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I've heard it's helpful to have a pocket guide for clinicals. Can anyone recommend a good one? TIA.


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I have this one and it's pretty helpful. My clinical instructor had one and we all liked to so we went out and bought ones of our own. I got mine on for about $17. You can find them priced right or you can buy it in the bookstore, etc. full price at around $24.

Actually, here is the link to the RNotes that are for sale...

You can write on it and then wipe it off with an alcohol pad. It's filled with great information and charts, places to take notes, etc.

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I don't know if this is what you are talking about, but I have found RNotes to be very useful- about the size of a notepad, fits in a scrub pocket easily, and plastic wipe-off pages with a lot of useful info crammed into it. Hope this helps! :)


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Thanks gals! RNotes sounds like a good one!

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I've got RNotes too.


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I haven't started clinicals yet but I found RNotes for 8 bucks at a little shop around the corner... I think our program reccommends something else though. I will just have to wait and see. :stone I hate waiting...

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RN notes is the best as far as I'm concerned!!!

Fits in your pocket, and has almost everything you need!!!


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Thanks everyone, I think I'm going to buy RNotes!! Our school recommends something else, but they also recommend we use whatever we find most helpful, so I'm gonna go with RNotes over their recommendation.

I got my clinical vest, name tag, and patch in the mail yesterday. I felt like a kid on christmas morning, I was so excited!!



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here's another vote for rnotes.


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Others to consider are Mosby's "Just the Facts" by Peterson, ISBN 0323019250, and Saunder's "Physical Examination and Health Assessment" by Jarvis, ISBN 0721697747.


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Yet ANOTHER vote for RNotes. I LOVE IT! Such a handy little thing!

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I love my RNotes!

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