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I can’t neglect to thank the faculty and staff of the GPC nursing program for my experience while enrolled. The reason it is important for me to say thanks is because my plethora of negative... Read More

  1. by   cornpoohRN
    To all of those who are deciding about GPC-whether for or against, I am in my final semester there and will graduate this spring! It did not happen without blood, sweat and tears-so many! You absolutely sacrifice EVERYTHING while you are in school there. Much of what the previous postings said are true about the program.

    I am not sure of all the changes that have been made, there is a new Department Chair that started with our class-Fall 2007, who is trying to implement some. We have lost some great nurses to be along the way and one thing is that they no longer have to wait an entire year to come back, they can repeat in the summer. There are a few instructors there that care and are helpful; the instructors that blind side you on tests with material that you have never heard of and treat the students unfairly out weigh them. It is quite frustrating.

    I am just doing everything I can do to graduate and get out of there. There were times that I wished I had chosen another school but like others, I chose GPC for it's convenience and cost. Little do most know that you pay more with your soul than you do with $$$$. Yes, GPC graduates do have a reputation of making great RN's (as do other schools) and 100% pass rate on NCLEX but we are instructed that way in the classroom. It has it's pros (I will have to get back to you on that) and its cons-well you have heard many of them from me and others.

    One of the biggest problems that frustrates the students is that the instructors/department claim that they have an open door policy yet most students don't trust the faculty to bring any "concerns" to their attention for fear of retaliation. It is sad when you go to school in fear of your instructors. The program is very unorganized from day one!

    So, with that said, getting through the program is doable, but not without many woes and much frustration
    I have met some lifetime friends throughout this program and we all seem to have "gone through" this together. I will post that as one of my pros.

    Good luck to all!
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  2. by   Spazzpup
    Yep I agree with cornpooh. The program is very unorganized and you find yourself (students in general) being blamed for their organizational problems. There was a big issue last semester with being ready for clinical that next week with drug testing. Different hospitals in the past had different demands. We weren't told until the last minute where we were assigned and then BOOM we were supposed to already have our drug tests done. Very frustrating. I spent SO much money (that I didn't have) last semester on drug testing. Finally they announced that we were supposed to go through and were already told that at semester orientation. Ask anyone: this was not true. Fortunately it all worked out. But very stressfull and irritating. Not to mention frustrating because you're being blamed as a class for one instructors mistake.

    I also agree with the open door policy. I have never taken advantage of it and I wouldn't either. It doesn't stay anonymous. Plus I feel it would just set me up for being the target of some of the faculty.

    BUT I have to say I'm proud to be a GPC student. They do have some remarkable faculty. We are pushed nearly to our limits and when we survive we are said to be the best of the best (according to the hospitals). Hope that's the truth. It's alot like a sailor going through SEAL training. It's hard and exhausting. Maybe more than it should be. You lose many along the way and that's real rough. But in the end you are the best of the best. But you have to ask yourself: Can you handle it? Are you willing to risk it? For some people the potential risk is too great and that is totally understandable.
  3. by   rxygrc06
    good letter, just wondering where it is that you are currently taking the program. I'm interested in going to school to become an RN but have no idea which schools have good programs. I was looking into GPC up until your letter. So i would be very grateful if you could let me know where your taking your classes. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
  4. by   nursinginga
    I would just like to say, as I have in many other posts, that the GPC program is doable and it is a personal opinion as to what feelings a person has about it. Yes, in the past (2+ yr ago), the nursing program needed many huge adjustments. I even posted a message about it on here and yes, I too was in the negative crowd, but since that time things have really improved at the school and I really hope and pray that each of you looking into the program speak to current students and not those who wish to post on here as if they are in the program now. I am not trying to bash anyone but I know a few who have posted in this thread who were there during the "bad" times of the program and make it seem as if the school has not been making changes. I will graduate in May and am proud to say that we have around 80-90 students who will graduate. That being said, if the program were still horrendous and scary and bad, would this many be getting ready to graduate?

    Also, an added two cents, you don't want a school that is going to just hand you a nursing degree because once you get out into the real world, you will truly be eaten alive. Each nursing school in the entire country will have issues, some more or less than others, but you must also remember to look at the graduates that come from the various nursing schools and say to yourself, "would I want that to be the nurse for me, my family, my friends?"
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  5. by   cheergirl33
    I applied to the Fall '09 Program. Do you know when we will find anything out?
  6. by   GGT1
    I didn't find out until April 10th.... Good Luck!
  7. by   Miss_TT
    Hello. I'm new to this board. I'm a first semester nursing student at GPC (Clarkston campus). Before starting nursing school, I was terrified when I read all the negative posts about GPC's nursing program. I was wondering if the program really did make necessary changes to improve. Now four weeks into the program, I have to say that YES, they did make changes. Tremendous changes. The faculty helps the students in every way that they can - from setting aside out-of-classroom time for tutoring or advisement, offering numerous resources to help students succeed on tests, open computer lab and tutorial labs. Im not saying that this program now is a piece of cake. It's still nursing school, and you have to truly put effort, dedication, and commitment into this program to be successful. I'm studying my butt off for exams, and I'm so proud of myself when I see my test grades.

    Good luck.
  8. by   cheergirl33
    Thanks you so much for those encouraging words! I just got my acceptance letter for GPC's Fall 09 program. After reading some of the other posts I have definitely had some reservations about the school, but after reading what you had to say about it really made me feel much better about going there.
  9. by   lmb13
    cheergirl33, when did you get your letter? is this your first or second letter? were you denied at the beginning of the month, and got accepted now?
  10. by   cheergirl33
    I got my letter about 3 weeks ago. It was my first letter.
  11. by   lmb13
    congratz to you!!!
  12. by   cheergirl33
  13. by   trustingGod
    Hi cheergirl33. i just have a quick question.. what was your NET score, science GPA, nursing gpa and overall gpa

    my net is 83, science 3.8 overall nursing 3.71, and overall gpa for all classes attemptted 2.6 but thats for classes that i took before i changed my major from communications to nursing, but all of my nursing courses are good.. its the classes like accounting, and spanish and classes that have nothing to do with nursing that has my overall down like that. so i havent heard anything no acceptance or denial.. i want to be sure they are even considering my application because after i applied, i didnt take the net until the 17th which was like a month after i applied.. so idk..

    can does anyone know if i could go to the clarkston campus and speak with someone.