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I am devastated! I have been attending the Univ. of Akron parttime for about 2 years now. I wanted to become an RN sooner than 4 years, so I decided to apply to Aultman School of Nursing and Stark State College in Canton. I thought I would get a 2 year degree RN then go back to the Univ. of Akron and go through the excellarated program "RN to BSN" which would only take 1 year to complete.

I got accepted into Stark State---for the class of 2007!!! I can't wait that long! So I applied to Aultman School of Nursing. I took their entrance test. They called me back and told me that I scored very high on their nursing entrance exam and that they wanted to interview me for the upcoming Nursing program that begins in January. I was so excited! The interview went well--atleast that's what I thought. They even sent me a letter to take their 4 hour CPR class--so I completed that. I just received a letter from Aultman stating that I WAS NOT ACCEPTED in the program. I was absolutely devastated! I cried like a baby for 2 hours! I have a gradepoint average of 3.8; I have all of my prerequisites AND corequisites completed; I work at Akron General. I am a very compassionate person who so much wants to be a nurse!!! I have been working so for this! I just can't understand why I did not get accepted! I even called Aultman and asked what I did wrong. She said the "panel" has to look at each candidate very closely to decide who gets accepted.



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I have no idea why you didn't get accepted. From what you've posted, it sounds like you'd be an ideal student.

Are you eligible to reapply for the next class? I would ask the person you spoke with what you can work on to make you a more "attractive" candidate; even if you don't want to reapply there, it might give you an idea of why you weren't accepted, and you can always use that info. when applying to other programs.

I'm really sorry you weren't accepted. Keep your chin up, and let us know how things are going with your search for a school.

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I do not know their criteria but geeze 2007 is really far away.


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How strange. But maybe this is just pointing you in the direction of the university after all? Surely you'd be done before 2009 if you just jumped in for your BSN?


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I am so sorry that you did not get accepted. You sound like the perfect candidate. Please do not get too discouraged.


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So sorry. Hang on to your dream and good luck.


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Hey there are two of this thread what is going on? deb


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I can understand exactly how you feel------------

Was turned down first time I applied to nursing school, too. I was a 4.0 student and what, I thought, was an ideal candidate. Turned out, they wanted me to have EVERY SINGLE PRE-NURSING CLASS DONE before beginning the nursing curriculum. (ugh)---I felt like I was punched in the stomach. I cried and was very angry in a funk for about a month or so.

But I recovered, finished up the classes, building an associate's degree along the way, and subsequently graduated. Then, I applied the next year. Got in without a problem that time. I had no choice as far as programs went, so I had to make sure I had all their little squares filled to gain entry. This was the only RN program for me for quite a few miles in rural Oklahoma. Anyhow...

Do NOT let this set you back. Take time now to regroup and rethink your plans. Consider other programs/universities. I mean it when I say where there is a will, there is a way. You sound like a great candidate to me. Find out, if you can, what disqualified you from entry this year and consider a new strategy for next spring/fall. Or make application to SEVERAL schools next time around, if you have a choice. Whatever you do......

Don't lose hope---hold onto that dream. 6 years after my graduation, I am glad I hung in there!:kiss


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Hey Marelle....

I attended Aultman in 1992, although I wound up having to drop due to relocating, and even then it was SUPER competetive...over 500 applicants for 50 slots. In your case, with the competition being so tight, it was probably simply a matter of which people with great credentials happened to stick in the minds of the interviewers. Don't blame yourself...you can only do so much.

After finally settling down after years of traveling with husband (in the military), I now attend Akron U, and actually, for our area, I think that it is the best bet. If I were you, I would look into it. No waiting around....decent program...and in the end you have a BSN. Works for me!

Hope you feel better. I know it is hard to have a wrench thrown in your plans.:o

P.S. On the bright side, if you have all your pre-reqs done, you're only looking at three more years to get a BSN at Akron...that's not too bad.

did you find out if there was an alternate list in case someone drops or moves?


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I would really find out what their criteria is for acceptance because that doesn't make sense you mean to tell me everyone they picked had a 4.0 gpa or better? bulls***! Sounds like discrimination in the worst way!


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What a small world!!!! I go to Kent state and work at Akron General as well. From what it sounds like, you should really stay in the 4 year program at Akron. They have an excellent program and you should just get it all over with. Just stick with Akron and it will be over before you know it!!!!! You wouldn't believe how many people have told me that they wished they would've gotten their BSN to begin with. Believe me, its worth it in the end (I'm graduating in May) Plus, from what it sounds like, those schools are just playng with you and you don't have time for that!!!! Good luck and I wish you well!!:)

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