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  1. by   indigo girl
    Quote from txspadequeenrn
    congrats....i finished mine this last week and boy and i am glad to be done as well....
    congrats to you as well!
  2. by   TheCommuter
    [font="palatino linotype"]congratulations, sue!

    :heartbeat :redpinkhe :heartbeat :redpinkhe
  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from caliotter3
    Further educational plans Sue?
    No. I am 57 and tired and want the remaining years I have to myseld.

  4. by   debRN0417
    Happy DAY! That is wonderful! Congrats to you on your hard work and success!
  5. by   Debilpn23
    Congratulations Sue
    You are an inspiration to all.
  6. by   netglow
    Congratulations Sue!!!

    Now you can work on... IDK, something else, like having fun when you are off work!!! BTW sorry late on the congrats, but you don't hangout where I usually hang out anymore!