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Hi, I am nursing student, I am really good with science and math and not so much with grammar. I always use Microsoft review and fixed my errors. In this semester I am writing research paper, and my professor taking points for grammer errors. I ask friends and family for help, but they want help because they just do not want to waste their time. I also used grammarly free version.

I even signed up for premium services with grammarly (I had to pay $70) but tur out is is complete scam. Now I am fighting back and trying to recover my money back.

Also use NewTutor, they review my paper and gave my link to apa style book and told me that i have grammer problem, which i need to work on.

Does any one know any online servies, where my paper can be reviewed for grammar errors by human ?

Thank you

P.s I am student without job, in order to pay for food I donate / sell blood 8 times a month

Grammarly is great, but it's not the be-all-end-all, and it's certainly no magic bullet.

If no-one is going to review your papers for grammar errors there's two things you could do:

1) Access tutoring services on campus if there are any - usually there's some English tutors that can help with papers.

2) Buy a copy of the Little Brown Handbook (super old editions are really cheap) and teach yourself the grammar rules.

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My go to suggestion in this kind of situation is always Grammarly, however I would not suggest that it be used as the only means to correct spelling and grammar. I would strongly suggest using your universities writing center to help with papers or making appointments with a writing tutor to help improve your spelling and grammar.

Also, I can not help but think that donating blood eight times per month would be unsafe.

I am paying a lot of money for tuitions, but my school is very small and they try to save money as much as possible, so we do not have any free student services. We do not have writing center and our library is about the size of CVS or rite aid (we have about 10 table in entire library) and 8 large shelves with books. It is 1 year accelerated program I am studying at home from 6 am to 8 pm every day , I am hoping to graduate with honers.

My school eliminated tutors and writing center, because students wanted to know only information about the test, but my school signed up for Net Tutor services. I used their help it was waste of time. Lady reviewed my paper, and told me that I need to work on my English grammar skills and she also shared apa rules book, so i would used to make correction to my paper.

Yes, I know that donating plasma 8 time a month is not good idea, but I am paying huge interest already , so i am trying to save as much as can.

I applied for over 3 000 scholarships in the past 6 months and i did not qualify for any of then, I am in need of help, but go figure why some people get $10, 00 and other get nothing

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When I was in nursing school, I never came across an instructor who wasn't willing to review a paper before I submitted it. I HIGHLY recommend asking, because then you will know exactly what that instructor likes and is looking for.

You also definitely need help with spelling. Do you have a program on your computer to help you check your spelling before you turn in your work?

I use microsoft word and grammarly before I submit my papers

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Is English your second language? I, by no means, and trying to be ugly with this question.

I almost forgot to mention GrammarBytes - Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude

It's an amazing free resource that makes learning grammar kinda fun; I send a lot of my students there for a refresher.


I applied for over 3 000 scholarships in the past 6 months and i did not qualify for any of then, I am in need of help, but go figure why some people get $10, 00 and other get nothing


I'm just going to give it to you straight. A great majority of scholarships require some type of essay in order to qualify, or at the very least, be considered for said scholarship(s). If the type of essay you are submitting is comparable to your posts, I'd venture to say this is the reason you are not considered.

The ability to write and/or express oneself is a skill which is required in academia. You really need to consider going to a class or looking for other resources to hone your skill in this area.

Good luck to you. You can do this!

Are you at a for profit school? SO many red flags in all that you are saying, regarding all of the services they DON'T offer...

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