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  1. LPN Retired

    Providing Care to Staff

    No, itbwas a facility for mentally and physically handicapped people, children and adults. Itbwas licensed as a LTC. There were alot of employees there. WE were expected to do the b/p checks as a courtesty. It could just be so inconvenient at times.
  2. LPN Retired

    C'Mon Now!

    Ok, good answer. Changing times, apparently. But no I never worked as a nurse in school or the classroom,in any capacity. I worked at a facility designed for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults. It was licensed as a LTC. My main duty was passing meds.
  3. LPN Retired

    Eyelash Lice

    Okay, so what about a really old woman who complained of her eyes itching , some irritation. Went to an eye Dr. And he said she had the lice on eyelashes. They have treated her for it. This is my mother. She's in her 90s. No way she's having any sexual relationships. And you all are saying the eyelash lice are from pubic also. So where are hers coming from? She's clean in her hygiene, bathes daily, changes her clothes, Keeps her hair washed often. Keeps her laundry done. Keeps her house clean, mops and dusts frequently. So where did she contract lice in her eyelashes?
  4. LPN Retired

    New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    Good grief. I retired as an LPN, in 2011 and Was making about. $21/HR. I talked to a friend of mine whose Granddaughter recently graduated with her BSN, I'm thinking like within last 5 years and she's making somewhere around $40/hr. This is in ARKANSAS and she is working at a hospital. I think she does alot of weekends too. She's young and a go-getter, so she's doing well.
  5. LPN Retired

    Gloves at all times?

    Sounds like you need to,do some more teaching/in services on cleanliness. Would be fun and informative if you could take swabs of surfaces and have the lab grow it and see what comes out of it.
  6. LPN Retired

    C'Mon Now!

    Good grief, you school nurses have to deal with alot of fakes and manipulation. And I think alot of whatbtoure dealing with is because the parents didn't want to deal with it, so they dump it on you. I don't remember there ever being a school nurse when I was in school, and all the way up to and thru HS. When did it become such a Good idea to have one?
  7. LPN Retired

    Providing Care to Staff

    The job I used to work at, people would come in to The medical dept all the time for a B/P check. And it didn't matter what you were doing they expected you to drop it and check their b\p. We had heavy med passes to get prepared and it wasnt always convenient to,check staff. They needed to realize it wasn't a requirement in our job to check them . it was a courtesy. Then it became even more annoying because they wanted you to say whether or not it was too high. And of course you cant say,that on just one b/p check. It wasnt my place to diagnose them anyway. I would just tell them they needed to discuss it with their doctor. I'm so glad I don't work there anymore.
  8. LPN Retired

    Haunted Hospital??

    Hmmm. That is creepy.
  9. LPN Retired

    CNA's always on their cell phones

    Yes, and some are gona come out and say, "well, I have special permission. I have such and such emergency going on at home, somebody is dying, in surgery, child in trouble", etc, etc, etc, and they need to get ahold of me quickly. If management doesn't enforce it across the board it's useless. The LTC I worked in , for awhile, I caught an CNA sleeping in a room she was laying on the bed sound asleep. Another I,caught in a room with the curtain pulled for her to hide behind. I reported to admin, and they were terminated and rehired a few weeks later. I was expected to do 2 heavy med passes, and also be in the rooms when the CNAS were doing their rounds to supervise them and make sure they were doing what they were supposed to . it was an impossible job to do everything I was told to do . I quit . I would never go back over there. LPNs get dumped on in LTCs.
  10. LPN Retired

    New grad need help, afraid I’m failing

    Aww, come on . patients complaining you were too quiet?? What do they want you to do? Come into their rooms doing a war dance? I've been a patient before, I never had any complaints about the nurses being too quiet. I like the quiet. Be quiet, get out and leave me alone so I can sleep and get some rest. I think the person who told you this is grabbingvat straws to try and make you think they are complaining, that's most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.
  11. LPN Retired

    Haunted Hospital??

    I would love to,visit a haunted hospital. The hosp where I got my OB for LPN is now empty. I,would love to tour it.
  12. LPN Retired

    Help me choose a shift please! Time sensitive..

    Well for sure don't choose evenings. If your kids are in,school Wow. IMO, day shift would be best for you if you can get it. If your babies have to go to daycare or stay with a Grammy, that would help them later to adjust to school routines. On days, you will be with them in the evenings for eveningbroutines, their bath times, evening meal, and bedtimes. Days would just be best . takevehat you can get on dayshift. I had to work so,many evenings and nights, and I had a child too. It's the worst on pm and nights .
  13. LPN Retired

    Phrasing - how do you ask your patients about incontinence?

    I have the overactive bladder now, myself. It's just part of old age I guess. I take a pill and that helps alot . I take an oxybutnin 2 X daily, morning and night. I still,notice that I might be gona go,out, I,get that urge and I,know I better go to the bathroom before stepping out of the house. It's like my bladder knows what's coming up.
  14. LPN Retired

    Almost couldn't keep it together....

    Too cute! That's the way all kids should be. Just having good clean fun . nothing wrong with that.
  15. LPN Retired


    I have not had the flu shot this year,. But hearing reports on tv about how many deaths from the flu, I think I'm gona go get one today.
  16. LPN Retired

    How? Just, HOW?!

    Silly kids. They will do anything to create drama, for attention, and to avoid studying in class like they are supposed to be doing, and also to get out of class. It's all a drama act. I think they should be disciplined by the principal for such silly distracting stuff.

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