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  1. blenderbottle

    grammer help for nursing student

    I use microsoft word and grammarly before I submit my papers
  2. blenderbottle

    grammer help for nursing student

    I am paying a lot of money for tuitions, but my school is very small and they try to save money as much as possible, so we do not have any free student services. We do not have writing center and our library is about the size of CVS or rite aid (we have about 10 table in entire library) and 8 large shelves with books. It is 1 year accelerated program I am studying at home from 6 am to 8 pm every day , I am hoping to graduate with honers. My school eliminated tutors and writing center, because students wanted to know only information about the test, but my school signed up for Net Tutor services. I used their help it was waste of time. Lady reviewed my paper, and told me that I need to work on my English grammar skills and she also shared apa rules book, so i would used to make correction to my paper. Yes, I know that donating plasma 8 time a month is not good idea, but I am paying huge interest already , so i am trying to save as much as can. I applied for over 3 000 scholarships in the past 6 months and i did not qualify for any of then, I am in need of help, but go figure why some people get $10, 00 and other get nothing
  3. blenderbottle

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    I would love to spend clinicals in the lab, I am sick of washing buts all day long
  4. blenderbottle

    grammer help for nursing student

    P.s I am student without job, in order to pay for food I donate / sell blood 8 times a month
  5. blenderbottle

    grammer help for nursing student

    Hi, I am nursing student, I am really good with science and math and not so much with grammar. I always use Microsoft review and fixed my errors. In this semester I am writing research paper, and my professor taking points for grammer errors. I ask friends and family for help, but they want help because they just do not want to waste their time. I also used grammarly free version. I even signed up for premium services with grammarly (I had to pay $70) but tur out is is complete scam. Now I am fighting back and trying to recover my money back. Also use NewTutor, they review my paper and gave my link to apa style book and told me that i have grammer problem, which i need to work on. Does any one know any online servies, where my paper can be reviewed for grammar errors by human ? Thank you
  6. blenderbottle

    U-world for senior nursing students

    Price base on time your signing up for uworld, amount if questions is always the same, they have total of 2010 or 2020 questions. I got 30 days subscription, and i went through all questions in 30 days. I had to pay $99 expensive. Questions is tricky and kind of hard, they make you think. My score was at 20 when i begin reading and study. I tool good notes of all rationalies, they take their information from official NCSNB (ati pep webpage) 3 weeks prep for $50 (they have about 1500 questions) SATA is so much easier if you read/ make flashcards rationally for EVERY question another day on facebook somebody shared all their nclex prep book and materials - NCLEX practice (on group picture you would see blue scrubs) , this collection was full of saunders books, and other expensive books, 3 or 4 audio collection of lectures by mark K and other guy, study points from nclex mastery and ncsnrg + nursing labs
  7. blenderbottle

    U-world for senior nursing students

    I am in my 3rd semester and i got uworld for 30 days, be honest I was not impressed with their questions, I went through all (2010) questions in 30 days . If i decide to get nclex review I would purchase official ati review (NCSBN)
  8. blenderbottle

    Help! Need to find a Biochem/OChem course

    check this out, I hope it would help you (this in search for NC colleges, each state should have the same search) I remember last summer looking at school in New mexico - out of state tuitions was around $175 - 200 (sorry I do not remember the name, but you will find it if interested ) Find A Course - VLC also VERY cheap Online Chemistry Courses for College Credit | StraighterLine
  9. blenderbottle

    What do you wish you had known?

    Thank you
  10. blenderbottle

    Anyone currently using NCSBN for their NCLEX RN review?

    I am wondering about NCSBN as well
  11. blenderbottle

    how to manage stress

    HI, I like the idea of thinking about 1 day at the time, also we have free services for students o talk to counselors, but I fully dedicate my self to school, I do not work and spend just a few hours a week with my family, friends and boyfriend, so i do not believe that i have much to talk about with counselor
  12. blenderbottle

    Ashland University ABSN

    . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. blenderbottle

    how to manage stress

    Hi everyone, I am nursing student, I think I have problem managing my stress level, I feel okay, but another day after finals i notice a lot of hear falling out, I google and review my med surg book, I believe my hear fall out because of stress. Even so I ending up with A- in my class, I was afraid to fail because my exams average was at 84 % . 2 weeks later i see that my hair still fall out but more than usual, but way less compare than 2 weeks ago. I manage my stress by studying from 6 am in the morning and going to bed at 9 30 sharp every day, I listen to music on my brakes, I eat my food out side in piece with out book or any study materials for 30 minute, I eat health vegetables and fruits, I also eat chocolate candy (in moderation) , I walk and study for 2 - 3 h every other day, I also dance zumba or just jumping on trampoline 2- 3 times a week. I diffuse oils in my study room, I have dedicated place to study , I use bath and body antu stress products with anti stress lotion, I also have tons of oils for my oil diffuser and and apply for my skin. I usually doing nothing on Fridays (watching movie or eating pizza, some times I would go to massage, foot massage or to the special relaxation pool) I cook my own food and listening to music. I take multi vitamines, 1- 2 pills of Valerian roots in addition to anti stress formula by swanson (commercial formula) .I also do not drink any alcohol, I only drink green tea with herbs and a lot of clear water. I see doctor every 6 months my lab was okay, just 3 months ago. Every week I sing at church (I have great support group there we really have fun ) some times I study at different places like at the lake, small creek, and even next to swamp. Every brake between semesters I spend on cruse ship (cheap one for 7 days) What also can be done to help me to manage stress ? I see only option to see my doctor and begin taking something like ssri or snri
  14. blenderbottle


    99.9 % unless book is custom made you do not need lates edition, it would be nice to have latest edition, but it is huge waste of money, difference between editions is 1 or 2 pages. You would really enjoy paying $3.94 instead of $300 Please remember that 90 % of your studying would be from power point. I know 2 girls who went though nursing school without buying a single book , they was barrowing books from library when required to have book in class
  15. blenderbottle

    ATI Study Guides

    Begin to read your fundamental ATI on day one, make sure to take notes, because most likely you would have to take ATI exam in the end of semester. Read and review at least 5 chapters every week.