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GA, I have a feeling it's the deep south--like the land of jumbalaya and, LA, is my guess. Or Mississippi. One of the two.

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Oh yeah and Catfish!!! I was born in Norway, Lol! An Air Force Brat. Father from Central Mississippi hours from no where, lol. Cow pastures and hay bails. Mom from Hardanger, Norway. I grew up in rural Central Mississippi. It is my home now, lol, at heart. I love the "countryside." Norway is WAY too expensive- but I have dual citizenship. I have my Nursing License there too:) way less pay. Me and my wife always dreamed of living on the Gulf Coast (Shrimp, Jambalaya, Gumbo, etc) but coming home and stepping on a condom after a 16 hr shift kinda put a damper on that.(Me and my wife didn't use them:()

TMI, but you get the point:)So, I kept the dream, dropped the cheating wife, and bought a 1 br 1 1/2 ba Condo, and I am totally starting over here in Biloxi. Katrina and the Oil Spill kinda wrecked the area, so when I finished my supervised time, I sold my home and used that $$$ on a lawyer, one more month later I started work with a 2 yr out DO as a free clinic FNP(Methodist Funded), and I work with the United Methodist Church in foreign missions 6 months out of the year. I love being close to New Orleans!!! Love the food, music, and culture there(drink too:) just can't have it:()I love my life- we only get ONE!!

So if I can offer advise- Don't stop dreaming, they do come true. All the pain was worth it:) dreams really do come true. This crap is just temporary- then you can forget it!:)

Love Y'all with a Fury!!!:)

P.S. You got snowed in with Super Sandy huh, Lol! I was doing a CEU course in the Smokies and got Snowed in hiking to Mount Leconte in the Smoky Mountains!!! Stayed 3 days over plan, run out of water:) was glad to get relief:)


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Thank you Boston.. You give me inspiration :).

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I hope:) We get one chance here! And every religion and every faith is after the same thing- peace, joy, and love! I believe you all deserve that, and overwhelmingly! Never stop pursuit of it:) It's waiting.

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You want to close it and I can update in a new thread? Or should it stay open and I can update in this thread? I am going to look in VA, but still go in January because I have no idea whether I will get anything in VA. Just because I apply, doesn't mean I'll get any job offer. I can PM you instead on the update, Boston, if no one else is interested. :up:
I;m interested....I think he was joking that by closing the thread you can't change your mind....;)

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I think everyone should watch "Patch Adams" at least once a year. For what we face on a daily basis- it has sooooo much therapy in it. It would be my model for healthcare delivery. It also shows that there truly are indescribable transformations in our lives! We can go from rock bottom to our best possible self if we just change the way we think, and stop talking to ourselves like unwanted stepchildren, and start seeing the good and potential in ourselves. The world is so diverse and unique that there may be someone out there that only you can reach!

I received a letter from the TN Executive Director of the BON saying I am denied privileges to practice in TN and I am not eligible to attend a meeting of Application review committee.

I really don't understand this. I am not a criminal. I have a mental health issue and I drank (I am in my mid twenties, I am legal).

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When are you supposed to be able to go to the review Committee....Is it earlier then they originally said?


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OM goodness..what was there reason for this discussion?


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Oops I ment decision. Stupid spell check..

I was supposed to go in January. I thought it was a letter explaining when I was supposed to go, but instead it was a letter of denial and that I am not eligible. I think it's because I am not in TN.

I emailed her a response letting her know I received it and that I challenge her to try and change the Board's policy. I added that it is the health care profession that seems to be an obstacle in change. I added other stuff but too much to add here. I was polite about it, but I will continue to try and seek change.


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I know people get tired of seeing me type this, but have you considered at least a consultation with a license defense attorney to find out what your options may be? It could be worth a try.

Just a thought.

Keep posting your journey. If nothing else it might be therapeutic.


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