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My SNF/LTC recently started this "reward" program that involves employees earning gold star stickers :rolleyes: to put on our ID badges. For example, if a patient's family members says something complimentary about me, the HR person will put a gold star on my badge. When the employee earns 5 stars, they get a small reward--a free nursing home dinner :uhoh3:, or the laundry will wash one item of your clothing--that type of thing.

I find this whole gold star thing very childish; if I were in kindergarten, I would think it was cute, but I am an adult RN, and I just don't want gold stars on my ID badge. So, I peel them off and throw them away. Or I just say "thank you, but I don't really want to put a sticker on my badge."

Does anyone else think this is juvenile, or is it just me? :confused: What's next? Free juice boxes??


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I agree. I'd much rather have a mylar helium balloon to carry around all day. Most professional.

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We have paper stars at our hospital. I don't really buy into that either. As a nurse, I feel that I am a professional and that if I have done something really excellent, it can go to my director to be included in my performance appraisal. Those who would know way more than me, ;) say that staff love those stars. I am not convinced.


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I totally understand, but I'm sure they are trying to make work more than "just work" kwim?? You can always go to management and suggest something different, or ask that there be "better" prizes. I love suggestions to improve things!

It's something that is patient involved -probably makes them feel good, can be competetive on a safe scale, so people are on their toes, and in all reality seeing something obvious is motivational.

But yeah maybe paper stars on the hall bulletin board or something - then it would be more obvious and more people might be involved and more of the results mngt maybe looking for. Mngt likes things they can "advertise".lol.


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I want Capri-Sun juice boxes. Thanks. No generics.

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Ohhh, who wouldn't love to bring nap time back?


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Ohhh, who wouldn't love to bring nap time back?

I would be down for nap time as long as we had time outs for the psychotic nurses.


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I would be down for nap time as long as we had time outs for the psychotic nurses.

ROFLOL! :rotfl:


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The facility I work for has "STAR Cards" that clients, families, or co-workers can fill out to recognize you for having gone "above and beyond" in a particular situation. It's a popular system because, once you save up enough cards, you can trade them in for gift card from either Wal-Mart or Target (your choice) -- 15 cards gets you a $15 gift card, 30 cards gets you a $40 card, etc. (the more cards you save up, the greater dollar value of each card). So, in our case, those cards are just like money.

I'm usually not a fan of this kind of recognition program, for all the reasons the other posters have mentioned, but I sure don't mind getting extra MONEY (in the form of the gift cards) to recognize that I've done a better-than-necessary job.


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They could do things like my child's 4K. After you get 5 stars you could go to the treasure box and get a bouncy ball or funny glasses with a big nose and bushy eyebrows!


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Yes, welcome back to kindergarten.

My piano teacher had a similar reward system, too, for each exercise we completed.

How disgusting. However, administrators being what they are, they expect us to be childish and grateful and servile, and will read our overall reaction of revulsion as biting the hand that feeds us. We can't win.

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