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Our administrator came out with a new form today that all CNA's are to pass out to their residents at the beginning of each shift. It reads: Your servers today will be: nurse______________... Read More

  1. by   Catsmeow
    Coming at it from the other way around, viewing it through a patient's eyes, I always abhorred when they would refer to patients as customers, and I think I'd be equally in shock to be told I was going to be "served" while in the hospital. It honestly does NOT put much confidence in the hospital. It feels like a desperate hospital administration trying to win more business.

    As someone who's "choosing" to spend money at their hospital, I want to hear how professional and qualified the staff is in *medicine*, not how they are going to serve my whims and fetch me a drink. The whole "server" terminology does not bring up a competant connotation when used in a nursing setting. Not only do nurses associate the word "server" with waitress, so too will all the patients. I think your administration is making a huge mistake from start to finish, with both "customers" AND "patients" with their whole "server" business.

    (I worked in ER/admitting for a few years...they wanted us to start calling patients customers! bleh. We just ignored the memo.)
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from Q.
    So if the nursing staff are considered "servers", are the physicians considered "cooks" ?!
    Nah more like Maitre'D'
  3. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    Quote from Catsmeow

    (I worked in ER/admitting for a few years...they wanted us to start calling patients customers! bleh. We just ignored the memo.)
    I wonder if there's ever been a study done on what patients would like to be called? I do believe I'd rather be a patient. I can be a customer at McDonalds.
  4. by   achot chavi
    This is the difference between a Nursing HOME and a Hospital. Our patients recognize us by face and often name. We try to practice continuous quality care by ensuring consistency in staffing . This helps the patient feel more secure about the care she is about to receive. Many geriatric clients or pts with dementia or Alzheimers may not react well to such a greeting . I instruct my staff to greet their clients at the start of the shift with a warm smile and a "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening , Mrs So and So Today is Monday and the sun is shining brightly. Would you like to get up?....
    Of course every staff member must wear an ID tag and introduce themselves when appropriate without asking "Do you know who I am?"
    What your supervisor wants you to do is ridiculous:chuckle and counterproductive!!
    And what in heaven's name is a "server". Would you demean doctors by calling them "examiners" or "treaters" :hatparty: . Would you demean Physical Therapists by calling them "excersizors"?
    CNA's need to be respected in their field just as doctors and PT's etc.
    The CNA's should respectfully decline and just be courteous in their own way!
  5. by   Tweety
    Quote from sbic56
    OK...so you know where my thinking comes from. Trays do automatically go over the shoulder, don't they? It's way easier that way! Waitressing, CNA...both previous occupations made me a way better RN....along with those 46 college credits & nerve wracking clinicals, that is!

    I agree. I honed my people skills working in restaurants. Also learned multitasking. Like you, I'm proud of my restaurant days, they helped create who I am today.

    But a LTC is not a restaurant, and the staff are not "servers".
  6. by   achot chavi
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    Sorry I went to answer the door and my youngest got a hold of this and went crazy with the "cute smiley" Meah Culpah
  9. by   Catsmeow
    ROFL @ the baby with the cute smilies. That's precious!
  10. by   maolin
    Quote from asoldierswife05
    You need to get you a bunch of big gaudy buttons to pin all over your uniform top like the waitresses wear, but ones that say: Ask me about my enemas! And a Viagra pin that lights up! haha:chuckle :hatparty:
    Yes!!! Lot's of "Pieces of Flare"!! Don't forget the "Ask me if I washed my hands" button!
  11. by   Keepstanding
    I really doubt that a very sick and needy patient think of us as "servers".
    They look to us for compassion, skilled care giving and the brains to make the right decision about their health care. We all do that each and every day.
    Seems like it's only the administration that feel we are "servers". That just goes to show how much they know about what we do every day out there in the "trenches" . We do the work, they get the glory. Sad but true
    Stand tall, hold your heads high...we are Nurses. We worked hard for it and we know who we are ! Now GIT-R-DONE !:kiss Sorry, I hate that saying ~
    not sure what brought that on ! lol Bye
  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from maolin
    Yes!!! Lot's of "Pieces of Flare"!! Don't forget the "Ask me if I washed my hands" button!

    Flare lol. I need to watch "Office Space" again.
  13. by   boulergirl
    Since I work in assisted living, customer service seems to be a bigger issue than it is in hospitals and LTCs. It still burns me up, though, when a resident waves their coffee cup at me in the dining room. "Waitress! I need some coffee!".

    As far as choosing a hospital...would you rather choose to be a patient in a hospital with superior medical care and less-than-stellar customer service, or a hospital that gives you a 5-star hotel experience, but mediocre healthcare?

    To the OP: In an LTC setting, how would any of you have TIME to hand out all those cards? When I worked in LTC, we hit the ground running at 7 AM, there was so much to do.