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RNSuzq1 has 7 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med/Surg..

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    Your thoughts on being "written up".

    O/P Here. Partly - because of everything in my post, but mostly - because I'm ready to move onto something different than floor Nursing, I recently put in for a transfer to another Dept. I found out another Nurse on my floor had also recently applied for a transfer to that same Dept. If you get a write-up, you aren't allowed to transfer off our floor for another year. Well, wouldn't you know - both of us got write-ups last week & were told - Sorry Ladies, you won't be eligible for a transfer for another year. She's so disgusted, she's thinking of resigning, waiting 6 months, then reapplying to anywhere, but our floor. I'm tired of walking on egg-shells and quietly looking for something better to come around. This weekend was crazy, busy as usual, but one of the best I've ever had on my floor. My Patients & their Family members were all Great & when I was leaving this morning, several of them shook my hand & Thanked ME, for all the TLC I gave them. That bit of appreciation, made me feel soo Good, for a split second, I thought - maybe this is where I'm meant to be. Then I came to my senses & know - come Friday when I'm back at work, they'll be some cryptic message from the Mgr. in my box, to see her about something ridiculous, but absolutely no word of thanks for the care I provided.
  2. RNSuzq1

    Your thoughts on being "written up".

    You hit the nail on the head. It's totally belittling. I work with the same group weekend nights. 1st thing we do Friday night is check our mail-boxes in the break-room. OMG, Talk about killing morale. We're always left with some cryptic message from the Mgr. Call me to schedule an appt. about X, Y or Z. It could be about something as stupid as - your badge didn't clock in right last week or something serious & we're left to stew about it all weekend. Seriously - not good for my BP....
  3. I'd like others thoughts on being "written-up" at work. Before becoming an RN, I spent 6yrs in the Navy & 10yrs in Business. In all those yrs, not once was I written-up for anything. I've been working on the same floor for quite a few yrs & have never seen anything like the write-ups people get, for the most ridiculous reasons. I only know a few people who rec'd warnings for med-errors or patient care (it's rare). Most of the what you're written up for, are minor clerical errors, things that could & should be handled with a quick discussion with Mgmt, if at all. These are actual notes: You were observed on the video tape with a drink at the Nurses Station - this is not permitted, please make an appt. to discuss this. (The Mgr. walks around the floor all day guzzling coffee, go figure). You clocked in 1 minute late last week, please see me to be re-educated about the importance of being on time. Really? That was the 1 time I was late in all these yrs & I get drug into the office about it. I was late because a lost old man in the lobby, asked me to show him where the ICU was, so he could see his Wife. They didn't care - I got a write-up, that'll teach me not to be nice again. We recently had a pt that should have been in the ICU, not on our floor. She needed constant care, left little time for our other patients. I work nights & my co-worker who works days, had this same group of pt's all weekend. It was such a heavy load, she ended up having to stay late each night, to get all her charting done. What does she get for staying late to get it all done? A nasty-gram in her box - See the Mgr. about unapproved overtime. If she hadn't done all her charting, she would have been written up for that - you can't win. It's just so insulting, to be constantly treated like a bunch of Toddlers who need constant supervision. We're a group of conscientious Professionals, that take patient care seriously. My group on nights, keeps the floor running & handles any problem that comes our way, just fine, without the help of any Manager breathing down our necks - but would they ever say Thanks, you did a great job - NEVER!!! All you hear is negative - you forgot to cross a T or dot an i - from someone who hasn't touched a patient in years, if ever. Recently had a talk with my Brother, a long-time Trauma Nurse in another State. He said he's never heard of so much ridiculous, nit-picking and there were too many hospitals out there that appreciate and value their Nurses, to keep putting up with this. He works for a Union, so I'm wondering if that's why him & his fellow Nurses are treated decently or is it just my place?
  4. RNSuzq1

    Do nurses get holidays off?

    Merlee, I think that's Wonderful that you volunteered to work for others over Christmas. My Dad worked nights at the Post Office for over 30yrs - Christmas being the busiest time of yr. I still remember his Jewish co-workers always more than willing to work for him on Christmas Night so he could be home with our Family. That was many yrs ago & I still remember how much that simple gesture from those nice men, meant to us kids. He did the same for them over the Jewish Holidays - it's great when people can work together to have family time & still get the job done.
  5. RNSuzq1

    Stress, Stress

    Hey, Crusty Old Bat I totally agree with everything you posted. 2 of the people I went to about orienting to Charge are officially PRN status, but have worked the same full-time, weekend night shifts with me for the last 5yrs. They said, because they are only PRN, they shouldn't have the same responsibilities as the rest of us & straight-up refused or they'd quit. They don't get benefits, but make a hell of a lot more money than us & after 5yrs, should be pulling their fair-share of the load. I went to the Mgr. about this & got shrugged shoulders and Oh Well, we'll have to think of something else. About delegating, I'm sick to death of doling out the jobs & hearing grown women whine & cry about things being unfair. We lose our night Sec. all the time & where I work, the Charge is required to pick up that job. Re: admissions, we are also required to take them - no getting out of that. I told the Mgr. this week, I wasn't given a choice to be Charge, just thrown into it & she needs to throw someone else into it, because I'm just not doing it anymore, it's not worth the Pain.
  6. RNSuzq1

    Stress, Stress

    Hi All, I'm one of those people that were "called" to Nursing, love caring for others. Candy Striper in HS, 6 yrs as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, some yrs at home when our kids were young & finally Nursing School and my RN. My Dream/Goal was to be a Peds Nurse. No Peds jobs when I graduated, so I took a Med/Surg position for the experience - planned on staying a year and go into Peds. All the Peds jobs wanted people with experience, couldn't get experience without working in Peds - catch-22. So, 5yrs later, I'm still working Med/Surg, our floor just opened a tiny Peds wing, rarely any peds pts, but it's a start, still continue to apply for positions in other facilities that are strictly Peds. Our Med/Surg floor isn't really Surg, considering most pt's are admitted with chest pain along with a myriad of other chronic diseases. They should re-name us the Cardiology/Diabetic/Geriatric floor - but none of us are Cardiology Nurses, so it's just a catch-all. All this time, I've been the weekend nights Charge. Day shift Charge has NO Patients, I have the same amt of pt's as the rest of the night crew, take admissions like everyone, along with the Charge responsibility- doing staffing, dealing with probems, going to Codes, taking over for the Secretaries when they're sent home at 3am due to decreased census. Never fails, the minute the Secretary clocks out, they're sending us more admissions - that would require her to stay. For all this extra agony, I'm paid a Kings Ransom - $1.00/hr. Yes, that is 1 Dollar an hour. I've begged, pleaded with my Mgr to get some of the other Nurses to take turns being Charge. I was told to start orienting them to the position. They all said - Hell NO, they don't want the STRESS, I'm doing a good job, shut up about it. I don't want the STRESS either - I'm the oldest person on our shift, my BP is now scary HIGH and a few times in the last few months, when I've been totally overwhelmed, I've broken out "head to toe" in Hives, swelling face, burning skin. Went to the ER 1st time it happened, can't repeat what my BP was, got benadryl and told to de-stress my Life - Really? The other night - I'm not only Charge, told 5 seconds after getting off the elevator, I've got 6 pt's, along with the 1st admission, who just rolled up from the ER & asking for pain meds. I had a full-load of pt's, all my charge stuff to do - a new admit on top of that was too much. An hour into it, I was covered in Hives, BP was crazy high, I took a benadryl, got sleepy, but with no help in sight, just kept working. HELP - I Love Nursing, but if something doesn't change, I'm gonna be a patient myself.
  7. RNSuzq1

    Do nurses get holidays off?

    I agree with everyone re: Nursing is a 24/7 job - you will be required to work some Holidays. My DH's hospital splits the Holidays - one group gets certain Holidays off one yr, works them the next, which is the most fair way to do it. My Hospital doesn't permit vacation requests over the Holidays - Ex: Christmas, you will either work Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This means, if you have Family far away, forget about ever spending another Thanksgiving or Christmas back-home, unless a co-worker will do your shifts for you, which is highly unlikely, since they want time with their family as well. I like my DH's schedule better - at least he gets a couple of days to enjoy family time. I worked Thanksgiving night - we have 3 Son's, no way are they going to miss out on the Holiday because of me. So, I came home after a 12hr shift yesterday & with no sleep, spent all day cooking a big turkey dinner (a day late), so we could have Thanksgiving Dinner like everyone else.
  8. RNSuzq1

    How To Spot a Workplace Bully, Part One

    Because of all the great advice from Allnurses during NS & my early yrs as a Nurse, I knew I'd find some info. re: a current problem at work. Bingo - Workplace Bully, just what I was looking for. I've been a Charge Nurse on a busy Med/Surg/Peds floor for 5yrs. Thought about leaving several times, but my co-workers were great, so I stayed. Last yr we got our 1st Male Nurse on the floor. I was happy about it, Love working with men, they're usually easy going & don't gossip. He seemed like a nice guy, we all took the new grad under our wings, helped him out anyway we could. Only problem was, his Fiance also works on our floor, on another shift & has her head half-way up the Mgrs behind. Noticed that he'd go from one Nurses St. to the other, acting like he was being all chummy, while asking lots of personal questions. What he heard from one person, he'd go tell another. We learned quick that anything he heard us say on nights, quickly went to the girlfriend & to the boss - he's the biggest gossiper I've ever worked with. He's now doing some nights as Charge & when he does, his head doubles in size and he tries to push us around. The rest of my co-workers have tough-skin, yell back or just ignore him. I'm the floor softie, push-over - I'm nice, don't like confrontational people & don't fight with anyone. After all the help I've given him, he's decided to zero in on whimpy me & make me his target. For months, I've overheard little digs, rude comments & tried to ignore it. Last month I heard him totally humiliate an older Nurse with 35yrs exp, that just went through Breast Cancer. When I confronted him about it, told him it was cruel & unprofessional, that's when he got really mad & the bullying started, has even tried to turn my co-workers against me. The other night, for no apparent reason - he came back to my Nurses station, had me cornered, told me nobody liked working with me, I was a chronic complainer, everyone knew it & if I'd just be honest with myself, I'd realize it to. It just went on and on. I told him I was twice his age, it was insulting, he needed to stop & he just kept going. Then, he started talking about my Children. Things he's overheard me talking to others about raising teenagers (normal stuff we all go through). He said my Kids probably don't like me either. I was mortified, humiliated - told him he had no business talking about my kids & I'd be talking to the Mgr. He warned me, if I did that, if he saw with a drink at the NS, he'd write me up, 5 mins extra at dinner, write me up - basically make my life Hell. I was in tears by this time - went to talk to some of my co-workers, they saw the state I was in. All but 1 walked away. They said they knew what he was capable of and didn't want to get involved. Nothing like Fairweather Friends - Huh? Talked to my Mgr. the next morning (his girlfriends buddy) - got a blank stare, was told I had to have a Professional discussion with this idiot and work things out. I'm so worried about my job and having to face this nut again, my BP is now sky-high, I can't sleep & My Husband is Furious someone talked to me like that. What's my next step - What do I do?
  9. RNSuzq1

    From Raleigh to Wilmington?

    Hi Kimmie, I absolutely understand what you're saying about living at the Beach!!! My plan was always to eventually move to the Coast. I worked at Wake for a short time, I've been at a smaller hospital the last few years and my DH has been at WakeMed for 23 years. Everytime I mentioned moving to the Coast, DH said, we can't move now, I've been at Wake for 10 years, then it was 15, 20. Our oldest Son graduated from NC State in 2007, he got married this Summer. He's all grown up, he's an Engineer, has a Wife and his own home, he will survive if we move a few hours away. I told DH he'll have 25 years at Wake in 2 years, just when our middle Son is graduating from HS and heading to College - perfect time to move, he's finally agreed. Which is good, because I'm tired of waiting and planned on going anyways. I feel the same about the Beaufort/Atlantic Beach area that you do about Wilmington. Sitting on the beach, smelling the salty air - I'm orginally from New England and miss living near the Sea so much. The NC Coast is just a really peaceful place that I want to call home. Only problem about your post was that you said you weren't making enough money at Wake. Wake is actually one of the best paying hospitals in the State. The hospitals at the Coast might pay as well, but definitely don't think they pay more and as you know, the cost of living at the beach isn't cheap. If it's what you want to do, GO For It. You have to work no matter where you live, might as well be a place you're happy. We went to the Seafood Festival in Morehead last weekend, I was playing in the surf with our youngest Son at Fort Macon, picking up shells, watching the fishermen and boats going by, it was a beautiful day. The hospital I want to work at is only a couple of miles away, I was thinking how great it would be to have a place like that so close by to spend my days off. Good luck to you, let us know what you decide, Sue
  10. RNSuzq1

    Relocating to NC and looking for info on nursing programs

    Hi Wanna-b, Just wanted to give you some NS info. I live outside of Raleigh, went to NS in Wilson, NC (almost an hour from my home). Not sure if this is how every school handles admissions, but this is how mine did it. There was an Oct. deadline to attend a mandatory Orientation Seminar for anyone hoping to get into the next Fall's RN Class. After that, you submit all your paperwork, transcripts, etc. In either Feb/March - you take the TEAS test. They had a cut-off score for the TEAS - everyone scoring high enough went to the next step - physical exam, Hep-B series. Over 400 people applied for the 42 open slots for that Fall. They don't have a waiting list, they go on a point system, based on pre-req grades, TEAS score, etc. They kept narrowing down the candidates until they had the 42. If you want to start NS next Fall, you really need to contact all the CC's in the Raleigh area to find out what steps you need to be taking now - because they all fill-up quickly. And - like another poster mentioned, some of these schools have 2 year waiting lists. Best of luck to you, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Susan
  11. RNSuzq1

    Feeling totally behind the 8 ball

    Hi Rob, I've been on an adult Med/Surg floor for the last couple of years. Best thing you can do is talk to your Mgr. about the issues you have. On my floor, after orientation, they buddy you up with someone (for as long as you need) - maybe you can try something like that. I work nights, we're always thrilled when we get New Co-Workers. We all pitch in and help them adjust to the floor (because we don't want them to get so overwhelmed they leave). Have you asked your co-workers for help? Ask them for suggestions to organize your day better. Once you get in a groove, you'll feel a lot let anxious and be able to really focus on the job. I went from paper-charting to the EMR system, it does take some getting used to, but it's much easier to use in the long-run. Hope this helps, good luck to you, Sue
  12. RNSuzq1

    Bizarre Admitting Diagnosises

    Re: The AMS pt's - we had 5 on our MS floor this week. Most are usually dementia/alzheimers pt's the Nursing homes send us because they are "confused". Yes, they're confused, they have dementia and alzheimers!!! Interesting Pt all week, 94 years old AMS female, legally blind, hard of hearing and unbelievably, had been living at home (alone) until she was admitted the other day. I read her H&P the other night, Pt's Son went to visit her, said she seemed even more confused than usual because she was (Talking To A Lamp), good grief. I can't believe this 94 yr old (very confused) lady had been left to fend for herself until just this week, so sad.
  13. RNSuzq1

    Vacation in Raleigh/Durham- questions

    Hi Blackcat, I agree with the other poster, not much doing around Hillsborough. Actually, the whole Raleigh/Durham area isn't what I'd call a touristy place. If you're going to be in NC for a few days, rent a car and go to the closest beach, which is probably Wrightsville in Wilmington. Get on I-40 East (about a 2 hour drive), you'll run right into Wilmington - there's Wrightsville & Carolina Beach there, lots to see and do. Have a Great Vacation!!!
  14. Hi, I agree with the previous poster, these are all personal questions that only "You" can answer. Question 4 for example: Why should I hire you? Mention your educational background, if you're eager to learn, a hard worker, love caring for others, etc. - tell them all that.
  15. RNSuzq1

    Air Force medic vs Navy Medic?

  16. RNSuzq1

    NC I need your imput!!!seriously I do!..lol

    Henryswife, I've heard ECPI is expensive, before you invest a lot of money, make sure you call all your local hospitals to find out if they're hiring LPN's. I'm near Raleigh, a lot of hospitals around here no longer hire LPN's, my hospital stopped hiring them last year and are phasing out the few we have left. Not to change your mind, but most LPN's I know wish they'd just gone the 2 years to get their ADN, instead of trying to get into an RN bridge program (and head back to school) after they're on the job. As RN's we have to take on a lot more responsibility, do all assessments, admissions, etc., but honestly, the actual Nursing Care for RN's and LPN's is no different, you will work just as hard as us, but usually for a lot less money. A few LPN's we work with frequently complain about just that - they're busting their behinds like us, but making way less. All we can tell them is - go back to school and get your RN. Our base pay averages $20-25/hr, I work weekend nights, as RN's we're paid an additional $16.00/hr (combo shift diff/critical care pay). Same shift, same floor, LPN's are paid about $16.00 base pay and only $2.00 shift diff. So, LPN's are making 1/2 has much as us for basically the same job. Just wanted to throw that in to give you some sort of salary reference. Whether you go LPN or RN, Nursing School is hard. You're only 28, that's young, just my opinion, go the 2 years and get your RN - then you can "literally" get a job anywhere. I went back to school at 40 - husband, 3 kids, working part-time, house to take care of - had to bust my rump, but it can be done. Best of Luck to You!!!