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Hi, just wanted to vent first. I am trying to transfer my license to Ga. Every time I call them with a question, I am put on hold from 30min to an hour. I'm trying to get my questions organized so I... Read More

  1. by   FNA2181
    This is the thread that never ends! I have read each post and still have a question. I'm not graduating until next year so time frame isn't an issue. I will be coming from Illinois going to Georgia. My question is how do traveling nurses do it? Is there a U.S. license? Where do I find which states participate in compact licensure? I find it so odd that Georgia is so strict. I'll be transferring my xray license there also and Georgia doesn't even require a license for xray!?
  2. by   Pixie.RN
    Compact information is here:

    Yes, travel nurses must apply for licensure in each state unless it's a compact state and they hold a multi-state license, or if they are going to work in a Federal facility. There is no US license.

    I have no idea about rad tech licenses. You could probably do a Google search for that.
  3. by   FNA2181
    Pixie Thanks for getting back to me!
  4. by   SarahNYC
    I'm applying from NY for a Georgia license. I registered with Cogent and plan to do my fingerprints when I interview in GA in a few weeks. My question is about the education verification. What do I need to prove that I graduated within the past 4 years? Will my sealed transcript and a photocopy of my diploma and NY license work?
    And for those who did fingerprints electronically, do they confirm at the time that you do them that they are acceptable? (not that you're not a criminal, but that the fingerprints came out ok
    If not, where do you get the mail-in fingerprint cards?
    Thanks everyone and anyone!
  5. by   NursePooda
    Sarah, my fingerprint cards were given to me right at the time my fingerprints were taken. I just requested an extra set just incase. If they look wrong at the time they'll just redo them but once you mail them off you just have to hope the receiver can read them clearly. But I didn't have a problem with that.

    Why don't you just do them from your home town it'll be easier since you are familiar with the area. You don't have to wait until you are in Georgia.

    Education wise all I provided was my college transcript. Nothing else was needed for me but a copy of your diploma won't hurt anything. You don't need to send a copy of your license because you'll have your board sign a license verification form or you can go online to the website provided to have your license verified if your state participates in that. A copy of your license means nothing to them they want to know if it's currently active.
  6. by   2016New
    I sent out my app about a week ago.

    How can I check the application status?