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  1. Lulu Belle

    Scripps New Grad Residency June/August 2019

    Hi Nursesandiego! Thanks for the info. I am graduating in May 2019. I have similar stats-- 3.9 GPA, 300 hour Internship, 180 hour Practicum, work experience as an ED Tech and CNA in subacute rehab. No license though, obviously. How long did you wait before expanding your search to SNF's? Are you finding your current job to be a valuable experience? Have you applied to any hospitals outside of San Diego? How long did it take you to get your license?
  2. Lulu Belle

    Scripps New Grad Residency June/August 2019

    I'm going for the august start date, and I don't have my license. I know my chances are slim, but my fiance is stationed out there so I decided to try anyways. I have a job and place to live lined up elsewhere. What about you? Are you from the area? Do you know anything about the numbers they are taking? I feel like I did all the things I needed to do in terms of academics/leadership/clinical experience to make myself competitive and in this job market it counts for nothing!
  3. Lulu Belle

    Less Saturated areas of CA?

    Hi All, I am hoping to move to San Diego in the next year or so, but I know the job market is pretty terrible for new grads. I was wondering if there are any less saturated areas 2 or 3 hours from San Diego? Is Palm Springs just as impossible? Are there any community hospitals that are New Grad friendly? I have an offer on the east coast, but I would love to get out there ASAP. I know very little about southern CA so any info (up to and including "it's not even worth trying") is appreciated. TIA!
  4. I don't see a thread for the summer cohort, so here it is! Does anyone know what time the application opened? I am on the east coast and woke up at 3 am to try to apply for 12 am pacific time, but it wasn't open. Anyways, good luck to all who applied!
  5. Lulu Belle

    DC area new grads?

    Hi! I am graduating in May. I have a few interviews. I have a back up job lined up in my hometown, but it's in the ED and I really want Women's Health or Peds. Fingers crossed! Are you a BSN or ADN Grad? What's your desired specialty area?
  6. Lulu Belle

    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    One day during a CNA clinical I had a very confused 94 year old man try to discretely ask me to find out for him how long he'd been married to his wife. He said "please don't tell her I told you to ask!" Thankfully she wasn't in the room!