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Bit of a vent. This is my last class, last group project HOWEVER-how can people go through these classes and never check/respond to emails and announcements?????

I have a project due next Sunday. We have had three-four weeks to work on it. One member has posted one time to our group blog. The person doing the first section, said she will be finished this Sunday. One week before it is due. WHAT!

Emailed the professor-she asks if we have a designated person to the PP. I told her we didn't even have a topic narrowed down!

I am going to do my part and whip up a pp for the first two sections and let the other two do whatever. This is 20% of our grade.

Thanks for listening :)

Oh and why do we have not one, but two classes, that require resumes and cover letters. We all have jobs already.

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One of the reasons I dropped the program I was initially in. I LOATHE group projects.

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Thanks for listening :)
I totally hear ya.

I am so glad that the online program in which I am currently enrolled has no silly group projects. In almost a year, I have not interacted with any other students and prefer it that way!


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Group projects, bane of my academic existence! It's gotten to the point where I almost immediately assign people things to do and then if they don't respond I do it myself. So far two of my five classes have had group work, I hope I'm done with that crap. Good luck.

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I like the discussion boards when they don't require them to be mini APA papers. I have learned a lot on the more informal ones. Just a few more weeks...

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Sorry to inform you all, but those loathsome group projects don't disappear with higher level programs.....they'll crop up in grad school and doctoral classes also (been there, done that). On the bright side, by the time they get to that level, all the 'easy riders' (who don't contribute anything but heartburn to the rest of the group) are no longer there and this simplifies the process. By the time you get to doc classes, everyone just divides up the work, agrees on a format/deadline and runs with it... easy peasy - LOL. In one of my classes, there were 4 'group projects'... we formed a group of 4 & each took one. By that time, we were confident in one another's ability so there was very little risk involved - LOL. We just met up to 'rehearse' the presentation and work on our game faces - facilitated by adult beverages.

It does get better.

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I found that group work blowed enough doing my three year BN. Couldnt imagine how much more that would suck trying to do that online

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It's a challenge when the groups are made for you and you all have very different work schedules. So far in my program it has worked out and I know this one will, but we have one member who is a real doozie. Wouldn't want to work with her.

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That's why I like the grad program I'm in. No group projects.


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I wonder how some of these 'nurses' take care of their patients!

We just finished a group project and 2 of us ended up doing the slides for one of our members as she 'did her slides'. Yea... on the wrong topic! And if that is a care plan she handed in, I wonder how she got through nursing school!

I have no idea her grade....but if she got the same grade I know two of us have gotten that is wrong!

Thanks! I needed to vent too....


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I was forced to withdraw from a class over the group project. One member did absolutely nothing and did not show up at the meeting the night before, and was instrumental in sabotaging my portion of the project (although I do not remember all of the details, that person was not the only one who did little or nothing). I explained to the instructor what happened and was not shy. He allowed me to take the final but withdraw with an "I" and I had to repeat the course, paying for it again, and wasting my time and effort, all because of one lazy student. I hated group projects before that incident and really abhorred them afterward. At this point, I would never consider a program if I knew that typical group projects were required.

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I had a friend in an M.Ed program with something similar, but the group got a lawyer b/c the person who didn't do anything did not fulfull requirements for degree. It was really ugly.

This worked out, it was on assignment, worth 20% of our grade, but able to overcome. We pulled it together. Haven't got a grade yet.

Sorry that happened to you. I would think they would have a policy to protect someone.