Has anyone ans. 265 ?'s for NCLEX and passed

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I was just curious if anyone has actually ans. the 265 questions for NCLEX and passed? Does that mean you never get out of the gray area?

Some people have the the min. and still pass or fail....Thanks!

a very good friend of mine took the nclex last year. she answered 265 questions and passed. :)


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I just took it Thursday. I had 215 questions with six minutes left when I was finished and I passed. I have friends in my class that had 265 and passed. I also have friends that had 75 and failed..or 75 and passed. DO NOT go by how many questions you are given or how long you take, it is not based on that. Here is ..word by word..a comment from the State Board of Nursing on testing. They gave us this to bring home with us after we were finished our test to read.

"It is important to understand that the length of your nclex examination or the number of questions answered is not an indication of a specific pass or fail result. A candidate with a relatively short examination may pass or fail just as a candidate with a long examination may pass or fail. Each candidate, no matter what the length of the examination, has ample opportunity to demonstrate the competence and is given an examination that conforms to the nclex-rn or nclex-pn test plan. Many candidates' examinations will end before the maximum number of questions has been administered. Please do not be concerned if your examination finishes earlier or lasts longer than other candidates. The length of your examination is determined soley by your performance on the examination. The differering lengths of each candidates examination is an illustration of the computerized adaptive testing (CAT) at work:"

Thats straight outta the horses mouth..or ummm.brochure..hahaha! Hope that helped ya! O, and one more thing, I didnt know this and i rushed at the end of the test because I was nervous I was running out of time.

"When a candidate runs out of time before completing the maximum number of questions, the following will be applied: the candiddate will pass if the competence estimate has remained above the passing standard for the last 60 items. The candidate will fail if the competence estimate was below the passing standard for any of the last 60 items."

grrrrrrrr..i wish someone would of told me that beforeeee I took the test! I was rushing like a maniac shaking sooooo bad cause I was scared I was gonna run outta time. Looks like I work well under anxiety though:chuckle

Best of luck to you:kiss

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Yep. One of the nurses in my orientation took all 265 a few weeks ago and passed.


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Some of my fellow classmates got the full 265 and passed. In my graduating class the number of questions that everyone got varied.

Good Luck

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My best friend took the full 5 hours...the computer shut off at 254 and she passed...



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Remember that it doesn't matter how many questions you answer whether it be 75 or 265. From what I've learned from Kaplan and other nursing friends, the computer is trying to determine where your competency level is. It's pass or fail at 75 and as well at 265. The computer will stop when its gathered enough information from you to determine whether you pass or fail. Some of my friends that passed stopped at 77,85, 90, 100...it varies. We all just took our NCLEX this past summer, 3 of my classmates passed with 265 questions. Also I don't know if this is accurate information but i read somewhere that if you go up to 265, the last question ultimately will tell whether you pass or fail....if you answer the last ques. wrong you fail, if you answer right, you pass...correct me if this is wrong


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Hello there, I too was worrying, I was a 2nd time taker and the first time I got 91 questions and on Saturday I got 265 questions, well it is 3am here and I just found out on the web that I passed! Thank God. If I can do it , anyone can. :kiss

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YES, a new hire/new grad that i work with in the ER just passed with that same number of questions, so it is possible!!@

xo Jen


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just took nclex a few hours ago in london took it from 1145am and finished 515pm took the whole 265 questions...braindrained,exhausted,crying while driving back to my flat..its so hard..only few questions i remembered were easy as ive read them before...its all pharma with select all that apply kind of questions a combination of both,then the prioritazation questions with choices seems to be all right choices..i remember choices that got all lab results not with in the normal limits...i dunno if i passed all i can say is 98 percent of my questions were so hard ,either i havent heard of them before or all the choices seem to be all right, did my best though and im feeling sad now.. again.... 265 questions i was the only one left at pearsons london i was the first in and the last out..how do you think my chances are finishing at 265?..my ass got kicked by nclex-rn big time..pray for me guys..thanks


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hello its me again vemvem....just checked pearson this evening...ive passed!!! yeheyyyyyy....im an rn....i think 265 is good as long as ur questions were all significantly difficult..but whos to know if they were??...

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Congratulations! I passed w/265 questions as well.

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