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  1. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Where are jobs listed for LTC facilities?

    I recently moved to Arlington, and I am starting to look for a job as an RN in a LTC/SNF. I have been looking at the listings on the Washington Post site, as well as Craigslist, but the majority of nursing jobs are for acute care. Is there another source I should be checking that would list nursing home positions? Or do I need to check each individual company's website? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Old Nurse Needs New Job! (Interview questions)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. I will most likely seek a job in LTC since that's where all my experience has been. The patient load is pretty heavy where I am right now--I have 41 residents on the 3-11 shift. I am hoping to find something a bit lighter, though. I was also thinking about assisted living, but I don't really know whether assisted living places hire RN's, and what it involves. I wouldn't feel comfortable in acute care, since my skill set matches LTC rather than acute. I am great at time management!
  3. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Old Nurse Needs New Job! (Interview questions)

    I've been an RN at the same SNF/LTC for 8 years, so I am pretty much out of the loop regarding interview protocol these days. I am relocating to a new state, and I am kind of nervous about finding a new job...and the whole interview process. A few questions: 1. Do most facilities want a resume, or is it more common to fill out an application? (either in person or online) 2. What about letters of reference? Still used, or is it acceptable to just give names and phone numbers for references? 3. I don't have 3 work references, since I have been at my job for so long. A problem...or not? I am also kind of nervous because I am in my early 50's. How big a factor do you think that will be in terms of finding a new job in a SNF/LTC setting? I appreciate any feedback/advice anyone can give...thanks. :)
  4. The DON is from a foreign country. When there is a job opening--either for a nurse or a nursing assistant--she fills the position by word-of-mouth, rather than by advertising the position. According to the EEOC, if hiring by word-of-mouth results in a majority of employees being of any one ethnicity, it is a violation. Since she has been doing this for years, approximately 90% of the employees in the nursing department are from the same country as the DON. Someone finally blew the whistle on the facility and filed an EEOC complaint. It's a shame and an embarrassment for the facility that it will take intervention by the federal government to stop her illegal behavior.
  5. Not sure where you are getting your information, but I have to question the accuracy of your comments. Hospitals facing budgetary constraints would be less likely to petition foreign nurses, regardless of their level of experience. There are additional costs involved that would not be present when hiring a US candidate. And with the level of unemployment in the US, it certainly makes more sense to invest in US-trained nurses--it's better for the US economy as a whole. And as to your statement "If a foreign new grad has certain connections..." I'd like some clarification. Preferential hiring based on ethnicity is an EEOC violation. It may be OK in some foreign countries, but in the US it is illegal. In fact, the facility I currently work at is facing an EEOC complaint because they preferentially hire too many foreign nurses from one particular country (because the DON is also from that country!) Can't wait to see how it turns out...
  6. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Nurses week and nursing assistant week

    My nursing home completely ignores Nurses Week. Instead, they celebrate Nursing Home Week, which really irks me every year. I have never worked in a facility that totally ignored Nurses Week. Every year, hospitals take out full-page ads in the newspapers thanking their nurses, but we don't even get a verbal "thank you."
  7. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    Wow...that's a lot, with only 2 CNA's. I thought my place was bad, with 41 residents and 4 CNA's... No wonder you cn't get everything done!
  8. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance?

    Thanks. I'm not exactly sure what Inova is--> from their website, it looks like they pretty much run the gamut from hospitals and rehab to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Would you say that's accurate? I would be looking for a position in a SNF/LTC facility, since that's where my experience lies, so I will check them out once I move in July (if they have any appropriate positions open...)
  9. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance?

    Just curious whether it is common for part-time nursing jobs to offer health insurance in Virginia. In my current state, all people who work >20 hours/week are entitled to health benefits. I am wondering whether any companies in VA offer the same. Thanks.
  10. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    Interesting. I have 41 residents, 1 nurse (me) and 4 CNAs. No wonder I'm so stressed... ...I need another nurse!
  11. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    Naturally, I think I have waaay too many residents to care for so I'd like to do a quick reality check: As a charge nurse in a LTC/SNF, how many residents are you responsible for on your unit? What shift do you work, and which state do you work in? (It's OK if you don't want to indicate the state--I am just curious if it varies by state...) I'll start! 41 residents on 3-11 shift in Hawaii.
  12. Definitely not; this does not pertain to you. If you read other threads about this topic, you can gain a lot of information. Many people have asked and answered the same question. There is no reason for the US government to issue a Social Security number to anyone in your position; there are thousands of foreign citizens hoping to find a loophole so that they can somehow get a SSN when they don't really need one. There is absolutely no reason for the US to hand out social security numbers to citizens of foreign countries simply because they hope that one day they will come to the US. It wouldn't make any sense.
  13. This issue has been addressed many, many, many times. Use the "search" feature and you will find plenty of info!
  14. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    Northern VA LTC, AL, NH jobs

    I'm wondering the same thing. I am planning on moving to Northern Virginia in July, and am looking to work in LTC/SNF. Anyone have any feedback about which facilities might be looking to hire an experienced RN?
  15. It's been almost 8 years since I've gone through the ordeal of having a job interview, so I am kind of nervous at the prospect of it. I'm sure some things haved changed, so I have a few questions. 1. Interview clothing: What to wear? Are nice pants and a blouse/sweater OK for an RN position in LTC? 2. Are letters of recommendation usually required these days, or do they just call your employer for info? 3. I have worked at the same facility for the past 8 years--I can't supply 3 different job references, since I'm sure I have been long forgotten at my previous jobs. Will this be a problem? Appreciate any input on this...thanks!
  16. Nurse!Nurse!Hello?

    One More Question About Licensure...

    Thanks. But the licenses I have are from non-compact states. I just hope I can find a LTC job with only an associate's degree (but I do have 13 years of experience, so I hope that will help!)