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What are yall's requirements for your clinical uniforms? Here it's navy scrubs and a white lab coat or scrub jacket while in the hospital. We also have to sew these patches that have our school... Read More

  1. by   goodknight
    All white. And the inmates at the local prison wear all white scrubs too, so.....
  2. by   GGingerSR
    We have to wear white nursing pants, white polo shirt, forest green vest (yuck) and white shoes does not matter if they are clogs or tennis shoes. We are also required to wear white underwear. (I prefer to wear nude because is shows less and no one has said anything) Wedding band and watch is the only jewelry allowed. Hair must be off the collar and hair clips used to put the hair up must be the same color as the hair. Light make-up is okay but if you wear too much you better watch out. No perfume and unscented deodorant. Our nails must be short enough that they are not visible from the palm side of the hand and no nail polish unless it is clear. As stated earlier, I am ready to graduate and wear what I want!
  3. by   RedSox33RN
    Ours are royal blue scrub top embroidered with our college name in gold, with matching royal blue scrub bottoms. We have an optional warm-up jacket in royal also, embroidered.

    White lab coats with college name embroidered in blue, plus a name tag, for when we are off the floor or come in to get pt. assignments.

    We're allowed to wear a short white top under the scrub top. I wore a white UnderArmour shirt, since those keep me pretty warm for those cold times off the floor, but would wick away sweat for those over-heated pt. rooms. The warm-up jackets, IMO, are no warmer than a bathing suit in Alaska in January! LOL

    We have to adhere to each hospitals policy regarding jewelry/nails. None allow acrylic nails. The hospital I was going to be at this semester (I've since deferred for another year), said SHORT nails, absolutely NO nailpolish that is more than a neutral tone, and it cannot be chipped at all, or you would be asked to remove it immediately, plus only one set of earrings - NO other piercings at all. Our school's policy is no hoop earrings (safety) or necklaces, hair pulled back if longer than collar length, and no piercings other than ears (but hospital policy overrides that if you have say, 2 sets of earrings or a multitude in one ear, etc.).

    Wedding band and engagement rings are okay, but you risk losing them if asked to remove them so they won't tear gloves or hurt pt's. They always recommend leaving at home, since one woman lost her engagement ring down a sink in a pt. room while washing her hands.
  4. by   megamoo1979
    -White short sleeve polo shirt w/2-3 buttons
    -White vest type thing with a patch and name tag
    -Hunter Green scrub pants, high on waste, no elastic on bottom
    -white leather tennis shoes, no clogs
    -neatly trimmed nails, clear polish only
    -one pair of stud earings only
    -hair in ponytail
    -minimal makeup
    -no perfume/scented lotion
    -only supposed to wear wedding band but I also wear my engagement ring and they haven't said anything.

  5. by   mom2michael
    Royal blue scrub top/pants with the school name on them.
    Either a white lab coat or a white jacket (your choice) with the school name on it.
    White shoes, doesn't matter what type of white shoes - just white.
    Either short or long sleeve white shirt underneath any of the uniforms.....
    We also have a navy blue polo shirt with the school name and then your name with your choice of tan pants and your choice of shoes. That is to be worn for events that you attend (like blood drives, community teaching, etc....).
    1 pair of earings (in your ears)
    No facial piercings
    1 necklace (tasteful)
    Hair to be pulled away from face and put up in a fashion that is not distracting to the client.
    1 ring
    no perfume
    Women must wear white panty hose under their scrbus (we aren't sure yet why....but we hear that certain instructors will check).

    Some of the clinical instructors are REALLY picky about the dress code but for the most long as you look decent and not like you just rolled out of bed.....they won't write you up or send you home.
  6. by   ashemson
    We have to wear carribean blue scrubs, and white shoes, but no clogs. Have to have enclosed heels. Jewelry is OK, but no big diamonds sticking up, no fake nails. I was just thrilled it wasn't all white! I work at a hospital, and the RN students at a local college have to wear all white. I just hate that, really makes you stick out, might as well have STUDENT written across your forehead!
  7. by   LadyK82
    We wear a royal blue uniform with school logo on the front and all white shoes. We were never told we couldn't wear jewelry. They do however make a big stink about hair being pulled back off the collar. I'm soooo glad we don't have all white.... can't you see through them?
  8. by   loriangel14
    I have really good white scrubs( Denver Hayes ) and they are not see through if you are wearing white underwear. I also have a cotton knit uniform in white and it's not too bad either. The only drawback to the white is getting in/out of the car in the winter and not getting them dirty! I admit I was not too thrilled about having to wear white but now that I have worn them for a while I am getting used to them. I had elderly lady tell me that I looked like a "proper"nurse wearing white. lol
  9. by   RNSuzq1
    We are all in white - right down to our undies... :chuckle . Our uniforms and name badges are ordered from a uniform store with our school logo and we are required to wear white leather shoes. Long hair must be pulled back or up, no long or fake nails or polish, and the only "jewels" you can wear are stud earrings and a wedding band. I can totally understand why they do this - we are representing the school and they want us to look professional. Not only that, but long nails and dangling jewelry are breading grounds for bacteria - why risk it. I don't even wear my wedding band on clinical days because I wash my hands so much and constantly putting on and taking off gloves, it just gets in the way.

    I read something not long ago about Dr's that wear "ties" - seems that when they are examining patients, the ties naturally fall on the patients or the bed-linen and pick up all sorts of "creepy critters" and it causes cross-contamination (patient to patient).

    I know some people think the school dress codes are too strict, but I think they are honestly looking out for our best interest.
  10. by   J Lau
    When I went to school to be a LPN, we had to wear all white with a "smock top" like I wore in art class in the first grade. No jewelry except for a wedding band with no stones and hair off the collar. No long nails or polish. No clogs. White shoes. Now, I am going to the same school for RN, and I know wear carribean blue scrubs with a white lab coat, all with a school patch on the sleeve. Still have to wear my hair up, but we can wear wedding rings with stones in it. Shoes have to be "mostly white" and they still can't be clogs. We can wear shirts underneath our scrubs, but boy, it's cold here. The instructors are not nearly as strict in this program as they were in the LPN program about the dress code. I think a lot of that has to do with the instructors, not the policies the school has always had.
  11. by   Krysten
    it seems to be almost everyone has to where white pants, what i want to know is, if the majority of student nurses are FEMALES....why in the heck would they make us were white see thru pants (and tops)? I know me and my fellow students tried to get a different color but we were told to bring it up with Florence...... Nice huh lol