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Well, I wasn't feeling well the week before my final exams and graduation. I was all excited because I had been selected to speak at graduation for the class (I was kinda the class loudmouth/clown)...

Lo and behold, "not feeling well" developed into raging pneumonia, and I was admitted to a Med/Surg floor ... where I stayed for a week, missing my finals and graduation!

Mercifully, I only have to make up the tests and I will receive my degree and be eligible for NCLEX.

How's that for a graduation sob story?

It was not all bad though ... the VP of Nursing at the hospital and about 20 RNs came into my room and Pinned me at the precise moment the rest of my class were being pinned on campus ... almost got me choked up!

Norm :balloons:

suzanne4, RN

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Sorry to hear about you getting ill, but glad to hear that you graduated....

Now you have real experience under your belt as being a patient..... :balloons:


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You have made it through... Good Job!!! :balloons: Take care of yourself.:balloons: :balloons:

Tweety, BSN, RN

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So sorry to hear about your being sick. Get well soon.

Congrats on graduation! THat is so sweet about the "pinning" you went through in the hospital.


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:o Good grief! What a time to have a bad case of pneumonia! That's a very sad graduation sob story for sure! Glad to hear that you will be able to make up those tests.

Energizer Bunny

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Awwww......your pinning sounds very special. Just think of it that one else got THAT pinning! LOL! I sure hope you are feeling back up to par! Congratulations!

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What a story! Congratulations on graduating and pinning!

Katnip, RN

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Wow. That's really rough. I know how it is to have graduation disasters.

Last year my father-in-law died at the very beginning of finals week. His funeral was out of town. I was bouncing back and forth every day for finals and funeral. No way I trusted the admins of our school to keep delayed exams straight.

I do hope you're feeling much better though.


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thanks for the kind words everyone!


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sorry to hear of the illness you had but what a great thing for the staff to do! hope you continue to improve.

all the best on your tests.


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well you have to admit your pinning was different than most!!!! Get well soon and Congrats !!!!!!

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Sheeeeeeeesh ! What a BUMMER, eh? :eek: :rolleyes:

Glad everything turned out well in the end, however, and most importantly that you are back on your feet and healthy !

Congrats on your Graduation, Friend, and best wishes for the NCLEX ! :balloons:

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