may occasionally float to newborn nursery". I've worked in the NICU exactly 1 night so far, and I've been in the nursery for the last four weeks. I mentioned it to my recruiter, and he's emailed their contact with the hospital (no response yet). He thinks that, since they were less than honest about which unit needs staffing, he can get me out of this contract without penalty, but I'm unsure. Has anyone else encountered a situation like this? Should I stick it out or try to get out of this contract and move on?
  11. Lady_Leijing

    Level 2 NICU Traveler?

    I've been traveling for about a year now, and most of my experience (while from a Level 3 NICU) is more qualified for level 2 infants. When interviewing, I just let the manager know upfront what I am comfortable with and that I have little experience with intubated babies. Both of my last 2 assignments have been in Level 3 NICUs but I've taken care of the lower acuity patients in the unit.
  12. Lady_Leijing

    Rooming in on another unit?

    The PCU in that hospital is next door to the L&D. One instance the mom was in L&D, while another it was the PCU. I always let someone know if I had to leave to check on a patient, and I tried to check on all my patients at least every 2 hours. As for why the kid wasn't a Peds patient, I don't know either. I guess transferring the kid just made too much sense!
  13. Lady_Leijing

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I've got a new one: Kÿng (pronounced like king)
  14. Lady_Leijing

    Loud Cartoons for Elderly Patients

    Are you sure it's not a ghost? 0.0 Joking aside, if you catch the person doing it you could always ask what their rationale is... Wondering minds want to know.
  15. Lady_Leijing

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Just took care of a Graylynn and a Jsyiah (pronounced similiarly to Josiah)... I had to have her repeat it twice because I thought I missed a letter.
  16. Lady_Leijing

    Iffy Patient Education on Hypertension

    I figured that might be that case as well. I considered putting nurse in quotation marks when originally writing this.

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