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jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Ok, ok... I read all your bragging about the little RN Notes pocket guide and couldn't stand it anymore... (heh)... :rolleyes:

Went straight to and ordered the little sucker ! :D

It came in the mail today, and I just LOVE it !!!!

What a handy little guide.. packed with sooooooooo much info, it's simply AMAZING !

I love the way it's all color coded, organized with the little tabs, the way you can write on it with a pen, yet still wipe it clean to use a zillion times over... and ALL the wonderful info it contains... and in a true "pocket" form !

I'm so glad I read this thread... this is the best little Christmas present I ever bought myself !

Thanx, guys ! It will be much used ! :)


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Has anyone seen Mosbys Nursing PDQ? You can't write on it, but it has SO much info you have in your pocket!



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Mosby's Nursing PDQ (practical, detailed, quick) I got it at Barns & Noble for $20.00 It has everything! Hope this helps.

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