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I need advice please. I am a returning student in my 30's with 3 kids and soon to be a single mom. I am half way through my 1st semester of nursing school and I am completely miserable. I hate what we do at clinicals (bed baths, making beds,etc) and have an absolute nazi clinical professor. She makes all of our lives stressful. Lectures also bore me to death. Ethics/legal, nursing process...all of it just sparks no interest in me. I've always loved science but so far the nursing program hasn't touched on physio. My goal is to finish then get into aesthetic nursing as a nurse injectable (botox, fillers, etc) as I have worked for a dermatologist before and loved the field. I just do know if I can handle this program and not because it is tough. I study hard and I am passing all of my exams. I am just not happy. I feel lost. I also feel pressure because of finances and I have lupus which makes me extremely exhausted and achy. I don't know what to do. I can't imagine quitting since I already put so much time into my education amd sacrificed years to accomplish the prereqs and what would people say ya know? Please give advice...thank you so much!

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When one feels lost, Mabelle, advice says to stay put. And Ringo sang that you have to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues.

In other words, perhaps less poetic, is that my asked for advice to you is to stick it out, get through the basics, experience some more clinical time, and go for your goal.

We here at AN.com can be your virtual supporters.

Good luck, Mabelle, and welcome to the website as a member!

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first semester is always tough; gotta get the basics of care and theory down, but then the anat/phiosiology kicks in during med surg and things get a lot more interesting.

When you are under stress, nothing seems all that great, but stick it out a while longer. Is there counseling available through the school? (usually there is). It is part of your school fees, so take advantage. Sometimes just talking it out with someone helps.

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I like what DaveyDo said. I agree and I think you should stay put and finish it. You mentioned you are about

to be a single mom and have Lupus. If you become a nurse you will be able to work less and make more -

better for your kids and YOU.

Hang in there! It get's a little easier with time. We are here to support you!

First semester is definitely tough for all the reasons you describe! I was NOT challenged in the way I expected to be, I was frustrated with my peer's anxiety level over pretty low-key stuff, and frankly, I was disappointed in the level of expertise amongst my professors.

I promise it gets better though. You start to put things together in med surg and the pace picks up a little. Nursing education is certainly not what I thought it would be, but hey, maybe we can be the ones who go out there and change the system!

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I hated first semester....still hate all the heavy nursing theory (non-clinical related) classes. Stick it out and come second semester when you're expected to be more involved in patient care (education, pushing meds, injections, etc) and more clinical related (increase in difficulty) classes, nursing school will become more enjoyable...well, that's what I tell myself and I'm in my 3rd semester with 5 months until graduation.

Fundamentals was never my best subject. The questions on the tests were always asked in a way that confused me. I often found myself picturing what they were saying step by step. But after that, you're on to Med-Surge and Pharmacology which is a mix of memorization and application where you will feel more confident. Also, in LPN school, I had a classmate with lupus. She struggled through the program, and had some close calls. Her water broke during one of our fundamentals test. She had to retake the test along with the final. In Med Surge she missed another test because she was hospitalized. But she made it and graduated with the rest of us.

I'm not sure if you're going for LPN or RN, but either way, please hang in there! How are your classmates doing? It definitely helps to have a friend or two in these programs when it comes to studying or just checking in. Also, many colleges have a counseling center. Have you checked if yours has one? There's a lot of stigma on counseling, and it takes time, but it's great (and free). It could help you get something off your chest. It can be cathartic especially when the therapist/counselor is there to listen in a nonjudgmental way.

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I blossomed in the last semester when we got into the more intellectually challenging material.

I think most of us had a Nazi professor or two. At least she's not singling you out.

Stick with it, you're going to need a decent job as a single mom. You'll also be a more attractive prospect for a decent guy, should you be interested in remarriage.

Yep Ringo is right!!! Lots of "clinical" experience I had was basically doing aide work. And more than some of the classes were stinkers also. However, you go through it and survive you get to be a nurse who can provide for their family. Not very romantic or calling like but reality. Nursing is great. Nursing education can be seriously lacking. Good Luck & hang in!!!

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I agree with stay put and finish. It does get better. For me school was a roller coaster, when I thought it couldn't get any worse it always got a little better and then repeat! Best of luck.

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