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  1. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    It's lined up but it doesn't start until January 27. It's taken me almost a month to get all the paperwork done to even start because it's a through an employment agency.
  2. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    Ah, thank several of you for completely missing my question and assuming that I haven't learned my lesson or suffered at all being without a job for 2 and a half months. I'm literally asking what I should do next since the hospital that fired me has ...
  3. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    No, they never asked. They have my resume, so they know I'm not currently employed, but the question never came up and that feels like something you don't bring up unless asked.
  4. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    Funny you should say that. My husband and I went out yesterday for celebratory sushi and Soju before I found that awful letter in the mailbox
  5. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    I already have another job lined up, but getting that letter today has me a little rattled. I don't want them to screw up my new job before I can even start it
  6. I was fairly recently fired for having my phone out at the wrong time. Per hospital policy, we aren't supposed to have our personal phones out except in the break room, but at night, it's not uncommon for nurses to have their phones out at the nurses...
  7. NICU to School Nurse

    I'm curious about this myself. I'm also a NICU nurse who is looking for something different. I'm wondering: what sort of prerequisites do I need to make the switch? Is there a class or certification needed? What kind of training (if any) can I e...
  8. Public transit to get to/from work?

    I've got a question for my fellow travelers working in bigger cities. I'm looking for my next assignment, and my recruiter found one in Miami that I'm interested in. The catch: it's a 12 hour drive to get there. My recruiter suggested I could fly out...
  9. Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    I had a pretty intense dream during the day today. (I'm night shift if you didn't guess). I dreamed that I was getting report on the little one I've been taking care of for the last couple weeks, and the day nurse says "well no wonder she didn't tole...
  10. Charting Bloopers

    Centricity Perinatal and I don't get along. I somehow ended up with 3 different lines for charting urine output on one patient.
  11. Public Service Announcement

    A little thread necromancy, but I have a real life update on how to cook dinner with an electric kettle. I rented what I thought was an extended stay room, but it turns out that this hotel just has extended stay RATES plus a mini fridge and a microwa...
  12. NG tube question

    I'm going to second what some of the other nurses have said: go with the hospital policy. I've worked at hospitals that required a position check and a residual check before every feeding if the kid has an NG tube. I've worked at some that didn't che...
  13. Public Service Announcement

    So far I've only made tea, coffee, and instant oatmeal/grits, but a while back I saw a list of things that could be cooked in a coffee maker that would be easy to switch over to an electric kettle. Mostly soups, pasta, and vegetables. You basically h...
  14. Trials

    *hugs* That really sucks. I escaped a really toxic workplace about a year ago--though mine didn't report me to the BON. It hurts, especially when you're blindsided by a list of "problems" that no one bothered mention to you. In addition to support ...
  15. Public Service Announcement

    I've got a rubbermaid tote that I have an assortment of pans, utensils, dishes, etc that I accumulated on my first travel assignment. (I was living out of an extended stay hotel because it was cheaper than an apartment). One of my favorite pieces of...