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  1. cheergirl33

    Salem vs. Eugene

    Wanted feedback from current or former Oregon nurses. Which city is better for nursing and living between Salem and Eugene? Any specific hospital recommendations? I am open to those cities and smaller cities in between if there is an amazing hospital I don't know about. Any and all feedback welcome!!! Thanks!
  2. cheergirl33

    Salem/Corvallis Nursing

    Hi everyone! I am a seasoned ED nurse with 8 years of experience thinking about relocating from Florida to Oregon, particularly the Salem or Corvallis areas. I wanted to see if anyone could offer any insight into nursing in these 2 places. I know Salem has Salem Health, but they do not have a union. Corvallis has Good Samaritan which does have a union, but the city itself has less stuff to do it seems. I will also be finished with my Masters in Nursing Education by the time I relocate and possibly looking at teaching part time along with remaining at the bedside. Any feedback would be more than appreciated!!!!
  3. cheergirl33

    Jacksonville/St. Augustine Nursing

    Hi all, I am looking to relocate to the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area in the next few months. I am an ER nurse with 5 years of experience and would love any feedback on best hospitals to work at, salary, ratios, etc. Thanks in advance!
  4. cheergirl33

    US nurse in Mexico

    Does anyone have any information about international travel nursing in Mexico or info on US nurses working in Mexico or nurse practitioners working in Mexico? My wife and I are entertaining the idea of moving to Mexico in the future, no specific area in mind yet, but I wanted to find more information on what my options were as far as working. *My wife is a Mexican citizen so I know that areas of Mexico are unsafe, I just need nursing info* :) Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! I am starting in July 2015 as well!
  6. cheergirl33

    GCSU RN to BSN

    Hi All, I wanted to see if anyone has applied for Fall Admission to Georgia College & State University's RN to BSN program and if so, have you received your acceptance letter already? Thanks!
  7. cheergirl33

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    Thanks so much!!!
  8. cheergirl33

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    Does anyone know which Reviews & Rationals book it is that we should get? I remember some of the other nursing students talking about it, but I'm not sure which one.
  9. cheergirl33

    Thank You Note to GPC's Nursing Program

    Sure! I just e-mailed you!
  10. cheergirl33

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    The seminar next Friday (8/14) is required right?
  11. cheergirl33

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    Thanks guys! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
  12. cheergirl33

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    Has anyone bought the "Williams Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy" book? I have searched for it online and can't find it with the ISBN they gave us on our textbook list. Does anyone know if the ISBN listed is the correct one because I have found the book, just with a different ISBN. (It is 1 number off)
  13. cheergirl33

    Current Boss Sabotaged Nursing School app.

    I can only imagine how angry you are!!! Are you in a position where you can ask your boss why he neglected to fill out the form for you?
  14. cheergirl33

    Students Accepted to GPC Fall 09

    I wouldn't think so. I only ordered 1 lab coat.
  15. cheergirl33

    GPC vs. GHC

    I've decided to go with GPC. I have attended GHC for some classes, as well as GSU where I finished my undergrad. I have been beyond impressed with the staff at GPC! They seem to go above and beyond to help with any questions/concerns/problems I may have and fix/address them IMMEDIATELY!!! This is a stark contrast to some of the staff in the other schools. It seems like GPC's program is much more organized so far than GHC, plus they have had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX from 2004-2007. Don't get me wrong, GHC is a great school, but I think GPC will be a better fit for me. Good luck on your acceptance to both schools!