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    SOS! Should I withdraw???

    Youll have to look to published literature from the particular schools you are applying. The school I went to really only focused on my prerequisite GPA, rather than overall GPA. Though other schools on my area put some weight on cumulative GPA and other metrics.
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    Dilemma! Help please!!

    If your heart is set on L&D type nursing then apply to those areas. There is nothing to say that you can not get a job there as a new grad. Though some of that is dependent on the job market in your area and what hospitals are looking for as far as ADN vs BSN. Personally I knew I wanted to work in ED. I was in the ED for my clinical capstone and it reaffirmed my feelings. I applied to ED positions straight out of school and was hired. So again, apply to the areas that you are interested in, but be willing to be flexible and apply for "less desirable" areas if you have trouble landing a L&D job.
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    Purewick Catheters- Risk for Infection?

    Did you opt for an indwelling catheter?
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    Purewick Catheters- Risk for Infection?

    Do you have access to a research database like Pubmed, CINAHL, or even Uptodate? I don't know a lot about purewick, so I would start by searching there to try and find information on related UTI risk. That should give you a good idea if there is much infection risk and therefore if it makes sense to be part of your care plan.
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    I dont, its been a handful of years since I had to submit all that documentation, I just know that if you already have copies of all of your immunizations, it doesn't take that long to upload them all.
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    You should be able to submit all the documents in an afternoon as long as you have gathered all the documents prior.
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    Misspelled name on ATT confirmation email

    I would not schedule your test until the problem is fixed. When you go to test they verify your name and it must match exactly in order for you to sit to test. It would be terrible to schedule your exam only to find out the problem has yet to be fixed and you can not sit.
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    Am I on the right track?

    I have worked as an EMT, and a CNA, though not in a hospital setting. I would say that both will give you valuable experience that can be applied to your future nursing practice. At the end of the day, I think that whatever direct patient care experience you can get is beneficial though nothing truly prepares you to be a nurse until you are in nursing school. If you want to work as an ER tech prior to school, or during school, I would go for it. If you want the option to also work on an ambulance you will certainly have to get your EMT. I would look in your area to see if there are EMT jobs available, depending on where you live there may be private ambulance services like AMR, Falck, or Metro West which hire EMT basics. If there is not private ambulance service in your area it can be difficult to get on with a fire department as they are generally (but not always) looking to hire firefighter/paramedics and in my experience are not as willing to work around school schedules.
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    EHR simulators

    We always charted in the actual EHR.
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    Am I on the right track?

    In nursing school you have to learn about all populations across the lifespan. Despite your current feelings of wanting to be a pediatric emergency nurse, go into nursing school with an open mind, take every clinical rotation as an opportunity to learn. If your school is anything like mine you will receive minimal teaching and experience geared towards pediatric populations. But school is teaching to the bigger picture, they will spend more time teaching about the larger patient populations. Look at the job requirements for the positions you would like to work. In this day and age your resume needs to match the employers needs. There is not as much of this "well I am unqualified, but ill just go show someone I am passionate and they will hire me." Look to see if their techs are required to hold certification as an EMT, or if they are required to be a CNA. I am sure your BLS class will be one of the required certifications, so you are on the right track there. However, in the end no one here can tell you what will be required for the specific hospital and specific unit as those requirements are all unique between institutions and can be different geographically. Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet. If you were to be hired, the institution will give you additional training and orientation to ensure you can safely do your job.
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    Can I be a nurse without majoring in BSN?

    As others have said, in order to become a nurse you have to go through a nursing program. Whether you decide to pursue an associates in nursing or a bachelors in nursing the programs will be incredibly competitive. You will be applying against individuals with previous healthcare experience and whose GPA sits close to 4.0. I recommend researching all the colleges and universities with nursing programs that you could potentially apply to, look into the prerequisites of the programs and try to figure out if the admissions team looks at cumulative GPA or if they only look at the GPA from your prerequisite coursework. Once you know what they are looking for in a qualified program applicant, start taking the prerequisites that are required to get into the programs you are interested in. But again, be prepared for nursing programs to be incredibly competitive, where I went to school it was very common for someone to retake a prerequisite class if they received anything less than an A. This is not to scare you or deter you from pursuing a nursing degree, but to simply prepare you for the realities of getting into nursing schools and to let you know that you will have to be vigilant about your GPA.
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    Worried about applying to bsn program

    I would look to see if they post yearly statistics of average accepted GPA and average TEAS scores. That is really the only way to know how competitive you need to be. I would say that a prerequisite GPA of 3.85 is generally competitive, however I don't know if or how your school weights individual classes. As an example, some universities look down more strongly on a B in anatomy and physiology than they would a B in math or nutrition. At the end of the day, if you have completed the prerequisites, taken the TEAS, and have met all other minimum qualifications for the program, I would apply. The number and quality of qualified candidates changes each year. You have already come this far and really have nothing to lose by applying, aside from the application fee.
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    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    False, many healthcare degree programs have this requirement. University of Washington pharmacy program, University of North Carolina school of medicine, Duke physical therapy program. Also, Evergreen college masters of environmental studies. This requirement is not unique to nursing, it is found in many healthcare degree programs. You are thinking of nursing like any other field of study, but it isnt. If I want to to obtain a degree in art history or ecology I could do so without ever doing more than signing up for the required classes. That is not how nursing programs operate, you have to apply to be accepted into a program. Because their is no national standard for nursing program entrance requirements each school is able to set their own requirements, which can and do include the time period in which you need to have taken certain prerequisite courses. The difference in this time frame from school to school comes down to individual institution autonomy. You have zero grounds to seek legal action, you have sustained no damages, you have even stated that there are schools which do not have this "money hungry" requirement. There is nothing stopping you from applying to a school that doesn't have this requirement, many students move cities or even states to attend nursing school. You can be angry, entitled, and stomp your feet all day, but in the end you know what will be required of you to gain admission to a nursing program, these are the hoops you are required to jump through. No frivolous lawsuit or demanding evidence from strangers on the internet will change that. I understand that it can feel frustrating having to retake classes, money and time don't grow on trees. But litigation is not the answer, if this is a career you are truly passionate about you should put your head down, jump through the hoops and do what you need to do. It will be very worth it in the end.
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    Nursing Equipment Kit from school- worth it?

    Its crazy to me that you had to buy all that stuff. When I was in school I worked in the simulation department doing set up and inventory control. For each simulation or lab we would simply put out all the needed supplies for each station. The cost was, im sure, rolled into our tuition.
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    Nursing Equipment Kit from school- worth it?

    I would recommend contacting the school and asking what items are required. If it is just things like a pen light, scissors, BP cuff, ect. Then I would recommend at lease looking into how much it would all cost to buy it individually and go from there. If, however, it contains required items for lab and skills check off I would say you should just buy the kit. When you know what is in the kit let us know, I am sure that people will have suggestions on where to find the various items if you have questions.
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    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    Prerequisite courses form the foundation of knowledge which nursing classes are built on. Having prerequisites which expire is a schools way of setting you up to succeed by ensuring you have a current base of knowledge to build on, and its also protection for the school. They don't want to admit a student who will struggle to keep up and may not finish. You likely have zero grounds to fight this legally and would likely be wasting your time and money as well as the schools. I would suggest that you talk with prospective schools and see if they have waivers for this kind of thing, or ask about challenging the classes if you think that your knowledge is still current enough to pass. Lastly, the majority of other fields of study do not require prerequisites, you simply declare your major and go about your business, therefore no one is looking at the age of your credits. Though I am sure that if you wanted to study computer science and the majority of your foundational courses were taken 12 years ago, an advisor would STRONGLY recommend you retake those courses so that you would have a chance to succeed in your studies.
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    Anyone take the NCLEX 8/1?

    Can you pay the $8.00 for quick results? Results come at different times for different people, I got mine within two days, friends of mine who took it the same day didnt get their results for a week.
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    Student externship in ICU requires prior experience?

    To start, there is usually an externship coordinator for hospitals that have these programs, I would call them and ask exactly what they mean by "must have prior ICU coursework and experience." Here we can only give our best guess, speculation, and assumption. I also went to a school that was this way. I found it helpful to talk to my advisor (who at my school was a member of our nursing faculty) and discuss what kind of clinical experiences I hoped to have and the kind of areas I hoped to work after graduation. I certainly did not get every clinical placement in critical care, but I did get some That could still be luck of the draw, but I like to think it was because I showed aptitude towards that area of nursing and I showed interest in having those clinical experiences.
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    Meal Prep During Nursing School

    In school I never got too far into meal prep, I was never actually so busy that I didn't have time to cook a meal. I always seem to cook way too much at dinner, I was taught to cook by my mother who grew up on a farm and to this day cooks like she is feeding a farm crew. I would generally just portion out leftovers and take those with me to class or clinical. I am not a big breakfast person, so often a cup of coffee is good enough to get me until lunch. But when I do want something in the morning I will often just make a protein shake, or have some yogurt with granola. If I am feeling fancy and want something hot I generally go for something like oatmeal. If you struggle finding time to make breakfast in the morning I would suggest prepping everything the night before. That could include cutting up veggies for a scramble, or even measuring out your oats and liquid for oatmeal, what ever makes it dead simple for you in the morning.
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    Nurse Residency Programs?

    In my area, and this could be vastly different for you, all of the major hospitals offer nurse residency or new grad programs. Because of this it is actually kind of difficult to get hired as a new nurse without having gone through one of these programs. Many hospitals in my area require one plus year of experience, unless you are being hired through the new grad program. I am graduating later this month, so I do not have experience participating in a new grad program, but I have done research on the subject. From what I have found in the literature, new grad programs seem to increase retention rates of new nurses, at least at the one year post hire mark, and also seem to increase feelings of social support, safety, and confidence during this time period. All that I have seen in the literature supports the idea that new grad programs are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. I would say that if there are programs like this in your area I would give them a close look and see what they have to offer.
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    Question from a staff nurse

    I totally agree with Tonyl1234, let them do as much as they can. I am finishing my final practicum right now and I am extremely grateful for my preceptor. He has to supervise a lot of what I do, but as much as possible he sits back and allows me to take the reigns with the patient group. For me this means doing all of the charting, med pass, interventions, planning, talking with family, as well as talking with providers and other members of the healthcare team. Even when I am struggling or frustrated he lets me work through it and only intervenes when I ask for help. Allowing me to feel uncomfortable and to struggle has helped me to develop as an emerging nurse and has helped me to learn so much about time management, prioritization, and what being a nurse in this setting actually entails. I guess what I am trying to get at by giving my own example is to let the student, as much as possible and as much as you are comfortable, be the nurse. Let them experience all the little things that go into being a nurse in this setting, let them feel uncomfortable and let them struggle a little before you intervene. But also debrief after these moments, I think that is where a lot of great learning happens. Lastly, thank you for being excited to take a student. It makes a huge difference to have someone that wants to teach us and is mindful of our learning experience.
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    NPs: what CLINICAL ROTATIONS did you LEARN the MOST?

    So is your current school saying no to hospitals or yes?
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    Failed AP + Lab

    I am not sure anyone here can give you an answer with any certainty. I would call or email my schools admissions office, or whoever deals with nursing specific admissions and ask them.
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    Need advice

    Again, no one is promoting or justifying the behavior of these students, simply pointing out that without knowing all the information there is no way to say whether or not it was justified to let them back into the program. You don't know if the student who was "intoxicated" had recently started a new medication and was worried that they would lose their seat in the class if they missed the first day. You also don't know the circumstances that lead to the student being late for class or clinical. To decry these students as being unfit to be nurses without knowing all the details or having all the information is simply not something I can get behind.
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    Need advice

    All Abzurdity was trying to point out is that there is a lot about the situation that you do not know. So much of this happens behind closed doors between the student, faculty, HR, and other school leadership. Despite what you have heard or think you know about the situation, you do not have as full a picture as those who are ultimately responsible for making the decision. While this may not be the answer you want to hear, it is the truth. No one is saying that any of these students were right or that their behavior should be tolerated, but it is simply being pointed out that you do not have all the details, and at the end of the day it is not your decision. In addition, what exactly do you mean by "you are a CNA and that's maybe why you see things with a different optic." Does being a CNA suddenly make someones opinion less valid? That seems like a very patronizing and arrogant response to someone who was simply trying to provide an alternate perspective.