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MotoMonkey has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED.

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  1. MotoMonkey

    ER vs M/S

    The fact that you posted this in the ED nursing area makes me wonder if your mind isn't already made up in some way. ED nursing can be very challenging but I think its quite rewarding as well.
  2. MotoMonkey

    Time to get rid of care plans?

    I guess my program was in the minority, I wrote a single lengthy care plan during the first year of my BSN. Then never again. Even that one seemed like a silly abstraction of the actual care being provided.
  3. MotoMonkey

    Not sure to apply for RN school now or later

    If you don't think that you are at a point financially where you can complete the program and are uncomfortable with taking out a loan, plus it sounds like you have difficulty with online learning, I would hold off. Why spend the time and effort to r...
  4. MotoMonkey

    Srarting ER position

    I personally don't find pocket books all that useful. When I carried written resources with me on shift I never seemed to need them or had time to take them out while working. I would recommend looking into what your hospital has for online resources...
  5. MotoMonkey

    Difficulty Auscultating Apical Pulse

    It sounds like youre listening too far down. If ever you head bowel sounds in the chest cavity that would be an emergent problem.
  6. MotoMonkey

    Post-Graduation relocation

    As long as you have a license in the state you wish to practice I don't see any reason you wouldnt be able to find a job. The smart advice would be to land a job offer prior to moving, or at minimum researching the job market in the area you want to ...
  7. MotoMonkey

    How Can I Boost my Resume ?

    One tip I would give to "boost" your resume would be to have a trusted instructor or someone in your college writing center look over your resume before you use it for any job. Having a polished, grammar free, well formatted, and professional looking...
  8. MotoMonkey

    ADN new grads in PDX hospitals

    Figure since no one else replied, id try to throw in what I know. I graduated in 2019 with my BSN, so I don't have first hand experience navigating this challenge. My best advice is to look at requirements on the individual hospital jobs pages. I bel...
  9. MotoMonkey

    Suicidal patients food and drink provision

    We have never had pitchers in our ED so I guess I am just used to bringing my psych patients water when they need it. If it becomes a problem I utilize limit setting or delegate the task when appropriate based on how acutely suicidal or psychotic the...
  10. MotoMonkey

    ED observation unit

    I know that in my area many hospitals have frozen their hiring of new grad nurses or reduced the number they are hiring. With that said I would say to take what ever sort of position is offered and gain all the experience you can. After a year or so ...
  11. MotoMonkey

    ADN vs

    I would start by looking at the hospitals in your area to see if they require nurses to have their BSN. In my area almost all the hospitals either outright require nurses to have their BSN or it is strongly preferred, that was a large motivating fact...
  12. I was accepted into a DNP program prior to graduating from my BSN program. The school I was accepted to had never accepted a student without experience. They were hesitant and made it clear that I would be an experiment. I initially accepted my spot ...
  13. MotoMonkey

    Linfield BSN Program

    Ill start by saying that I am not a Linfield grad, but rather an OHSU grad. My experience and the experience from those I've spoken with in other BSN programs is that they mostly feel that they did not get as much hands on experience in their program...
  14. MotoMonkey

    IPad Mini for clinicals?

    Are you in a program that does not let you use the computers and charting system at your clinical site? If you have access to the computers at your clinical sites, use them to look up information. They likely have access to services like uptodate and...
  15. MotoMonkey

    Do nursing programs require shaving facial hair?

    I have never heard of a program requiring students to be clean shaved, how ever, I am pretty sure most programs will have something in their dress code about facial hair needing to be clean and well kept.