Has attendanceship here dropped in the last couple weeks?

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Just wondering if anyone has noticed. I know that now that I'm in the thick of nursing classes proper, I just don't have the time to check in here. I think this is the first time I've even come to the site in almost a week.


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yeah i think it's slacked off some...i try to pop in at least once a day but i know that i'm too busy studying to stay here like i did before classes started.but i can come here and read other things that relate to what i'm doin in class and it actuslly helps sometimes...i can also vent to you guys cuz it's hard for my family to understand but I know yall do. Anyway...good luck to everyone in classes!


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I think you're both right. I'm not even in nursing classes yet, but my studies this semester have limited the amount of time I have to chat allnurses. There must be

alot of dedicated students amongst us. Good luck everyone.


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I know I'm not here as much........or doing anything but studying for that matter. My house reflects it! :rolleyes:


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Yes I check in sometimes only once a week other times maybe 3 x per week. With school and everything else on my plate its a wonder I get any free time at all.

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I'm finding that so, but since I go to school year round - I don't notice it so much. Like usual, I'm goofing off here instead of studying!


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I know for a fact I haven't been on for a week or more. Just been too busy studying. I miss it. I want to try to at least come visit once a day. Maybe I'll use some of my 15min break time in between studying and come see what's up with everyone.


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Posts may have dropped off in the student forums, but the forums I moderate are busy, busy! And, that is nice.

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I still check in once a day or so, but don't post as often.

It's nice that we are all so busy!

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my fall semster starts sept 20th but since we are selling our house and buying a new one, it's been ridiculously busy for me lately, but i pop in once or twice a dya briefly still.


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I am swimming in school work! I think that time has hit, and we have got less free time.:uhoh21:


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I haven't come around too much since school started. I used to come and visit more than 3 or 4 times a day during the summer. If I do pop in....I am here 15 minutes tops. I am drowning in homework, and exams.:rolleyes:

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